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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Thursday 31st March 2022; Vikrant lays in her feet and says bhabhi jee please qubool me. Guddan gets out whatever would you say you are doing? AJ says say qubool hai. Guddan says qubool hai. He says I am so delighted to see you both. AJ says where could you such an extremely long time have been? He says I needed to come. Be that as it may, after my better half’s passing.

AJ says I am heartbroken. For what reason didn’t you illuminate us? Dadi says on the off chance that you let us know we would show up for you. He says my adoration left me. We are not fortunate with spouses. AJ’s first spouse additionally left him. She should be cheerful without me up I am a terrible man. Be that as it may, look AJ is so cheerful at this point.

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Vikrant says well, leave that. Come on. Come take favors from me. Everybody takes favors from him. He says quit utilizing sindur, have love in your heart. Vikrant says did you beautify the house for me? AJ says no, today is Alisha’s birthday. Alisha is my little girl.

Vikrant says for what reason did you never tell me? AJ says you ought to rest. Dadi says first let me know where could you have been? Furthermore, you’re hanging around for another agreement right? He says no I am here to track down a young lady for myself. Dadi says did you find? He says on a PC screen as it were. He says however I am confident in the wake of seeing both of you. AJ requests that Durga take more time to the visitor house.
Dadi says go both of you prepare too.

Scene 2
Everybody prepares for the birthday. Dadi says invite Bhushan. Kaushaliya didn’t come? He says she needed to remain for some work. Where could AJ and Guddan be?? Dadi says they were occupied in prepares now they are preparing.

Guddan and AJ come ground floor. AJ says could Alisha come? AJ says she would and cut your cake. He says could she like the cake? Guddan says don’t be apprehensive. Bhushan meets them. Dadi says now the genuine of party has arrived. Alisha comes ground floor. Dadi says she looks so lovely. Guddan says she wore the dress we gifted. Sit back and relax. She will be so glad to see the cake.

Laxmi says Alisha you look superb. Everybody wishes a cheerful birthday to Alisha. Vikrant expresses out loud whatever is occurring there? AJ says that is my little girl, Alisha. Vikrant says cheerful birthday dazzling. I want to stop the time and you would be old like me. She is your little girl, loaded with outrage. Very much like you AJ. We should celebrate for Alisha. Guddan says we should take more time to cake.

Alisha says I can’t do that. I prepared and wore this dress since you asked, won’t cut the cake. She is going higher up. Dadi plays music. Choti si pari. Everybody moves around Alisha. They all dance around Alisha. Alisha says stop it. What is this show?? She goes higher up. Guddan plays another tune. Alisha stops. Guddan and AJ get irredeemable and are leaving. Alisha sings I will take mummy daddy’s name first. AJ and Guddan stop. Alisha comes first floor and embraces them.

Saru expresses out loud whatever will we do now? Our arrangement is being demolished. Alisha is being enthusiastic. Revati says the more feelings, the more disdain she will have.
Guddan says cheerful birthday.

AJ made a lovely cake for you. Come how about we cut it. Alisha says it’s so beautiful. I will destroy it assuming that I cut it. Saru sends Alisha video of Antra’s passing. Guddan did lanka dehan and shot a bolt and Antra was scorched inside. Revati says perceive how the entire story change now. Guddan says Alisha, come we should cut the cake.

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Alisha goes towards the cake. Guddan says cut it, Alisha cuts Guddan. Everybody is bewildered. Alisha says you killed my mother right? Presently I killed you. Bargain done. Alisha was dreaming that. Guddan says Alisha, what are you thinking? How about we cut the cake. Alisha says I will cut it. You made it with such love. AJ says that is my young lady. Alisha cuts the cake. She says both of you gave me another life.

AJ says you are our life. She causes everybody to eat the cake. Guddan says give me gifts that I get to would what I like to. Guddan says our requests are consistently with you. Guddan embraces Alisha. Alisha says I misunderstand entirely accomplished such a great deal with you Guddan and everybody. I need to remain here now and be great to everybody. My folks and my dadi. Guddan says you will live here with us generally. AJ says we love you a ton AJ embraces Guddan and Alisha.

Scene 2
Alisha comes to her room and breaks things out of frustration. She sees the video once more. Alisha cries. Antra said Guddan, the game isn’t finished. Something is there that will take me back to your life. Alisha cuts the bed out of frustration. She breaks the telephone.
Revati, Saru and Perv come.

Saru says stop it Alisha. You needed to show outrage there, where you were taking endowments. Alisha chokes Revati and says don’t instruct me. You’re Guddan’s sister, I can begin my retribution from you. Revati says stop it Alisha. What’s happening with you? Saru says if it’s not too much trouble, leave her. We as a whole can’t stand Guddan. Perv says we let you know the truth. If it’s not too much trouble, leave her.

Guddan update On Zee One Thursday 31st March 2022: Alisha pushes Revati. Perv says would you say you are alright? Alisha says she needs to be my mother? She took my mother’s life. I will do likewise. I will end up being her best girl once in a while give her equivalent horrendous passing. It gives you more torment when somebody close does this to you. Nobody would fault me. I will kill her like my mother. Everybody will perceive the way a girl retaliates for her mother’s passing from her stepmom.

Scene 3
AJ is in his room. Guddan says you ought to rest now. You worked a ton. AJ says you worked a ton as well. Guddan says today was so great. Everybody was so cheerful. AJ says Guddan does everything effectively. Guddan says I sat idle. AJ says she embraced me and adored me as a result of you. Guddan says individuals will say I am driving you to make the bed. AJ picks the bed and says I need to get you. You have made me so cheerful. You have given my little girl’s affection. I love you.

Guddan says continue to trust me. I can do anything when you’re there for me. AJ says is there something? Is it true that you are contemplating something? Guddan says how might we inform Alisha regarding Antra’s demise? Imagine a scenario where something veers off-track. AJ says I have Alisha after such countless years. I would rather not lose this inclination. You and Alisha are my joy.

Guddan update On Zee One Thursday 31st March 2022: Guddan says we ought to come clean with her. AJ says you said we ought to tell her before she becomes acquainted with from somewhere else. AJ says after some time perhaps? I realize I said we ought to tell her. How about we simply sit tight for the perfect opportunity? See I made the bed, rest now my sovereign. Guddan says I was your princess? AJ says you’re sovereign now and Alisha is the princess. Alisha is outside, she says I will demolish your lives.

Precap: Vikrant chooses to wed. Alisha comes in torn dress and with wounds. Guddan asks who assaulted her. She focuses at Vikrant.


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