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Guddan update On Zee One Tuesday 29th March 2022

Guddan update On Zee One Monday 28th March 2022
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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Tuesday 29th March 2022: Dadi shares with AJ an attempt to rest. You will feel improved. AJ says I continue to figure out how could Guddan do that. Alisha hurt Guddan. Guddan threatened to use a weapon on me for her? Dadi says you’re thinking incorrectly. AJ says no. Guddan attempts to conceal Alisha like clockwork. She overlooked what Alisha does. I’m Alisha’s dad. I need all the great for her. Guardians must be severe with kids. Dadi says Guddan truly cherishes Alisha. AJ says she is abusing Guddan’s adoration. I must be severe with Alisha. Guddan doesn’t comprehend her direction isn’t correct.

Dadi says enough. Presently. Lay here. She kneads his head. AJ says I am not a child. I need to converse with Guddan before Alisha crosses every one of the cutoff points. Guddan doesn’t comprehend her direction isn’t correct. He nods off. Dadi says you’re similar to your girl. Furthermore, love is the main answer for you both. Nobody comprehends it better than Guddan.

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AJ awakens and sees Alisha snoozing in Guddan’s lap. Guddan says don’t make commotion. She will awaken. Guddan says AJ.. AJ says she is dozing. AJ says you were correct. Love and fondness can fix anything. You showed me love generally prevails upon severity generally. Guddan says your place is here with me and Alisha. There’s nobody right or wrong here. We are a family. Before she awakens, come stay here with me. AJ sits close to her. AJ says you have given Alisha what she really wanted the most. A mother’s affection that she won’t ever have. Furthermore, I am here.

Guddan says everything is correct now Please rest and find a sense of contentment. AJ says I genuinely want to believe that she doesn’t remain frantic at me by the same token. Guddan says she is your girl. You need to attempt a smidgen. It would be ideal for love to never stop. AJ says I truly love her. Guddan says she will get your affection. AJ says no make sense of me first.

Guddan update On Zee One Tuesday 29th March 2022:  Guddan says making sense of you father and little girl, I have flown off the handle myself. I lay down with my eyes open. See my dark circles. He says OK rest. I’m grieved. Guddan says I haven’t failed to remember my fantasy about turning into an entertainer can’t bear the cost of these dark circles. He chuckles and says goodnight. It would be ideal for you to rest as well

Scene 2
The following morning, Alisha awakens in Guddan’s room. She reviews the previous evening. Guddan says good day. Did you rest soundly? Alisha says I committed an error, don’t figure it would happen consistently. Guddan says botches are amusing to rehash. To rehash the mix-up, make sure to your mother. Alisha says I rested more calmly than this in prison. Guddan says better believe it, your grunting let me know that. I wouldn’t fret that. I’m a mother so it doesn’t pester me. I realize you have begun getting my affection. I really want to believe that you see your father’s adoration as well.

Laxmi says great morning AJ. Guddan says I will serve breakfast to everybody today. Both of you sit. Laxmi says we can help you. Guddan says no, you both sit. Alisha comes. Guddan says come, Alisha, stay here. Alisha will tell her what does she like. I made everything. I made samosas for you too. What might you eat? AJ made something particularly amazing for you too. I will serve you that. A plate says I am heartbroken. Guddan says this is from AJ. Alisha smears it with a samosa.

Guddan says here is Alisha’s most loved kheer. Alisha says how would you know? Guddan says AJ likes it as well. Alisha sprinkles the kheer all over. AJ says how dare you, Alisha. Saru chuckles. She was dreaming about it. Saru says sorry I reviewed a joke. Laxmi says you are insane. Alisha takes the kheer from Guddan.

Saru says our ace card is losing our side. I don’t have any idea what sorcery Guddan did on that Alisha. Perv says she was eating the kheer that Guddan made. We ought to disregard Alisha. We should make another arrangement. Saru says there won’t be some other arrangement. She was our last arrangement. Kill me and commit suicide as well. Revati says shut up OK. Allow me to think. What’s the issue assuming Alisha is dissolving

. Saru says our endeavors are fizzling and you’re asking what’s the issue. Revati says both of you had just Alisha as a top priority. However, I had more plans as well. I know how to end their romantic tale. Alisha knows Antra kicked the bucket. However, we need to tell her who is answerable for Antra’s demise. Revati says I need to destroy Guddan’s life. Perv gets out whatever an astounding adversary you are.

Guddan shares with AJ what are you thinking? He says when I consider Antra’s passing.. I feel like we ought to tell Alisha. Before another person tells her. Guddan says you are correct. We can’t put together our connection with Alisha with respect to an untruth. She has the right to know reality. Antra was Alisha’s mom in any case. She has the option to know why Antra isn’t with her. AJ says we shouldn’t postpone it and tell Alisha tomorrow.

Scene 3
Alisha comes ground floor. Everybody says shock. Guddan says Alisha, come here. It’s your birthday. Come and cut the cake. AJ says come. Guddan gives her the blade. Alisha wounds Guddan with that blade. Everybody is stunned.


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