Geet December Teasers 2021 Starlife Updated.

Geet December Teasers 2021
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 Geet December 2021 StarLife Teasers

Wednesday 1 December 2021
Episode 23
Maan tells Darji that his land documents are incomplete. Brij remembers that he had given the land to Dev. Later, Darji learns that Dev’s family had given the fake jewellery to Geet and lied about their status.

Episode 24
Darji prevents Geet from leaving the house. Rupinder locks Geet in her room. Lost in Dev’s memory, Geet refuses to have food. Later, she removes her mangalsutra and asks Darji to let her go to the college.

Thursday 2 December 2021
Episode 25
Geet tells Rajji about her plan to search for Dev. Brij gets angry with Darji for allowing Geet to go out. Will she be able to find him?

Episode 26
Geet is shocked to learn that her land belongs to Maan. She realizes Dev has cheated her and faints. Channi’s mother sees Geet and reveals her marriage to everyone. Maan has to carry Geet in.

Friday 3 December 2021

Episode 27
Geet regains her consciousness. The Handa family question Geet for her deeds. Geet puts a piece of hot charcoal on her hands as a punishment. She informs the family that Dev had deceived her for money.

Episode 28
Geet’s family discusses her. Maan confronts Brij as he stops him from meeting Geet. Maan asks Geet to sign over a few legal documents to transfer her property. Geet spoils the papers.

Saturday 4 December 2021
Episode 29
Dev tries in vain to convince Nayantara to visit India. Geet insists that her family should lodge a complaint against Dev for deceiving them. Geet shares her feelings with Mohinder.

Episode 30
Brij lies to the police that Geet is not in the house. Maan warns Geet’s family that he will send them behind the bars if he will not get the papers, signed. Maan sneaks into Geet’s house to search for her.

Sunday 5 December 2021
Episode 31
Geet and Rajji strive to discover Dev’s whereabouts. Brij is eager to get Maan and Geet married for the sake of the property. However, Maan is furious with Brij’s decision.

Monday 6 December 2021
Episode 33
Maan asks Geet to help him in getting registration for the land. Geet is devastated thinking about Dev. She is shocked to learn about her pregnancy and conceals the same from her family.

Tuesday 7 December 2021
Episode 34
Geet calls Dev after being afraid thinking of Brij. But Nayantara doesn’t allow Dev to talk to Geet. Then Guruvinder tells Geet that Channi was killed because she was pregnant.

Episode 35
Naintara sends a message to Geet to manipulate her to think that Dev wants to meet her. Gurvinder escapes from getting killed by Brij. Geet agrees to go to Amritsar with Maan. Naintara books a ticket to India.
Wednesday 8 December 2021.

Episode 36
Rajji informs Gurvinder that Geet has asked her to keep him in the Handa house. Geet asks Maan Singh to not interfere in her personal matters. Brij asks Rajji about Geet. Geet is shcoked when Naintara tells her that she is Dev’s wife.

Episode 37

Geet December Teasers 2021:Naintara insists that Geet abort her baby and asks her to sign the abortion papers. Brij informs Rano that Geet has run away. Geet signs the property documents. Maan Singh rescues Geet from an accident.

Thursday 9 December 2021
Episode 38
Daarji asks Brij to bring Geet home. Rupinder tries to console Rano. Daarji confronts Geet for trying to escape from the house. Geet informs Daarji that she had been to Amritsar to meet Dev. She tells Daarji that she is pregnant.

Episode 39
Geet wants Mohinder’s support as pressure for an abortion mounts. Darjee then tells Maan – who comes with a copy of the registry papers – that Geet hasn’t returned.

Friday 10 December 2021
Episode 40
Geet asks Maan Singh to take Gurvinder with him. Daarji informs Daima that the Handas want to abort Geet’s baby.

Episode 41

Geet tries to hide to save her child but Brij spots her in the storeroom and attacks her. The others save her and ask Brij for more time to convince her to abort the child.

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