Dream Girl On Starlife February 2022 Teasers

Starlife Dream Girl February 2022 Teasers
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 Dream Girl On Starlife February 2022 Teasers

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Episode 5

Manav tells Ayesha not to stress over the media. In the interim, Samar figures out how to deceive Laxmi and her auntie about his character. Afterward, Laxmi discovers that she needs to make a portfolio to traverse a tryout. She chooses to sell theater tickets of Ayesha’s film to organize the cash.

Episode 6

Laxmi helps Samar in selling the samosas, and acquires a couple of bucks for herself. Ayesha is cheerful with regards to her film being a hit. Laxmi figures out how to finish her portfolio. Ayesha pledges not to lose Manav to Nandini. Laxmi pledges to show something new to a safety officer for abusing her portfolio.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Episode 7

Samar is intrigued by Laxmi’s assurance to turn into a set up entertainer. In the interim, Ayesha’s sibling, Karan, is disturbed as Manav will not send off him. Afterward, Samar discovers that Ayesha is looking for another female lead. Laxmi figures out how to enter Navrang Studio, and plans to meet Ayesha.

Episode 8

Laxmi enters Ayesha’s lodge, professing to be visually impaired. On learning reality, Ayesha advises her to get out. Manav tells Ayesha that Laxmi is great for the lead job in Samar’s forthcoming film. Afterward, Laxmi is disturbed when she discovers that Ayesha has recruited her as a PA, and not as an entertainer.

Thursday 3 February 2022

Episode 9

Laxmi chooses to acknowledge Ayesha’s deal. Manav is amped up for his girl’s appearance. Afterward, Karan fools Laxmi into playing out a trick. Laxmi unintentionally falls on Ayesha and apologizes to her. Afterward, Ayesha professes to really focus on Laxmi before her representatives. What are Ayesha’s arrangements for Laxmi?

Episode 10

Ayesha proposes a test to Laxmi, who pledges to succeed. Samar discovers that a couple of reprobates deluded him. Ayesha plans to fire Laxmi, accepting that she will come up short at the test. Afterward, Nandini and Ayesha have a contention.

Friday 4 February 2022

Episode 11

Ayesha invites Meera back to the house. In the mean time, Laxmi plans a system for Ayesha’s test. Afterward, Meera incites Manav against Meethi. The following day, Ayesha’s representatives are concerned perusing a self destruction letter from Laxmi. Ayesha gets stressed seeing Laxmi lying on the table.

Episode 12

Laxmi figures out how to trick the representatives of Navrang Studio. In the mean time, Ayesha affects Manav against Laxmi. Laxmi stresses as Ayesha tells her over Manav being angry with her and that he needs her to apologize to the workers. Afterward, Laxmi chooses to visit Ayesha’s home to return her adornments.

Saturday 5 February 2022

Episode 13

Laxmi attempts to get a brief look at Samar Sareen. Nandini plans to isolate Manav from Ayesha. Ayesha pulls a prank on Nandini and prevents her from playing out a puja with Manav. Afterward, Laxmi is stunned to observe Samar in the Sareen House, who figures out how to misdirect her.

Episode 14

Laxmi chooses to camouflage herself as a swamini and go into the Sareen House. Ayesha perceives Laxmi and vapor at her. Laxmi discloses her circumstance to Ayesha and apologizes for playing the stunt. Afterward, Meera exhaust at the Sareens as she needs them to let her be.

Sunday 6 February 2022

Episode 15

The workers of Navrang Studio pull a prank on Laxmi and embarrass her. Interim, Samar gets a new line of work. Later around evening time, Laxmi assists Samar with selling samosas and consequently gets a plan to dazzle the workers. The following day, Laxmi endeavors to look for absolution from the representatives.

Episode 16

Meera induces Ayesha against Meethi. In the interim, Samar sees Laxmi stressed as she has disappointed her representatives. Afterward, Laxmi promises to be the champion of Samar’s forthcoming film. Ayesha looks into Meera having a feeling of inadequacy. The following day, Ayesha misdirects Samar about Laxmi.

Monday 7 February 2022

Episode 17

Laxmi chooses to pull a prank on the representatives of Navrang Studio by claiming to have been chosen for Salman’s forthcoming film. Samar prevails to procure a couple of bucks by selling samosas. Ayesha stresses gaining over Laxmi’s proposal from Salman. The following day, Laxmi feels regretful and concedes to reality.

Episode 18

Ayesha and Amrita plan to embarrass Laxmi at the party. Then again, Laxmi accepts that Ayesha has really welcomed her for the party. The following day, Laxmi feels embarrassed when the representatives of Navrang Studio snicker at her outfit.


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