Curse of the Sands Tuesday 21th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse Of The Sand Wednesday 6th October 2021 Zee World
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Curse of the Sands Tuesday 21th September 2021 Update Zee World That morning. Dai Maa brought tea to Amar and said he didn’t know how much sugar he took. He looked at his empty bed. He called Ratan Singh because of tension and asked about Amar. He told Dai Maa Amar left at midnight. Dai Maa wondered where he left.

In Banaras, Amma Ji called family members downstairs because Aarti’s time would jump. He saw photos of gods on the table. Amma Ji is happy. Ketki came outside and said some gods had two wives, then why they couldn’t do it. Shiv can also have two wives, Shiv and Ketki. Mishra Ji’s question if Keiki is crazy. Ketki said he must have done this in the same mandap. He asked Nani to prepare a wedding while he would talk to Shiv.

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Amma Ji was aggressive and rebuked Keiki to make sense, otherwise, he would not handle it. Ketki was offended, he brought a bottle of kerosene oil and spilled it on himself. Amma Ji tried to stop it. Ketki showed the family that he held himself responsible for this death. Everyone tried to stop him. Ananya came clapping and said if Keiki was dying so early, he thought Ketki wanted to carry him and Shiv’s son. He asked Ketki his husband’s name.

Ketki reply, Shiv. Ananya asked, Aradhya. Ketki said, Lord Raam. He asked Ardangini, Ketki turned away. Ananya said it was Sita Ji. Ram has one wife, and Shiv also has one wife. Shiv belongs to his mother and will remain so. He must memorize this, or get a tattoo.

He said a fine, Ketki was dying. He can help ketki fulfill his wishes and go to get a stick match. Amma Ji tried to stop it. Ketki blamed his mother wanted to kill her. Ananya confirmed that Ketki prepared for his death, he wrote the letter and threw kerosene above himself. Ananya took a note from Ketki and handed it to Sunana to protect him.

Sunana asked her mother if they went crazy, she couldn’t kill her sister for a mere man. Ananya confirms that Shiv is her husband. He now turned to Ketki and the lights suitable to be thrown at Ketki. Ketki ran outside the house, his mother chased him with a burning log in his hand.

On the way, his order found a poor man and spilled a bottle of oil. He slipped and dropped firewood. Amar stood there on the road and held his arms on his arm. There is fire around them. Ananya shouted for help. The people around them throw water.

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Ananya apologized to Amar for all problems. Sunana comes outside. Ananya operates him. Sunana looked at Amar with a meaningful glare. Amar asked them about Panday Nivas. Sunana asks what he has to do there. Amar said his brother lived in Panday Nivas, Shiv. Anian is happy to hear this.

In the office, Shiv was offended by interference from his colleague. He got a call from Ananya who said someone from his family was here to meet. Shiv worried about what if Dai Maa suffered from hypertension. He needs to stop him from facing Mohini as soon as possible. He went home.

Amar sat with the family. Mishra Ji whispered to Amma Ji that First Shiv married his mother and now brought her brother, they were behind the property.

Amma Ji said this is theirs, not candy. Ketki was happy that he saved him today, the other, his mother must burn it alive. Sunana serves tea to Amar. There is a knock on the door. Shiv hurriedly came inside and asked the mother who came to see her. Asian responded to his brother, Amar. Shiv is careful.

Amar came to hug Amar tightly. Shiv grabbed the collar and asked who he was, he didn’t have a brother. He wants to clearly know who he is, and who sent it. Amar told Shiv he was his younger brother from Behram … Shiv filled his mouth with his hand. Shiv shouted that Amar called him Behra – deaf. He dragged him inside. Sunana wondered if it was Behra or Behram Garh.


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