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Friday 1 July 2022
Episode 50

Ntokozo finds that Qhoqhoqho has been onto his misdirection from the beginning. A pissed Gladys at last sees Andy out.

Monday 4 July 2022Santo
Episode 51

Thathi will not work together with Mam’ Sonto. Abdul asks Pretty to go abroad with him. Ntokozo acknowledges Qhoqhoqho could have more vile plans.

Tuesday 5 July 2022
Episode 52

Sonto leaves Thathi’s and nobody knows where she is. Sizwe cautions Gugu to avoid Ntokozo. Pretty gets a tape of herself singing and it opens injuries from long ago.

Wednesday 6 July 2022
Episode 53

Mazet and Thathi get into a clench hand battle. Sonto needs to kill Qhoqhoqho herself. Bongani tells Miss Madikizela he’s moving back in with her.

Thursday 7 July 2022
Episode 54

Pretty does the unimaginable with Abdul. Bongani’s ex neutralizes his end-all strategy. Ntokozo experiences the finish of a sharp edge.

Friday 8 July 2022
Episode 55

Ntokozo is nearly dead. Mr Labello is temporarily free from jail. Pretty chooses to admit to kissing her ex.

Monday 11 July 2022
Episode 56

Gladys goes out on the town with Nkosinathi. Mr Leballo purchases Sibongile another closet. Qhoqhoqho offers Gugu and Tshiamo a lift.

Tuesday 12 July 2022
Episode 57

Mike Jr. takes a shot for his first love. Sibongile’s flirt makes a suggestion that is difficult for her to stand up to.

Wednesday 13 July 2022
Episode 58

Mike Jr. shows up at the clinic. Teddy goes up against Sibongile about the school shoes. Qhoqhoqho needs to utilize Mike Jr. to get to Thathi.

Thursday 14 July 2022
Episode 59

Mazet saying she wishes Qhoqhoqho would pick up the pace and kill Thati. Nkosinathi says he doesn’t have any idea what Gladys needs from him when she says she “isn’t prepared”.

Friday 15 July 2022
Episode 60

A furious Stompie thrashes Mr Leballo. Pretty accidentally calls an ex-darling by their pet name. Qhoqhoqho pays Mike Jr. a visit in clinic.

Monday 18 July 2022
Episode 61

Nkosinathi settles on a choice that shocks Gladys. Ntokozo plots to manage Qhoqhoqho. Zodwa attempts to get Mr Leballo far from Sibongile.

Tuesday 19 July 2022
Episode 62

Nkosinathi makes sense of that leaving is his main choice. Gugu says a final farewell to Ntokozo. Qhoqhoqho requests Thathi’s life in return for Mike Jr’s.

Wednesday 20 July 2022
Episode 63

Thathi requests that Qhoqhoqho allow her 24 hours to choose. Abdul asks Pretty to disappear with him to the US. A shook Sibongile will not affirm against Mr Leballo.

Thursday 21 July 2022
Episode 64

Phumlani’s will is perused for the Molefes and the Ndabas. Sibongile affirms against Mr Leballo. Nkosinathi plans to leave Gomora.

Friday 22 July 2022
Episode 65

Mazet and Sonto are clashed about regardless of whether to take Phumlani’s cash. Sibongile recollects the beneficial things Leballo rehashed and lies. Thathi junks the condo.

Monday 25 July 2022
Episode 66

Thathi is appalled when Qhoqhoqho cuts Mike Jr’s. neck. Gladys welcomes Nkosinathi to rest over at her home. Sibongile goes with Mr Leballo.

Tuesday 26 July 2022
Episode 67

Thathi battles to choose if she will save Mike Jr. Sibongile battles to track down somebody to take her in. Gladys chooses to partake in her recently viewed as sentiment.

Wednesday 27 July 2022
Episode 68

Thathi makes an arrangement with Satan. Sibongile learns the genuine significance of opportunity – outside Gomora.

Thursday 28 July 2022
Episode 69

Nkosinathi takes care of Ntokozo. Sibongile gets a rude awakening. Mike Jr. drops a name that leaves Thathi shuddering.

Friday 29 July 2022
Episode 70

Secret inaccessible.

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