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Guddan update On Zee One Friday 8th April 2022

Guddan June Teasers 2022 On Zee One
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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Friday 8th April 2022: Guddan and Laxmi search for the weapon. Laxmi says I searched for it all over the place. Guddan says we can’t tell AJ. He is so irate. He will send Alisha back to prison. We need to track down that weapon. Laxmi says how? Guddan says I don’t have any idea however I will.

The commitment work begins. AJ invites every one of the visitors. He embraces Vikrant and says I am so cheerful. Vikrant says this is occurring a result of you and bhabhi as it were. AJ says we will make this evening so astounding for you. Perv tells Alisha, it’s prepared. Alisha says where could Guddan be? It won’t be fun without her. Dadi says how about we start the capacity. Guddan says pause.

Guddan accompanies a metal indicator. A man says don’t you regard your visitors? Guddan says we are totally stressed for you. We have ourselves looked at in the shopping centers and all over. We need to save this even safe for everybody. We never know when scalawag are between us. Kindly assistance us. Vikrant says I am so delighted to see you’re so concerned. I’m a major name after all. Kindly look at AJ also. AJ says where do you get these thoughts from? Guddan says this is for security. He says I am happy you’re doing this.

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Guddan update On Zee One Friday 8th April 2022: Guddan actually looks at everybody. Guddan checks Alisha, she has nothing. Guddan ponders where is the firearm. She really looks at Perv. Perv says for what reason would you say you are really looking at me? I’m your loved ones.

Guddan says everybody is family here. The locator blasts. Guddan gets out whatever would you say you are stowing away? He doesn’t say anything. Show me. Perv says nothing is there. AJ says do what she is inquiring. Guddan says show me. Perv shows them keys. He says to this end your machine was blasting. Dadi says how about we plan for the capacity. Alisha ponders where did he conceal it.

Perv shares with Alisha I concealed it. Guddan can never track down it. He concealed it in Vikran’s pocket. Alisha giggles. Perv says he was really looked from the get go. You can take it at whatever point you need and kill him. Alisha says great. Guddan can’t track down the firearm now.

The young ladies family shows up. AJ and Guddan invite them. Dadi says Guddan, take our bahu to the stage. Guddan brings the rings. AJ takes more time to the stage. Perv says perceive how blissful Vikrant is. will he bite the dust before commitment or not? A server spills juice on Vikran’ts sherwani. he puts hands hand in his picket. Alisha stops him and gives him a napkin. He says take it, please. Vikrant says much obliged. He says I am so happy you’re paying attention to your folks. I want to believe that you won’t at any point hurt them. Perv says you dealt with it.

Revati shares with Perv what are you arranging without telling me? He says I am partaking in the party. Revati says I realize you have a firearm and you concealed it in Vikrant’s pocket. Guddan is stressed. She says where could the firearm be? AJ gets out whatever would you say you are searching for? Guddan doesn’t say anything. AJ says you’re searching for something. Guddan doesn’t say anything. I was simply being cautious.

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AJ gets out whatever was all the checking? Guddan says is there a major issue with it? He says nothing out of sorts except for what reason did you do that? AJ says your eyes are something like a bomb. Guddan says you get so dingy. He says nobody did your checking. Imagine a scenario where my better half has something hazardous. He comes near her. Guddan expresses out loud whatever are you doing. He says really looking at you. He says I will wrap up of the checking in the room assuming you’re concealing something.

Guddan update On Zee One Friday 8th April 2022: Guddan chuckles and leaves. AJ holds her hand. AJ expresses out loud whatever would you say you are stowing away? Did Alisha follow through with something? Guddan says there’s nothing. We should go first floor. AJ says you won’t stow away from me assuming that Alisha did anything or arranging anything. I know how to deal with her this time. Guddan says all is great sit back and relax. AJ goes ground floor. Guddan says I can’t see you and see you kick out Alisha. I need to observe the weapon before the capacity begins.


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