Dream Girl On Star Life Sunday 3rd April 2022

Dream Girl On Star Life Sunday 3rd April 2022
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Dream Girl On Star Life Sunday 3rd April 2022 : The Episode begins with Ayesha coming to see Laxmi. Laxmi leaves from that point to meet Manav. Ayesha peruses the content and shouts seeing the rodents. She sees the entryways locked and overreacts. She says how did such countless rodents came here and sees the bushel. She sees a lot more rates in it and requests that somebody open the entryway. She bangs the entryway. Manav is occupied in gathering and becomes acquainted with about Ayesha. He asks what befell her and races to see. Ayesha hops on the couch and avoids rodents.

Manav asks who locked this entryway, get copy key. Ayesha gets down on Manav. Manav expresses hang on Ayesha. They get the entryway and she comes out. She embraces Manav and cries. Manav sees such countless rodents inside and asks the peon does he clean the room or not, call bug control folks and get it cleaned, its sickening. He comforts Ayesha. Ayesha sees Laxmi and reviews she has done likewise with Laxmi previously.

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He tells Manav that Naina has done this, and inquires as to for what reason did she go when she was given this room. Laxmi says ask Manav, she was in his room. Ayesha gets some information about his room, you are visually impaired. Laxmi asks why was Ayesha here. Ayesha says this is my office, I came to see you, to be aware of your preparation. Manav asks her not to fault Naina. Ayesha says Naina is doing this, get some information about rodents. Laxmi says its your lodge, I ought to get some information about rodents, you know I m visually impaired. Ayesha says stop this affront.

Dream Girl On Star Life Sunday 3rd April 2022 : Laxmi says she can’t bear this affront. Ayesha says she got this rodents in tiffin box, I can demonstrate it, she composed this content and utilized Shakti’s name. Laxmi says she is author, not an entertainer, let me know where is the content. Ayesha says she will show Manav. Laxmi says blade, on the off chance that this occurs, I will do anything you say, else I won’t work with you. Ayesha says stop it, don’t sit around idly. She really takes a look at the PC.

She doesn’t motivate it and requests that Naina show it. Naina says you saw it, you show it now. Ayesha says we don’t have rodents in our office, how did such countless rodents came here. Laxmi inquires as to for what reason will I do this. Ayesha says to terrify me, as I have… Laxmi asks what were you talking about… … … ..

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Ayesha changes the theme. Manav requests that Ayesha return home and take rest, she is worried. Laxmi contends with Ayesha. Ayesha says she will demonstrate her reality out. Manav apologizes to Naina and says he will gain bother influence done. Laxmi proceeds to slam into Ayesha. She insults Ayesha and does likewise as Ayesha did with her. Ayesha thinks Laxmi is doing this with Karan’s assistance, nobody is great, she will slip anyplace and afterward I will see her.

Dream Girl On Star Life Sunday 3rd April 2022 : Samar searches for her medications tablets. He says he needs his tablets now itself and starts getting unwell. He goes to a spot to purchase drugs. He gets it from a few fellow and Karan sees him. He thinks whats Samar doing here, who is that man with him. Samar goes and a tablet falls there. Karan checks it and says Samar is consuming medications. He gets stunned.

Samar drives in front of checkpost and investigator stops him. The investigator enlightens Ayesha regarding Samar driving in smashed state. Ayesha tells Laxmi that Samar Sareen will join her to help her recorded as a hard copy. Laxmi gets stunned.


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