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Droomverlore Teasers – August 2022

Droomverlore Teasers - August 2022
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Monday 1 August 2022
Episode 146

At the point when Yigit visits Sanem and drops his stick under Can’s vehicle, Huma gets some unacceptable impression and drives all over town with Sanem and Can. Sanem and Can discover that Cemal has been concealing Sanem’s creams in his terminal.

Tuesday 2 August 2022
Episode 147

Nihat is discovered in the act eating his secret reserve of chocolates, breaking his severe eating regimen forced by Mevkibe. Sanem has a major shock in slow down for Can, yet will he acknowledge it nimbly?

Wednesday 3 August 2022
Episode 148

A surprising call from a client causes a lot of fervor for the organization. While Leyla and Emre’s music business appears to give them more concerns, Sanem should settle on a major conclusion about her short term.

Thursday 4 August 2022
Episode 149

The uplifting news Sanem imparts to her folks, works up the family harmony. At the point when a money manager comes to the homestead with the arrangement that could only be described as epic, there is a brief look at new expectation. In any case, the way to compromise makes a huge difference.

Friday 5 August 2022
Episode 150

Everybody is hysterical after the fender bender. Sanem is solid however they dread for Can’s life. At the point when he rises and shines from his extreme lethargies, everybody’s delight is fleeting as he experiences amnesia. At the point when his memory progressively returns, Sanem is in for an enormous shock yet concocts a splendid arrangement to refresh his memory.

Monday 8 August 2022
Episode 151

Mevkibe and not set in stone to take care of Can’s amnesia. When Can gets back to the office, the representatives have their own thought on the most proficient method to launch his memory once more. Sanem selects the assistance of two associates to carry out her mom’s arrangement for Can’s recuperation, with surprising outcomes.

Tuesday 9 August 2022
Episode 152

Mevkibe welcomes Can to supper, yet another person winds up drinking the flighty ice tea, with astounding outcomes. Sanem chooses to utilize an alternate strategy to shock back Can’s memory. Mihriban chooses to end Huma’s oppression, and pronounces an all out war.

Wednesday 10 August 2022
Episode 153

A significant show is protected by an intricate enormous innocent embellishment, when the client needs to pull out due to Can and Sanem’s nonappearance. Leyla hopped in and persuaded the client to no less than go to the show.

Thursday 11 August 2022
Episode 154

Leyla gets an advancement subsequent to saving a major undertaking with an intricate harmless embellishment. While attempting to escape the responsibility with ‘Arthur Capello’ destiny had various plans. Trapped in rush hour gridlock, Sanem is compelled to hitch a ride on a bike to get to the gathering in time.

Friday 12 August 2022
Episode 155

The new client maker at the office makes Sanem green with desire. Muzo scores an arrangement with Emre and Aziz makes an unforeseen declaration.

Monday 15 August 2022
Episode 156

The makers meet the new chief interestingly, which prompts a lot of devastation for the organization. Sanem and Can’s relationship takes a ton of strain and Can should choose if he has any desire to construct new recollections with Sanem.

Tuesday 16 August 2022
Episode 157

Can devises an arrangement so he and Sanem don’t need to return to the inn, however go through the night outside on the island. In the interim, Melahat gets an enrolled letter which startles her half to death yet ends up being the most ideal information. Selim plays every one of the women in his day to day existence, much to Emre and Leyla’s vexation.

Wednesday 17 August 2022
Episode 158

Mevkibe is worried about Melahat’s going overboard yet Melahat deliberately ignores. Is Selim drawn to Melahat or her legacy? Emre chooses to make a promotion for housewives and Mevkibe gets demolished into taking part, which prompts a couple of tears and much chuckling.

Thursday 18 August 2022
Episode 159

The promotion shoot in the local transforms into disarray when Melahat admits her and Selim’s affection for one another to Huma. Selim makes a run for it when he understands Melahat won’t be acquiring a penny. Sanem gets back for good and starts working in her folks’ shop once more.

Friday 19 August 2022
Episode 160

Fikri Harika is setting up a significant show. Sanem needs no piece of it and acknowledges a task as conveyance individual for the supermarket’s new remote shopping adventure. In the wake of being compensated the worthwhile new agreement, Sanem is welcomed as the praiseworthy visitor, something she declines.

Monday 22 August 2022
Episode 161
Series finale!

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