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Guddan update On Zee One Monday 28th March 2022

Guddan update On Zee One Monday 28th March 2022
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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Monday 28th March 2022: Police get back home. Guddan says what is the police doing here? AJ says since offenders have a place in prison, not in my home. He says on Diwali where a family gets together to celebrate, my little girl had a go at hurting Guddan. Guddan gets out whatever would you say you are doing? AJ says I can’t endure your life in harm’s way. Not a solitary word. Examiner captured Alisha. Guddan says move, nobody will contact my girl. AJ says have you lost it? Guddan says she is staying put. AJ says your life was gambled.

Guddan says she hasn’t done anything. AJ says how might you say that? Guddan says you can charge Alisha. Does AJ say how did a telephone impact then? Guddan says it was a mishap. Or then again another person could have made it happen. You can’t fault Alisha. There are individuals who don’t believe we should live respectively. I trust Alisha. AJ says reviewer Guddan is being enthusiastic. Capture Alisha. Guddan says I will fail to remember all regulations on the off chance that anybody contacts Alisha. AJ says I won’t allow a guilty party to reside in my home.

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Guddan takes the reviewer’s weapon. AJ gets out whatever would you say you are doing? Guddan says I will shoot on the off chance that anybody contacts Alisha. Durga says kindly don’t do this Guddan. AJ remains before the weapon. He says come, shoot me. What will you do now? Shoot me? Might it be said that you are attempting to conceal her wrongdoings? Why? Guddan says she is my girl and a piece of this house. She hasn’t done this wrongdoing and she will live with us. Dadi says you could shoot your better half for Antra’s girl? He is your better half.

Guddan update On Zee One Monday 28th March 2022: Guddan says Alisha is my girl too. I can’t allow her to go to prison with practically no verification. AJ says she needs to go to prison or you can shoot me. Guddan puts the weapon down. Guddan says OK I don’t have a choice, take her. Be that as it may, give me evidence. How could the controller take her without verification? Show me the evidence first. Controller says AJ calls us and grumbled that your life is under risk.

Guddan says it’s my life and she took a stab at going after me as indicated by you? I trust her totally that she sat idle. In the event that anybody needs to grumble against her, they need to concoct proof. Without evidence, you can’t capture anybody. I’m sorry I took your firearm. A mother can effectively safeguard her kid. Overseer says sorry AJ yet Guddan is correct. You can’t say anything negative without confirmation. Telephones by and large have shortcomings. Also, Guddan, never take the rule of law in your grasp.

AJ says you will lament this Guddan. Guddan says I don’t believe you should lament by the same token. AJ says Alisha is an offender. Guddan says you can’t demonstrate this is on the grounds that Alisha hasn’t done anything. Each offender is free of guilt by default. AJ leaves out of frustration. Alisha goes higher up. Revati says this impact among AJ and Guddan is superior to the telephone.

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Scene 2
Alisha reviews what Guddan did. Revati says great Alisha. We figured you would ignite little battles between them. In any case, you made her threaten to use a weapon on him. Saru says a mother’s affection is more prominent than a spouse’s. Perv says this should be commended. Alisha tosses a pot on them. She says don’t let out the slightest peep. Revati says we are with you. Alisha says go before I break your face. She locks the entryway. Alisha plunks down. She says for what reason am I irate? They were correct? It would be ideal for I to celebrate. For what reason am I furious? Since Guddan remained by me.

Alisha comes to Guddan. Guddan says you need anything? Need to say something? Alisha says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Guddan says tell me. Alisha says you believe you’re extraordinary to such an extent that you saved me? You’re not getting any honor. Guddan says I don’t need an honor. Alisha says who are you? How could you battle your significant other for me? Guddan says I am your mother. I realize it is hard for you to acknowledge that. In any case, I thought of you as my little girl the day I got to be familiar with you. I realize you have outrage in you yet that doesn’t change reality.

Guddan will constantly accompany you. A mother never leaves her kid’s side. I realize we are not limited by blood and we are a similar age. Yet, relations are made by adoration, and I truly love you. It’s unfamiliar to me too. I don’t have the foggiest idea how parenthood entered my heart. Be that as it may, it didn’t and it won’t leave now. I will continuously be with you regardless of whether I need to battle your father.

Alisha remains at the entryway. Guddan says Alisha.. I realize you have seen a ton of agony and battles and to that end you have such annoyance. However, I likewise realize there is love behind this indignation. Let this annoyance out. This aggravation will continue to increment. Alisha says you won’t ever comprehend the aggravation that is there in my heart. Guddan draws a heart and attracts torment it. She says is it the way that large the aggravation is? Alisha says no, greater.

Guddan says this aggravation. Alisha cries and embraces Guddan. Guddan says tune in, lay down with me. Alisha says I need to go.

Guddan update On Zee One Monday 28th March 2022: Guddan says the best rest is the point at which you realize your family is with you. What’s more, you think I just ability to pull ears? In any case, I likewise know how to sing a bedtime song. Guddan sings a cradlesong for Alisha. She says my daddy used to sing it for me. Alisha rests her head in Guddan’s lap and dozes. Dadi comes in and checks them out. She says Guddan has become such a decent mother. I trust Alisha additionally comprehends and there’s just love among Guddan and AJ.


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