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Guddan On Zee One Monday 21st March 2022

Guddan update On Zee One Monday 28th March 2022
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Scene 1
Antra is getting hitched to AJ.
Guddan On Zee One Monday 21st March 2022: Guddan says laxmi track AJ’s telephone. We need to track down him. Antra says this game would be enjoyable. AJ says Antra I will kill you in the event that you hurt Guddan or Angat. Revati says nobody knows where angat is. I need him back. Antra calls guddan. antra says where could you be? Guddan says don’t play this grimy game. Let me know where is angat and where is AJ. You are quitter. You showed your existence. Antra says we should play from front.

I know where your AJ and Angat are. I would give you their location. I’m wedding AJ in the sanctuary at the present time. Furthermore your Angat is right inverse to it. He has just oxygen of 30 minutes left. You can either save Angat or stop this wedding. The intriguing game right? Assuming you bring any other person, you would lose both.

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Guddan On Zee One Monday 21st March 2022: Revati says we need to call police. Guddan says no. Revati says I will commit suicide. Dadi says we can’t tell police. Revati says we can’t allow Angat to kick the bucket. Durga says assuming anybody goes, Angat’s life is in harm’s way. Revati says I would go. Guddan says you need to trust me. Revati says you can’t save the two of them. Guddan slaps Revati and says I will bring Angat back. I guarantee. You need to remain here. You going there can take a chance with Angat’s life. Guddan says I have t go. Dadi says God will help you.

Guddan runs out and about. She says there isn’t time left. What way would it be advisable for me I go towards. Guddan closes eyes and says I know where to go.
Bhushan says Revati if it’s not too much trouble, quiet down. revati says I need to go. Bhushan says trust Guddan. She would save the two of them.

Antra makes AJ wear laurel. she says you feel defenseless right? We could celebrate at the present time. AJ says you can’t overcome my Gudan. She would come and she would stop this wedding. antra says how might she be at two spots? AJ says she would do both and break your self image. Guddan is covered up. there. She says I realize you need me to save your sibling.

Guddan comes where Angat is. There are along these lines outside. Guddan tosses her gold bangle towards them. They generally hurry to it. Guddan tosses something else. While they gather gold, Guddan sneaks in. Guddan says anat where are you. Angat is swooning. Guddan sees the divider.

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Guddan On Zee One Monday 21st March 2022: A lady comes to sanctuary and says you are AJ right? You are hitched to Guddan. ANtra says go from here. AJ says everybody realizes my better half is Guddan. You can’t have Guddan’s spot. Antra pushes the elderly person.
Guddan breaks the divider. she gets Angat out. She says we need to return home.

AJ gets the lady. He says for what reason did you do this?
Angat says bhabhi if it’s not too much trouble, go save AJ. I will return home myself.


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