Destiny Full Story, Teasers, Summary, Plot

Destiny Full Story Teasers Summary Plot
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Destiny Full Story Teasers Summary Plot Gadodia Suryakant is married to Savitri and has four daughters – Saraswati, Gauri, Durga, and Lakshmi. He insisted on a son to continue the family dynasty and inherited wealth.

Savitri’s body could not bear another pregnancy because it became weak because of the birth that was consistent from year to year so that Sekekan married the Menaka, which gave birth to Yuvraj. Seek and went and ignored his daughter and the first wife when pampering Yuvraj, who grew warm and arrogant.

Menaka wants to have the right to household and wealth and wants to get rid of the girl as soon as possible with a wedding.

He arranged for Bhavishya Kapadia, a man who was rude, to marry Saraswati. His childhood lover Kshitij saved him when his husband tried to regulate him alive, and after a long trial, the sisters won this case. Saraswati became pregnant after replying and revealed the truth of Bhavishya who was imprisoned and then married Kshitij.

Destiny Full Story, Teasers, Summary, Plot The episode continued to be revealed at the Destiny Full Story Zee World as Lakshmi the youngest who was still alive was to marry Satakam, which also helped find clues to Bhavishya, but he died, leaving him in a surprising condition.

He then met Karan, who came to the Gadodias to reply to his mother, who was truly harassed by the men’s men. He married him, after he realized the intention of revenge actually, but confirmed his father’s innocence not to succeed. Karan finished his revenge, leaving a Jawekant in a mental surprise that disappeared by falling down the mountain.

The family believes he is dead. Laxmi began to hate Karan at this time because he did not pay him when he begged him not to return his father. Realizing his mistake, Karan set the conquest to find life.


He then married Lakshmi after he forgave him, but soon died after that because he recognized the secrets of the ancient family when opened, carrying a wave of shocks to the Gadodia family. Immediately this secret was revealed, revealing the fact that Menaka cheated the family and gave birth to a princess instead of a son for years before.

For family awareness, they are looking for their old daughters who only lost to find he had been sold to a cat house in Mumbai and was one of the most sought-after prostitutes. Jhumki immediately began to get along with their family after slandering them, facing his own obstacles in love and marriage because of his past. His first meeting was unsuccessful, but he immediately met Nikhil.


Yuvraj is now trapped by another Ka which he disguised as a traditional Pavitra woman to cheat her family and get married. He was greedy and rebuked his mother. Sisters found his secret, and Sekekan admitted Yuvraj. After receiving Yuvraj from the family once again, Yuvraj planned a plan with Kajri to take all the wealth of the family into reality.

The property is all names where he throws everyone from Gadodia ‘Niwas’ and lives peacefully there with Kajri and the owner of the house cat Rasili Bai. The daughters returned the legitimate property to their father. Finally, Suryasant paid the price for Yuvraj’s error through his death. Kajri began to squeeze Yuvraj, at one point and controlled all the family’s wealth while enslaving the family.


Destiny Main cast Real names

Destiny Full Story, Teasers, Summary, Plot Destiny Main cast Real names
Rohini Hattangadi / Nayan Bhatt as Gayatri Garodia (Baa)
Yatin Karyekar as Suryakant Garodia
Aishwarya Narkar as Savitri Suryakant Garodia
Tanushree Kaushal as Menka Garodia
Vikrant Rai / Hemant Thatte as Kshitij Gandhi
Kshitee Jog as Saraswati Garodia / Saraswati Bhavishya Kapadia / Saraswati Kshitij Gandhi
Neetha Shetty / Aleeza Khan as Gauri Garodia / Gauri Akash Shah
Smriti Mohan as Durga Garodia / Durga Ranveer Dhawan
Twinkle Bajpai / Gunjan Walia as Lakshmi Garodia / Lakshmi Karan Mathur.

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