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Guddan update On Zee One Friday 1st April 2022

Guddan June Teasers 2022 On Zee One
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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Friday 1st April 2022: Everybody awakens. Alisha is doing arti. Everybody is bewildered. Guddan says Alisha, we are so cheerful. AJ says we are amazed. AJ says you will get everything from God.

Alisha drops the arti on Guddan’s hand. AJ says cautious Alisha. Guddan says it’s alright. Alisha says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to deal with it. I’m grieved. Guddan says we are so blissful. Alisha says you are generally my loved ones. She shares with Laxmi and Durga you’re my bhabhi now. She says dadi, take arti from me. She crashes into Vikrant. Vikrant says we scarcely see kids doing art nowadays. Such a decent young lady.

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He says I am to go to work. AJ gets out whatever work? He says need to go to observe my adoration and wedding somebody like your significant other. Alisha says this isn’t your age to wed. Not every person is fortunate as a father. Guddan says I am sorry of her benefit. Vikrant says she is correct. AJ says I am grieved. Vikrant says unwind. He says the young lady is accompanying her loved ones. Guddan says we are your loved ones. Call them here. Vikrant says no. AJ says she is correct. Call them here. Guddan says we will do every one of the courses of action.

Scene 2
Guddan update On Zee One Friday 1st April 2022: The young ladies family come. AJ invites everybody. Vikrant comes inside in an awful condition. AJ gets out whatever occurred? What are these injuries on yoru face? He says I am coming. He goes to his room. Dadi says let Vikrant come, the will talk. I truly like your young lady. Vikrant invigorates and returns. AJ expresses out loud whatever occurred? He says we will talk later. AJ says she is delightful.

Vikrant says I am good with this proposition. The young lady says so am I. Guddan says we should get ready for the wedding them. Alisha comes inside, she is wounded and in an awful condition too. Guddan says Alisha what was the deal? AJ gets out whatever occurred? What are these injuries? Alisha embraces Guddan and cries. Everybody is stressed. Guddan gets out whatever occurred? Alisha is crying.

Guddan says let us know who did this? AJ covers her torn garments with his jacket. AJ says who really considered contacting you. Tell me. I will kill him. Alisha focuses at Vikrant. He is stupefied. He expresses out loud whatever? I didn’t do this. The young lady’s family leave.

Vikran says this is a misconception. He says no we can’t wed our little girl to a digusting man like you. Vikrant says Alisha is your girl, you know me. Alisha says he said I ridiculed him and he said I called him an elderly person. So he would get payback now. AJ says I will kill you Vikrant. Alisha swoons. AJ takes more time to room. He calls specialist. He sees Alisha’s telephone and sees photographs of Vikrant attempting to drive Alisha.

AJ hits Vikrant. Vikrant says this is obviously false. I didn’t do this. AJ says I saw the photographs. Might it be said that she is lying? Guddan and Durga see all the photographs. AJ beats Vikrant. Alisha stops Guddan. She says you will stay put. How might it happend that I need to do? Guddan is bewildered.

AJ hits Vikrant with a belt. He says let me talk. Alisha says Vikrant sat idle. He was saving me from the hooligans I called myself. Alisha organized hooligans who were attempting to act up with her. Vikrant saw that and began beating them. He inquired as to whether she is alright. He gave her dupatta back. Alisha embraced him. His hooligans took the photographs. Guddan says so Vikrant sat idle? Alisha says no I arranged all that. He just saved me yet got caught himself.

AJ says you are stain on companionship. I will kill you today. AJ continues to beat him. DAdi says he will bite the dust if it’s not too much trouble, stop. Vikrant blacks out.
Guddan says for what reason did you do this Alisha? She says you consumed my mother. You killed her, so I needed to get my payback. Guddan says you just know misleading statement. also, he is a blameless man. Alisha says don’t do this dramatization. You killed my mother. I will destroy your life. Go save him. Guddan runs first floor.

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Guddan says where could AJ be? Everybody is sitting stressed. Guddan says where could Vikrant be? Dadi says in prison.
AJ strokes Alisha and says I am grieved. I was unable to see reality of my own companion. I was unable to safeguard you. Alisha claims to awaken and yells. AJ embraces her and says I am dependably with you. Vikrant will be rebuffed for what he did. I won’t leave him. Kindly get new. We should eat.

Guddan update On Zee One Friday 1st April 2022: AJ makes Alisha eat. Dadi says he gave such agony to my girl. He will push off. Durga says OK he will spoil in hellfire. AJ says nobody will take her name or talk about this occurrence. Saru says she destroyed a life for her main goal. I will ensure he lives rest of his life in jail. Vikrant comes in. He says AJ.. Alisha says he returned once more. AJ says how could you do such a thing? How challenge you to go into this house. You are a guilty party. He says I am bailed. AJ says who thought for even a second to rescue you? Guddan says I did. Everybody is stunned.

Precap: Guddan enlightens AJ regarding Vikrant being honest and Alisha lying. In any case, AJ stays on Alisha’s side. Alisha gets blissful seeing Guddan and AJ battle.


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