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Guddan update On Zee One Saturday 2nd April 2022

Guddan June Teasers 2022 On Zee One
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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Saturday 2nd April 2022: AJ says would you say you are insane? He is a lawbreaker. How he treated my girl. Guddan says he sat idle. Durga says how might you agree with his position? AJ says would you say you are calling my girl a liar? Guddan says I am just remaining with reality

Vikrant sat idle. AJ says I am with Alisha. Regardless of whether I need to conflict with you to get my guilty party rebuffed. Guddan says nothing is a higher priority than truth. AJ says how might you do this being a lady? How could my little girl lie? Guddan says Alisha is denouncing Vikrant. Aj says enough. You don’t have the foggiest idea of what are you talking about.

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Guddan says you don’t have the foggiest idea about the truth. Dadi says you got a creature out of prison. AJ says I will bring this man to prison. Guddan says he hasn’t successfully gone to prison I won’t allow him to go to prison or even out of this house. AJ says this is about my little girl. Guddan says she is my little girl as well. AJ says this man must be in prison.

Guddan says he doesn’t merit being there. Laxmi says you are a lady yourself. Guddan says for that reason I am preventing a lady from denouncing a man wrongly. I would have remained with her on the off chance that she was correct. I won’t allow Vikrant to be rebuffed due to her untruth. AJ says you are incorrect. How could Alisha lie? Guddan says I am just with the truth. You can pay attention to him.

AJ says Alisha is the little girl of this house. Guddan says she is our little girl. I’m your significant other too. For what reason would you be able to trust me? He says this is about my little girl. Guddan says she is am with Vikrant. I won’t allow you to foul up. This is similarly my home. I won’t allow an honest to be rebuffed. AJ says he is a guilty party. Gudda says so am I then? Show me out of this house also. Dadi expresses out loud whatever would you say you are saying? For this guilty party, you will take off from this house?

Alisha says enough. I’m answerable for it. I shouldn’t have been there. Durga says no it isn’t your error. Alisha says given me you’re battling. I am so awful. AJ says enough Guddan. He says it isn’t your error. Alisha says I am a terrible individual. Guddan is correct. I shouldn’t have gone out. Dadi says don’t fault yourself.

Durga says he is a creature. It isn’t your shortcoming. Alisha cuts her wrists. AJ gets out whatever would you say you are doing? I’m dependable on you. Guddan is coming there. AJ says stay here. I won’t ever pardon you for bringing this criminal here. Laxmi brings medical aid. AJ takes more time to room. Guddan says in heart you’re similar to your mother antra Alisha. You did what she utilized as well. I passed judgment on you wrongly.

Scene 2
Guddan update On Zee One Saturday 2nd April 2022: AJ says for what reason did you do this? Alisha says as a result of me you and mother were battling. Kindly prevent her from going out. Durga shares with Guddan would you be able to see Alisha’s aggravation? kindly don’t help the crook? Guddan says you figure I don’t cherish my girl? Durga says would you say you are doing that since she is your stepdaughter? Guddan says I am her mom yet my little girl is off-base. I will remain with reality. Try not to ridicule my parenthood like this. Durga says we are not with you then. You are separated from everyone else in this fight. We can’t remain against Alisha. Durga says Laxmi, how about we go. Laxmi says no. I will remain with reality. Vikrant is honest. Guddan is correct.

Guddan shares with Laxmi nobody would trust us. Laxmi says I realize you can never accompany wrong. Alisha is antra’s little girl as well. She can follow through with something like this. Guddan says I can correctly welcome her. She is my little girl. Laxmi says even AJ isn’t with you. Guddan says he can’t see reality.
Dadi says kindly don’t cry, Alisha. AJ says we are all with you. If you want anything let me know. They leave. Does Alisha say he thinks there is a misconception? Guddan must be loathed. I will take everything from you Guddan.

Guddan comes to her room. Does AJ say for what reason do we need to abhor regardless be together? Guddan says our central goal is something similar however our ways are unique. In some cases in the battle for truth, we need to remain against our kin. AJ says you’re off-base. Guddan says our insights are unique. You can’t see your little girl’s falsehood.

Does AJ say how could any young lady lie? Guddan says OK she is catching Vikrant. She needs to get back at me. She thinks I killed Antra. That is everything she said to me. AJ says she generally had some awareness of Antra’s demise. Before the party, she enlightened me regarding Antra’s passing. Alisha said I know it all. I realize it was every one of them a slip-up. Guddan will not at any point kill Antra for no great explanation. AJ said thank you kindly. I love you.

AJ says to attempt to comprehend, she has changed. Vikrant is tricking you. Vikrant ought to be out of this house. Guddan says I will demonstrate what truth is. He says you can remain with Virant. Nothing is a higher priority than Alisha’s reality.

Scene 3
Perv shares with Alisha you’re very much like your mother. Revati says you have done so well. Saru says Guddan and AJ should stand each other at this point. Saru says somebody needed to endure. Alisha chokes Saru. Revati says we aren’t your adversaries. Guddan is. Revati says I will show her out of this house.

Guddan update On Zee One Saturday 2nd April 2022: Guddan is cooking. She reviews what AJ said. Alisha says Guddan, you won’t stick in this house. Guddan says you deceived AJ. You are involving your cleverness in some unacceptable spots. We are not your foes. I’m your mom. Alisha says you are my foe. You killed my mother. Alisha pushes Guddan and leaves.


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