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Illusion On Star Life Monday 31st January 2022
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Dream Girl On Starlife: follows a young girl Lakshmi from Jodhpur, dreams to be an actress and idolises Ayesha, a famous actress. She decides to leave her hometown and comes to Mumbai with the hopes of achieving her dreams.

Dream girl On Starlife

Dream Girl starts January 30, 2022 on starlife.

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Dream Girl starlife full story

Navrang Studios is claimed by Sareens, a lofty film group of Mumbai. Lakshmi Mathur, a hopeful Jodhpur based Dream young lady visits Mumbai to satisfy her fantasies and becomes hopelessly enamored with Sareen family’s more youthful unmarried child Samar.

Samar’s finesse and goal-oriented senior sister-in-law Ayesha Roy is overprotective of her power and title, needing to be indispensable and India’s just Dream young lady. Notwithstanding, Lakshmi has an ability and flash like her to turn into a Dream young lady.

Lakshmi attempts to demonstrate her abilities, infuriating Ayesha, who discovers that Samar and Lakshmi love one another. Lakshmi passes every one of the difficulties tossed by Ayesha, making her uncertain. Ayesha deceives her sibling Karan (who cares deeply about Lakshmi) that Lakshmi loves him.

Dream girl On Starlife


In the end, Ayesha moves all property freedoms of Navarang to her name and succeeds. Lakshmi and Samar get hitched. The property is set ablaze; Samar, his senior sibling Manav (Ayesha’s significant other) and Karan are shipped off douse the fire.

Samar and Manav evidently kick the bucket because of an auto accident. Samar’s body is recuperated; Manav’s body isn’t found. The Sareens discover Ayesha ‘dim mystery’ who indeed is her twin sister, Aarti. They use (Aarti eagerly assists with retaliating) against Ayesha for their studio (Navarang). Aarti mimics Ayesha and lets every one of the financial backers know that she will pay all their cash alongside revenue to them.

There is another section in the show, Raghu. The story advances and shows Ayesha attempting to intrigue Raghu (Similar to prepare 1 where a helpless person named Lakshmi (Played by Shraddha Arya) fantasies about wedding a rich and affluent finance manager named Arjun Agnihotri (Played by Sudeep Sahir)).

Dream girl On Starlife .

Aarti attempts to return Navrang once again to its previous greatness.

Ayesha weds Raghu by misdirecting everybody, professing to be Aarti as Aarti and Raghu become hopelessly enamored after numerous gatherings where Raghu imagines that Aarti is Ayesha and afterward he discovers that it is Aarti all things considered. Aarti’s face is singed and nobody can see which one is Ayesha or Aarti.

Aarti is wanting to render retribution on Ayesha. Ayesha has consistently caused Aarti agony and mischief, at this point Aarti continued to pardon her. Presently, Aarti has another face (Megha Gupta) and she shows up as a solid person and battles against Aarti (who in genuine is Ayesha) to uncover her reality to everybody.

After a couple of upswings and turns, Ayesha’s reality is uncovered to everybody by Aarti as ‘Shikha’ and Raghu (who assisted Aarti with her face relocate and advice).But, Ayesha slyly begins imagining as though she has lost her long term’s memory and accordingly, the police can not capture her until her recuperation. Thus, she is permitted to remain in the Sareen House till she remembers everything. In the in the interim, Aarti and Raghu get hitched and before long have a young lady youngster.

Ayesha has her own goals and as she gets the open door, she takes Aarti and Raghu’s girl and getaways with the kid, leaving her vocation, fame and beauty queen title (which were by then destroyed because of her evilness) for one single intention to make the child young lady her own girl and, to prepare the youngster, as the following DREAMGIRL.

Dream Girl starlife full projects.
Shraddha Arya as
Ayesha Manav Sareen/Ayesha Raghav Rastogi (née Roy): Karan’s senior sister, Aarti’s twin sister, Manav’s widow and Raghu’s first/ex.
Aarti Roy (Before Plastic Surgery): Ayesha’s twin sister and Karan’s senior sister.
Megha Gupta as Aarti Raghav Rastogi (née Roy) (After Plastic Surgery): Karan’s senior sister, Ayesha’s twin sister and Raghu’s subsequent spouse.
Nikita Dutta as Lakshmi Samar Sareen (née Mathur): Samar’s widow, Karan’s adoration interest and Rishi Mathur’s girl.
Mohsin Khan as Samar Sareen: Manav’s more youthful sibling and Lakshmi’s better half.
Khalid Siddiqui as Manav Sareen: Samar’s senior sibling and Ayesha’s first spouse.

Sudeep Sahir as Raghav “Raghu” Rastogi: Ayesha’s second/ex and Aarti’s better half.
Alina Kumar as Tanya
Purvi Mundada as Richa
Virendra Singh as Rishi Mathur – Lakshmi’s dad
Aparna Kumar as Nandini Thakur
Chaitanya Choudhury as Abhimanyu
Rukhsar Rehman as Amrita
Geeta Tyagi as Shanti Mathur/Bua Ji Lakshmi’s auntie and Rishi Mathur’s sister

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