Factors causing Poor Education In Most West African Countries.

Factors causing Poor Education In Most West African Countries.
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In most West African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia it has been clearly understood That most of these countries have faulty educational systems due to some FACTORS  CAUSING POOR EDUCATION  that has eaten deep into the system that was neglected by the students and both the Government and the individuals themselves, this factors has brought a lot of catastrophe in the process of teaching and learning in this countries. The above listed are the major causes of poor education in most West African countries.

Poor educational system;

FACTORS CAUSING POOR EDUCATION in most west African the systems of learning are very poor especially in Nigeria where a waec certificate student will be teaching in secondary school sitting for the same certificate he has Which is an error in the standard educational sector. Most Nigerian schools don’t have qualified tutors because of the government inabilities to recruit qualified teachers, this has made the educational sector very poor because we barely produce a student who barely knows what they are doing, poor infrastructure

Poor practical facilities, inadequate school environment, etc all resulted in a very poor educational system in most of the West African countries.

Bad Governance:

The FACTORS  CAUSING POOR EDUCATION  in west Africa is major as a result of bad and irresponsible government in country such situation Nigeria where the government has little or no regard for the validity of proper quality education they hardly take an active part to foster good and quality education, hardly employ good teachers even the employed ones are not even paid well in a situation where a graduate who spent  4-5 years in the university,

teaching in a public secondary school is paid a low rate salary a maximum of 50 000 nairas per month which does not encourage the teacher to barely give the students the best of what they made off they go is about biting around the bush claiming to cover the curriculum and scheme when we know that’s not true.

Is quite excruciating that when you come to the so-called higher institution the so-called lecturers are now turning into businessmen and traders where the use students for business here by produces claimed professionals in the various field who barely know what they doing in their field of studies, we produce medical surgeons who can’t perform surgery.

the government has failed to produce a good atmosphere, high-quality facilities for learning, and the funds are been looted by certain personalities’, officials, etc.

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Excessive theoretical learning:

In countries especially Nigeria CAUSING POOR EDUCATION, theoretical learning has killed the education sector we only produce scholars who only quote theories alone but cannot put those theories to the tangible source to perform their duties as professionals especially the science which is based on findings and discoveries the doctors, the engineers,  etc we produce claimed surgeons who can’t even hold the surgery tools talk of performing surgery successfully,  engineers who can’t build house cant repair or produce cars, can’t perform simple electrical installation correctly, opticians who can’t correctly dispense glass, the optometrist who can’t treat eye disease, the computer scientist who can’t even make good use of the computers land phones. Lawyers who can’t win cases in the country of law, oh what a myopic world and a big setback in west African education hindering developments in the countries.

Lack of good and passionate tutors unqualified :

What we see in most west African schools we see lecturers that tried to teach who lack passion for their job unqualified but due to the high level of corruption and favoritism in the country, they were employed by teachers. Wrong allocation of teachers in a situation where there are students studying optician majority of lectures allocated to them is the full-time optometrist.

How are these students supposed to be made opticians, because you can’t give what you don’t have, the teachers are begged to teach what they have because they lacked passion?

High level of corruption and favoritism:

Due to the high level of corruption and favoritism the talented teachers during employment because of corruption and favoritism.


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