Effect Of Inceasant Strike On Student In Nigeria 2021

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The issue of Effect Of Inceasant Strike On Student In Nigeria has a very terrible effect on Nigerian students due to the lapses that it has created on the academic sector which is very devastating to the entire nation as well. It has created a lot of negative impact on student’s abilities.

The regular strike undergone by ASUU and ASUP has tremendously affected the university and polytechnic student, eg in the year 2020 the ASUU went on 8 months strike after the lockdown from the corona virus pandemic. The strike came following the pandemics and it caused a lot of setback which the academic section suffered on 2021.

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Some of the negative impacts are:
Exam failure:
Student tend to fail their exams because the depend majorly on expo because, and because the barely have enough time to learn in the particular sections that strike occurs most. Example the national union ASUP of all federal polytechnics embarked on a three month strike after the recovering from the 2020 corona virus pandemic lockdown, even the ASUU also went on 8 months strike before then.

Effect Of Inceasant Strike On Student In Nigeria caused a lot of damages to the polythecnic school and exams were fixed on 23rd of July 2021 immediately the student came back after the strike was fairly resolved by the government promised to meet the terms of the board.

It is a total set back to the students because the barely learnt anything but now they are expected to sit and write the second semester academic examination while the barely have time to prepare and because of this then a lot of failures where recorded during that year.

Because you don’t expect me to pass an exam I leant nothing most of the lectures barely treated half of their course outline.

Increased rate of examination malpractices:
Because this student where not taught and the never prepared for examination, malpractices became the order of the unlike before the malpractices rate increased times two.
Because no student wants to return to write courses they’ve already past, while the school management doesn’t even consider the situation, it is very annoying considering the fact that the student should be some consideration because the conflicting condition was not their fault was not even for the interest of the students rather the lecturers.

Production of unqualified graduates:
It is quite excruciating that due to the conflicting incessant strikes in the country has brought a lot of disability to the school programs and curriculum and this made the schools to graduate students who can barely defend their certificate.

Long lasting of student in school:
Due to the strike activities in Nigeria it has made student to stay longer than their expected number of years to stay in school, a course of 4 years is now done for five years. this very bad extension makes student grow very old still in school and after the graduate the frustrating government of the country will set a program that graduates above 30 years cannot be employed .

Knowledge deficiency:
Because of the regular strike in the country student stay long at home focusing on other things and forget what they have been taught and loose interest in school , the brain becomes very adamant.

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They fail to acquire the necessary knowledge on their fields of study:
Increase in the rate of drop out:
Due to the incessant strike in the state some student tend to stay very long at home and loose interest in school after the might have waited a long time for resumption being totally unemployed they get frustrated and leave the school, and are termed university drop outs.

Loss of experience teachers and lecturers:

It has been recorded that while some lectures stays at home the get angry because the entire dividend they get while school is on section they tend to lose them this makes them to venture into some other lucrative business.

All this Effect Of Inceasant Strike On Student In Nigeria 2021outlined above are the reasons why undergraduates are being produced and the become cognizant in the society because.

They become kidnapers, armed robbers , the disciplined ones become road sellers and adult hawking a point of debate because the outcome of this country has failed the entire academic sector.

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