Curse of the Sands Wednesday 15th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse Of The Sand Wednesday 6th October 2021 Zee World
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Curse of the Sands Wednesday 15th September 2021  the mother walked downstairs, then stopped at once. He turned, surprisingly, and watched his dupatta stuck with nails on the stairs. He found Mishra Ji threw a lot of money into Radha who enjoyed the rain of the money. In the strangest action, Dadi sat in front of the corner of the temple praying hysterically for his jewelry.

Amma Ji laughed. Ananya asked about Shiv and questioned how Amar came to his room. Amma Ji laughed that Amar had to come to his room. Radha said his mother agreed to marry Amar after Holi. Ketki came to tell his mother forgetting Shiv and began to love Amar.

He said his mother had brought all the money home and was lucky for them. He did Aartanya. Amar came to Ananya and asked if he liked the surprise he planned for him. The mother gripped her neck. Ketki asked his mother who was talking about. Amar has disappeared. There is nothing in the family ready to believe the story of the name that Amar took a rebirth.

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The mother ran to Sunanda’s room upstairs. He trembled and cried hysterically. Sunanda tense and asks what is wrong. Ananya cannot take one sip of water. He told the entire Amar incident and a hysterical family downstairs. Sunana understood that Amar used his black strength to control the family.

Ananya asked about Papa. Sunana’s reply is looking for kamal. He told him not to worry, his mummy was there with him. He took his mother and said Amar could not endanger Shiv before him. Kamal is tied with a rope under the bed and struggles to attract everyone’s attention.

Outside in the hall, his mother looked around but nothing was there. He insisted on Sunanda that he had just seen everyone in the hall. They heard Amar calling from several places at once. Suddenly, chairs in the hall began to move alone.

Sunana told her mother not to worry, she was there to help. Roll the wooden cabinet in their direction and the mother must push themselves to the side. Amar is in the closet and wishes them, Hi. He jumped up and down told his mother to think about it and she had to come. Sunanda stood between Amar and his mother. Amar makes fun of that teddy bear must be better than Sunan.

He showed a small mirror that revealed the face of the old woman’s devil. Amar said he couldn’t even stand on his own legs, he just extended his life. He intends to kill him now. He gripped his neck. Sunanda boasts that she can’t endanger it. Amar recurs, he can’t, before. But now, the situation changes at all. He offered to show a demo. The big scales blade appeared in the palm of his hand. He gave 10 seconds to decide whether he would marry his mother and Amar, or die alone. Sunanda accepted death for giving her hand to Amar. Sunanda said if people like she could kill her, she must have died.

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He is only a child in front of him. Nothing becomes strong just by getting strength, someone must have a brain to use it. He has shown several times that he has no brain. Amar now holds the blade above Sunana’s neck. Sunana laughed that she could only block it, but couldn’t kill anyone.

He challenged him to kill him now. Ananya cries deny this. Sunana tells her to be silent, it’s a problem between them. He now shouted at Amar to kill him. Amar stabbed alone, pushing black deep into his stomach. Ananya screamed in pain and fear.

Sunana lay on the floor. Amar laughed that he challenged him, and turned out to cheat himself. Ananya cries beside Sunanda and tries to wake her. Amar bid a bye to a small mummy because he was happy to meet him. He clapped once and his body flew like ash. Ananya shouted and cried. Amar pulled the handkerchief and tried to wipe his tears. The mother is now hysterical and defeated her, then ran to the corner of the temple and prayed for Refunds Sunan.


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