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Emperor AShoka Tuesday 18th January 2022: Bindu is vry upset. Acharya Chanakya comes there. Bindu feels vulnerable. The existence of both my children are on the verge. How treated miss? Acharya Chanakya talks in support of Ashoka. Trust you don’t lament your choice later. Ashoka ought to be rebuffed assuming that he is to be sure liable. However, consider the possibility that he is demonstrated honest a short time later. I need some an ideal opportunity to demonstrate in the event that he is actually an offender or not

. Bindu also needs to imagine that his child Ashoka is honest. Be that as it may, the knife in his grasp said something else. Also he was there as Agradoot. He acknowledged his wrongdoing. He even attempted to hurt me. I’m more stunned by the progressions in Shubhadrangi (Dharma). She let me know she knew it all from the beginning. She even requested that I make Ashoka my replacement. She needs a different royal residence for her as well as her child.

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She was very much aware of the way that Ashoka was Agradoot; and furthermore of Ahankara and Ashoka. She has stunned me like anything. Indeed, even Acharya Chanakya can’t trust it that Dharma could say as much. Bindu laments confiding in Ashoka and Dharma. You were proficient to distinguish my dad’s actual face yet not of Ashoka. He leaves.

Emperor AShoka Tuesday 18th January 2022: Acharya Chanakya comes to meet Ashoka in the cell. Ashoka lets Acharya Chanakya know that he came excessively late. I want you most yet presently its past the point of no return. Acharya Chanakya says there is still time left. Ashoka says I committed an error. Acharya Chanakya concurs. You have to be sure committed an error. Master can’t be with his pupil generally. However, his given information generally stays. I had cautioned you not to take any choice utilizing your heart. You have committed this error as it were. You meddled in Magadh’s equity framework by becoming Agradoot

. It is your obligation to do as such however you have really offended it. Ashoka mourns not having some other choice. Acharya reasons that everybody has a choice. Ever individual searches for an exit plan which suits their motivation. Ashoka says neither you nor father was here. I needed to take it in my grasp. Acharya Chanakya says you ought to have kept tolerance. You see what you have fallen into now. I need to hear reality. He gives a letter to Ashoka. Subsequent to seeing you, I felt the same way I felt seeing your granddad Chandragupta Maurya! The expectations were same. I have full confidence that my vision of considering you to be the deliverer of whole India was correct. Your dad today let me know I committed an error in getting you. Ashoka apologizes to him.

I disillusioned you and father. I have the right to kick the bucket. Acharya requests that he read the letter. In the event that you track down anything awkward, I will acknowledge it that it is the Guru who has really fizzled. Ashoka peruses the letter. Sushim assaulted Ahankara. Ashoka mediated. Ahankara hurt Sushim to save herself. Ashoka assumed the fault on himself to save Ahankara. Ashoka contacts Acharya’s feet. They share an embrace. Presently a Guru will help his follower, regardless of whether I need to forfeit my life for it. Ashoka takes a guarantee from him for not telling this reality to anybody. All that will be done in any case. Acharya guarantees him. You concealed reality to save two individuals. Equity can’t occur this ways. The ulterior rationale in me is to ensure Magadh’s future. I need to help you for exactly the same explanation.

Acharya Chanakya watches out of the window. His follower asks him what he has considered. Acharya says an enthusiastic dad took the choice to rebuff his child. I realize Agradoot is only a deception. Dharma can never uphold wrong individuals. She can never be narrow minded. These individuals have imagined something different before Samrat. Sushim is on deathbed. It is remarkably difficult to help Ashoka now. The dawn tomorrow will bring his demise discipline.

I need more an ideal opportunity to accumulate verifications. His follower reasons that they might have helped Ashoka on the off chance that Sushim was not in this condition. No treatment is working. This is the thing is annoying Samrat. Would he have taken such a choice assuming Sushim was fine? Just a wonder can save Ashoka now. Acharya says exactly the same thing. I realize who can do this marvel.

A passionate Dharma takes a gander at Ashoka’s stuff. I don’t have a lot of time. She requests that her Daasi help her. He will leave me tomorrow first thing. I need to give everything to him before that. Acharya strolls in saying nothing will happen to Ashoka. I wont let him pass on. Dharma gets confident. Acharya consents to help Ashoka yet through her backing.

Magadh’s equity framework says in the event that anybody kills an individual from the regal family, he ought to be killed. Be that as it may, in the event that the relative doesn’t kick the bucket then the guilty party ought to just be rebuffed for the wrongdoing. Save Sushim till tomorrow first thing while I will deal with Ashoka. I will get time to help him after that as it were. There is just a single answer for save Ashoka – don’t allow Sushim to bite the dust! I realize simply you are able to do as such!

Charumita cries as she sits adjacent to Sushim. Dharma comes there. Charumita becomes furious after seeing her. I advised you to avoid my child. She pushes Dharma. Acharya Chanakya says perhaps this is the main answer for save Sushim. Charu requests that he let her and her child be. I realize you have no compassion toward my child. I wont let you kill my child by falling in your snare. Acharya reasons that Dharma has saved Samrat a ton ordinarily.

Emperor AShoka Tuesday 18th January 2022: Me as well as you also have seen such marvels. Allow Dharma an opportunity. Charu becomes irate. Would it be a good idea for me to let her finish her child’s inadequate work? Dharma comprehends her inconvenience. I can’t successfully save my child from passing on. I can help Sushim. It wont help me in any capacity however on the off chance that he recovers, I will be out of this responsibility that Sushim is in this condition due to my child. we can lose both our children tomorrow or save one. The choice is yours! Charu yields.

Precap: Ashoka prepares to be hanged.


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