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Guddan On Zee One Saturday 19th March 2022

Guddan update On Zee One Monday 28th March 2022
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Scene 1
Everybody is stunned. Laxmi says she can hurt Gudadn. We need to call her. Durga calls Guddan yet her number is off.

Guddan On Zee One Saturday 19th March 2022:Gudadn is breaking things out of resentment. Bhushan says Guddan return there. Guddan says I wont return there. AJ comes thera and says your telephone was off. Gudan gets out whatever occurred? He says Guddan escaped. You need to accompany me for your wellbeing. She is perilous. Guddan says don’t lie. I needn’t bother with your wellbeing. I can save myself. My father is your ally. What is it that you need? I need to continue on throughout everyday life. How would it be a good idea for me I tell you, you can’t retouch my trust.

AJ says dad to come kindly don’t drive her to return to me. I can’t see tears in her eyes. Kindly don’t compel her. AJ says I realize I have committed an error yet I love you. I realize you will come to me and let me know how you love me. Antr has escaped and I am stressed for your wellbeing. You are the most vital to me. AJ say daddy I will send police here. He leaves.

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Scene 2
Angat comes to a shed. He says revati for what reason did you call me here? You needed to discuss Guddan. Antra comes there. She says I called you. Angat says you.. He calls police. Antra hits him on head. She says you will be my pawn.
You will be essential for the peak.

Guddan On Zee One Saturday 19th March 2022: Guddan plunks down and cries. AJ reviews hello minutes with Guddan.
AJ holds Guddan’s hand and cries. The two of them cry. AJ is envisioning her. Antra says AJ.. AJ says how might you venture to come here. You shouldn’t have etnred this hosue. she says my dark hands.. they are working. AJ says whole city’s police is searching for you. AJ calls police. Antra says you figure I could be thsi moronic? I have a present for you. Open it. AJ opens the case.. There is blood and nail in it.

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AJ shouts. He says whose nail is it? What is this? She says angat’s. He is extremely valiant. Aj chokes her and says I will kill you. Antra says assuming that you kill me how might you find angat? Guddan’s affection has made you inept. Angat is alive. Dadi expresses out loud whatever do you need. Anntra says kindly don’t cry. He is alive. AJ gets out whatever do you need? She says OK now we are talking. She says assuming you tell police I can kill Angat. Aj chokes her and says don’t act over savvy. In the event that you hurt Guddan or Angat I will kill you.

Guddan On Zee One Saturday 19th March 2022:Antra says I realize they are valuable to you. That is the reason I use them. Assuming that you do as I say he would be alive or you will see Angat’s body. She leaves. Durga says AJ you can’t be furious. would it be advisable for us to tell Guddan? AJ says don’t include her. Her life can be in a difficult situation. Likewise she can hurt Angat. I need to follow through with something.


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