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Guddan update On Zee One Sunday 10th April 2022

Guddan June Teasers 2022 On Zee One
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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Sunday 10th April 2022: Guddan says Alisha is arranging something different. Her genuine arrangement is something different. She said she will kill Vikrant to divert me. She is arranging something important. Laxmi expresses out loud whatever would her arrangement be able to be?

Alisha takes a gander at Guddan and says my genuine arrangement would simply begin now with this pawn. Alisha takes a gander at a young lady and says wow extremely glad for the wedding? She is Vikrant’s life partner. Does she say what are you doing here? Alisha says this is my home. The young lady says you’re AJ’s girl and I regard you hence. I have no regard for you in any case. Avoid me and Vikrant. Does Alisha say I ought to avoid you and your wedding? You realize all of you think I am a blockhead kid. Be that as it may, nobody can stop me. She says do anything you desire with your loved ones. Avoid my better half.


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Alisha says you will not wed that vikrant so he isn’t your better half yet. I will wed him. The young lady expresses out loud whatever? Alisha says I will wed him rather than you. She swoons her. She tumbles down. Perv comes in and expresses out loud whatever did you say? You will wed Vikrant? Alisha says OK. The killing arrangement was to wed him. I said all that to divert Guddan.

Perv says would you say you are crazy? You’re just 18. He is an elderly person. Alisha says you’re saying that? In the event that I wed him AJ will not have the option to see this and he will not have the option to show his face anyplace. They will bite the dust each day when they consider Vikrant to be my significant other.

Guddan update On Zee One Sunday 10th April 2022: Perv says this can blow up and destroy your life. Alisha says my main mission is to demolish their lives. It’s anything but no joking matter for me. Perv says AJ won’t allow you to do that. Alisha says Guddan can wed AJ? I can’t wed Vikrant? Perv says wow you are doing Guddan’s deceive on her? This is the second time this young lady couldn’t wed Vikrant. everybody will believe it’s her yet it would be you under the ghunghat. Alisha says Guddan and AJ will not know. They would be so stung. Perv says this is the manner by which I got AJ hitched to Guddan. What’s more, presently her little girl will do likewise. Alisha says with this dress I will demolish your life Guddan.

Guddan says I can’t figure what is Alisha arranging. In any case, we need to watch out for her. Laxmi comes to alisha’s room. She says I need to tell Guddan she hasn’t arrived. Perv stops Laxmi. Laxmi gets out whatever are you doing here. Move from my way. He says no, I won’t allow you to demolish Alisha’s arrangement. I can’t release you. You can appeal to God for the couple from here. You must be secured here. Laxmi says this is off-base. Perv says I am an off-base human. There would be a major show ground floor. It’ll a paramount marry. He locks Laxmi.

Scene 2
AJ comes to Vikrant and says for what reason would you say you are not prepared at this point? AJ says would you say you are missing bhabhi? He says am I fouling up? Could it be unjustifiable to her? AJ says I felt precisely something very similar. In any case, it’s everybody’s on the right track to continue on. I’m not requesting that you fail to remember her yet you can allow love another opportunity. I was so lost previously. Then, at that point, Guddan came to my life and resurrected me. She provided me with another importance of life. Bhabhi would be glad for you. Guarantee me you will keep the new bhahi cheerful. Vikrant says I will keep my second spouse exceptionally blissful as well. I guarantee you that.

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Perv pushes Laxmi and locks the entryway. Laxmi sees the lady of the hour blacked out there. Perv hits her on the head. She blacks out as well. Perv limits her options and locks the entryway. Perv says this is all Alisha’s arrangement. This would be fun when AJ and Guddan see Alisha under that ghunghat. Laxmi attempts to deliver her hand. Laxmi says goodness God Alisha’s arrangement was to wed Vikrant. I need to stop this and tell Guddan.

Guddan update On Zee One Sunday 10th April 2022: Guddan comes to the lady of the hour. She says you’e prepared as of now. For what reason do you have ghughat drawn as of now? Alisha gives her a letter. It says my mother has requested that I keep ghunghat and not to talk till the wedding is finished. Guddan says it’s an important day for you. I won’t allow anybody to ruin it. I will prepare. Guddan leaves. Alisha says I will demolish your life Guddan.

Precap-Guddan brings the lady of the hour first floor. She says where could Laxmi be? Guddan sees a letter got out of the room. She understands it.

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