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Guddan update On Zee One Monday 4th April 2022

Guddan June Teasers 2022 On Zee One
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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Monday 4th April 2022: Vikrant comes down the stairs with his baggage. AJ says to get the damnation out of here. Guddan says stop. Vikrant says no bhabhi, needn’t bother with additional blessings. Journalists come and pose Vikrant numerous inquiries. AJ says leave here. Does the correspondent say he pestered your girl AJ? Or then again did she dishonestly denounce him? AJ says no remarks leave here. Correspondents ask them for replies. Columnist says we have every one of the verifications. We heard that your significant other is on the molester’s side. Is Guddan stepmom for that reason she is against her little girl? They ask Guddan. Saru says great Revati. AJ says nobody needs to answer them anything.

Guddan says I need to respond to them. You individuals suppose, on the off chance that individuals would it say it are they’re battling to talk? AJ and I are guardians. We are being guardians. We have let you know our reality. Remember what your occupation is. You can’t become court until a decision is out. If you can’t fault any individual from this family. We are just bringing up our little girl. You can’t report our family issues on TV. The columnist says it is our right. Guddan says then it is my entitlement to talk too. Give me cameras, I am not getting any acting jobs at any rate. Move all cameras to me.

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AJ gets out whatever? Guddan says if any lady endures, assuming anybody even sees her some unacceptable, kindly make a commotion. Grumble to the police. We need to remain by one another. However, never abuse this power too. It additionally ruins the battle of such countless ladies. A report says shut the camera. GuddanDoes AJ says if you have any desire to rest calmly for one night air it. AJ says getting your news? Go at this point.

Alisha is crying. Alisha says now everybody knows. AJ says we are glad for you. Dadi says we are all with you. Aj says you will not be faulted for anything. It isn’t your shortcoming.

Guddan update On Zee One Monday 4th April 2022: Durga says dadi is correct. Individuals who aren’t right and who are with some unacceptable, will experience not you.
Guddan says Vikrant don’t take off from this house. It’s about Alisha’s name. Assuming that you go out you will be addressed. AJ says for Alisha I can allow you to live here for a couple of days. However, assuming that you are seen close to my girl, I will kill you. He takes Alisha higher up. Laxmi tells Guddan, you can confront it. You’re in good company. I’m with you.

Scene 2
Durga is cooking. Laxmi says do you have any idea what you are doing? Durga says OK I do. Laxmi says in the event that you did, you would accompany Guddan. How could it be on the right track to be against the girl of this house? You’re fouling up. Laxmi says I generally take exhortation from you.

Durga says Alisha endured and her offender is here in this house. Laxmi says how might you fail to remember what Antra made us see as truth? Durga says that doesn’t legitimize this. Alisha is important for this house. I’m with Alisha. Laxmi says everybody will see reality. Durga says just you and Guddan can’t see reality. I’m with AJ and Alisha. Alisha’s offender is the guilty party of this house. She leaves. Laxmi says I need to caution Guddan. She could do likewise to substantiate herself right what she did before.

Dadi says Guddan did so off-base. Individuals won’t allow Alisha to live. AJ says the man fouled up not Alisha. I’m with her. I will remain by her. I have called everybody this news will not be circulated. Guddan accompanies tea. Aj says I have some work. Guddan says could that work on your propensities? AJ says I am not distraught at you, just astounded how would you not see Alisha’s aggravation.

Laxmi says this greeting recently came. Our region’s councilor believes Alisha and Guddan should partake in Mamta devas rivalry. AJ gave your name. AJ says OK I gave the name. I will drop it. I’m heartbroken. A mother who can’t remain by her little girl in an awful time. I will drop it.

Guddan says I will partake in this opposition. Just things are off-base nowadays, they will be fine. I will win the opposition and show I am the best mother in the event that my little girl is with me. We are not foes. I will demonstrate I love her. AJ says you don’t have to demonstrate anything.

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Guddan says I truly love my little girl. Would we be able Ji go mama ji? Dadi gestures. Guddan says I needn’t bother with anybody’s consent. I will win this opposition. Alisha says OK for your father. They will all say, AJ’s girl won. Alisha gestures. AJ says the very best.

Guddan update On Zee One Monday 4th April 2022: Perv says such phony feelings. She is against her little girl here. Somebody is there in a hoodie. AJ says I realize Guddan’s genuine face. Everybody will see her phoniness tomorrow with your assistance. All that will be according to your arrangement.

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