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Guddan update On Zee One Sunday 3rd April 2022

Guddan June Teasers 2022 On Zee One
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Guddan update On Zee One Sunday 3rd April 2022: Guddan gives food to Vikrant. She says if it’s not too much trouble, eat something. He says everything is lost. My name is maligned, my proposition is no more. I have never honey bee blamed for something like this. I will not have the option to live in the event that this claim doesn’t disappear. Asmita says she will be uncovered. She entirely misunderstands followed through with something. I need to welcome her on the correct way however I have a thought.

Vikrant shares with Alisha for what reason would you say you are demolishing my life for your indignation? She says my mother kicked the bucket. He says that it isn’t my issue. I lost my better half as well. I don’t fault anybody. Guddan is your mother now. She cherishes you a ton. Alisha says she needs to languish over my mother’s demise. I will destroy her life. She leaves. guddan comes out. She has recorded everything. Vikrant says how about this work? She says it needs to. It’s about your and Alisha’s life.

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Alisha is crying. AJ sees her. AJ gets out whatever occurred? She says I continue to review that mishap. AJ embraces her and says I am with you generally. I am so sorry you needed to experience this. Come, I will make you something to eat. I’m generally with you. He needs to pay for his wrongdoings.

Guddan update On Zee One Sunday 3rd April 2022: Laxmi says this video demonstrates Vikrant is guiltless. Vikrant says we should show it to everybody. Guddan says we will not. Vikrant says then, at that point? she says it additionally has verification of Alisha’s misstep. I ought to converse with Alisha once and commit her understand her error. Vikrant says she will not tune in. guddan says she could comprehend assuming we converse with her once more. Laxmi says you love her a ton. Guddan says she is my girl. Vikrant gets out whatever on the off chance that she disagrees? Then, at that point, we will show this video to everybody.

Alisha is brushing her hair. Guddan says you can’t unwind things with disdain. Alisha says let me be. guddan says I can’t let my girl be. Alisha says you’re not my mother. You are AJ’s better half and my mother’s executioner.

Guddan says you figure you did a good job for demolishing an honest life? Alisha says I can demolish many lives for my retribution. Guddan says I figured you could see yet I need to tell your reality to everybody. AJ would be broken on the grounds that he confides in you. In any case, I need to prevent you from going on some unacceptable way. However, I need to. She shows her the video.

Guddan interfaces the video. Alisha says kindly don’t show this video to everybody. She is crying. Guddan says I need to tell this to everybody. Alisha says kindly don’t. Guddan plays the video. There is no voice. AJ is furious. Alisha says without sound it represents me. AJ says how dare you Vikrant. Alisha says he was constraining me to take the FIR back. AJ says enough. I will kill him.

AJ is going to slap Vikrant. Guddan says stop. AJ says get back. Guddan says I will not have the option to excuse myself. AJ says I need to get my payback. Guddan says we will all bite the dust in this vengeance. Alisha changed the video. AJ says I don’t have the foggiest idea what is it that you need to demonstrate.

Guddan says regardless of whether you can’t remain by me, I will remain with reality. He is a guiltless man. AJ says he bugged our little girl. You’re helping him? He lifts his hand and says don’t drive me to become something I am not. Assuming that anybody has compassion for this crook, they can likewise take off from this house at the present time. AJ says another thing, assuming I see him once more, I will kill him. He goes higher up.

Dadi expresses out loud whatever is off-base with you Guddan. durga says older folks are rarely off-base. Pay attention to dadi in any event. this man is a lawbreaker. Vikrant says everything is finished. Nobody can see my reality. Much obliged to you that you attempted to help me yet I have lost. You shouldn’t take off from your home for me. I will be appreciative to you. He leaves. Guddan says reality won’t ever lose. I will come out. I will show everybody what truth is.

Guddan reviews what AJ said. Alisha pushes her hair and says unwind your hair now. Guddan says you got an opportunity to show deceive everybody? I will successfully show them truth. AJ comes in. Alisha says you love me. How could I mislead everybody? I realize I am not your genuine little girl but rather kindly get what occurred with me. Alisha tells AJ, I wish she thought of me as her little girl and got my aggravation.

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Revati says AJ and guddan are before one another at long last. I am so happy. Saru says nothing can save them from Alisha’s battle. Perv says their own little girl is demolishing their life. Alisha is much more hazardous than Antra. Revati says could you follow through with something or just let Alisha do everything? Do you recollect what has been going on with Antra? Aj and Guddan return all the time.

Guddan update On Zee One Sunday 3rd April 2022: AJ expresses out loud whatever isn’t right with you Guddan. I can’t accept you’re my Guddan. Alisha acknowledged you previously. Guddan says I am doing this for my little girl. Reality needs to come out. If it’s not too much trouble, let me do what I need. I’m doing this for Alisha. AJ says Alisha isn’t lying. Guddan says I realize you can’t confide in me. You can’t see Alisha’s falsehood. We can’t let her ruin a day to day existence. AJ says I am with my little girl. We can’t be together here.

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