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Guddan update On Zee One Tuesday 5th April 2022

Guddan June Teasers 2022 On Zee One
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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Tuesday 5th April 2022: AJ is preparing. Guddan says would it be advisable for me to help? AJ says not this time. Guddan contacts his feet. He gets out whatever would you say you are doing? Guddan says give me gifts that I win this opposition and demonstrate that I love my little girl. AJ says love isn’t displayed in contests. You weren’t there when she wanted you the most. Why? I need no stain on our family name. I don’t believe our own issues should be examined before everybody. Kindly don’t do this overdramatic acting. It will not make you anything. He leaves.

Guddan says he is being distraught as though I am 40 years of age experienced mother. It isn’t my shortcoming. I will win this opposition and show everybody I am the best mother.

Scene 2
Everybody comes to the opposition. Dadi says parenthood isn’t a rivalry. Asmita comes there. She meets everybody. Asmita says this is my little girl Krishi. Guddan says this is my little girl Alisha. Krishi says we will overcome you in the opposition. AJ says being tough’s going. Guddan says we don’t lose. Krishi says you’re testing us? Guddan giggles.

Chahat says mother what are we doing here? Nandani says the best mother and little girl need to win this. Chahat says however we are awesome. Nandani says we need to show Guddan and Asmita. Nandani says where could Perv be? I need to make my arrangement succeed. Perv comes there masked as a Sikh. Nandani says would you be able to see? He says I am Perv. I’m home for every other person so I am not accused.

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Nandani lets him know the arrangement. She says Asmita and guddan both would be crushed. Perv says life is invigorating at long last. Somebody calls Perv. He says don’t stress chief. Guddan won’t win today. Durga is on the opposite side. Durga says I need to stop Guddan and show she is off-base. In the event that she can’t be a decent mother, all things considered, she doesn’t have the right to win this opposition. I won’t allow Guddan to be out of line to the girl of this house regardless of whether I must accompany Perv.

Scene 3
Guddan update On Zee One Tuesday 5th April 2022: The opposition begins. The host says this is the greatest rivalry in the country. I would ask AJ’s mom to come in front of an audience and introduce the opposition with the clergyman. Dadi lights the candle.

Dadi says for each mother, and for each little girl they are exceptional. In any case, we need to track down the best one today. I hope everything works out for all of you. The host says we are going to begin our first round. AJ shares with Guddan the very best. He says I realize there are issues between us. However, I truly love you and will continuously do.

Guddan says your affection invigorates me. He says Guddan you can do anything. Guddan says much obliged. Dadi says you continue to battle with her yet ou can’t survive without her. AJ says I attempt. I can’t see her losing. Dadi says I am terrified. Alisha could attempt to lose the opposition intentionally. AJ says she is my girl. I have all confidence in her.

Krishi shares with Asmita for what reason would you say you are terrified? Asmita says I am not. Shan says I regard you everything that you accomplish for Krishi. He says the very best. Shan holds her hand. Asmita expresses profound gratitude. She says in heart, soon you will hold my hand for eternity.

First-round begins. Asmita and Krishi come in front of an audience and dance Mayan ya shoda. Nandani shares with Perv, their exhibition is finished. Asmita would prepare for solo execution. Krishi should be separated from everyone else. This is the perfect opportunity to take her life.
The host says Alisha and Guddan would come in front of an audience now. Guddan and Alisha dance on Mai ne Mai.

Krishi is separated from everyone else on behind the stage. Perv grabs her. She shouts. Perv says I need to do this.

The host says in the second round, the moms will give an independent exhibition. AJ says Alisha you did so well. You really buckled down. Laxmi says you will win without a doubt.
Asmita asks Guddan have you seen Krishi? I’m truly terrified. Asmita says just sit back and relax. We will view as her. Nandani says nobody will track down this Krishi here. Presently how about we abduct the other one, Alisha.

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Revati calls Alisha and says where could Perv be? She says how could I know? I lack the capacity to deal with you I need to make Guddan lose. Revati says we are together. Alisha says I need to make that Guddan endure and get payback of my mother’s passing. Durga hears everything. Revati says we are on the whole making a difference. Alisha says I did all that by itself. You sat idle. I dishonestly denounced Vikrant in the attack case.

Durga hears everything. She is stunned. Durga comes to Alisha. Alisha says you heard everything? Durga says Guddan was correct. You lied. Alisha says go tell my father. He have no faith in his significant other, how could he trust you? Durga says you blamed an honest person for a nauseating wrongdoing? She says revolting is how Guddan treated my mother. Durga says Guddan did well. Alisha says it is more right than wrong to kill somebody? Go from here and don’t give me a talk.

Guddan shares with AJ Krishi is missing. AJ gets out whatever? Shan gets out whatever would you say you are saying? Where could my girl be? Asmita says I was behind the stage. Shan says how is it that you could be so indiscreet? AJ says kindly quiet down. Asmita says I am truly terrified. AJ says do you feel somewhat uncertain on anybody? Asmita says Nandani. Chahat says my mother didn’t hurt anybody.

AJ says we are talking here. You keep even-tempered. Shan calls Nandani. Her number is off. Shan says where could mother be? Chahat says mom is preparing for solo execution. Guddan says she is so youthful. I am so stressed. AJ says where could Alisha be? Guddan says she should be behind the stage. AJ says you needed to keep an eye out. Laxmi says she went out. AJ says nobody halted her? Alisha’s telephone is off. AJ runs out.

Perv attempts to calling somebody. Nandani says where could your companion be? Perv says I am attempting. Nandani says at this point they should realize the two young ladies are absent. Perv calls somebody and says come here. These moms will kill me. Come here quick.
AJ is searching for Alisha all over the place. AJ says Laxmi for what reason didn’t you stop her. Laxmi says she isn’t getting the telephone. AJ says I will call the police. Laxmi tells Durga Krishi and Alisha both are missing. Durga is stressed. She says I am certain Perv did this. I need to follow through with something.

Guddan says I feel like Krishi and Alisha are seized. Their hoops have arrived. Asmita says no they should be near. Asmita chokes Krishi. Her hoop falls broken. Asmita says this is the manner by which her stud more likely than not broken.

Asmita says who might abduct our little girls?
Perv says they will not have a clue about our arrangement is far past hijacking. Nandani says I am certain you did this for cash. He says I have considerably more. Krishi says I need to dispose of this Krishi. Perv says nobody will know where they went. Durga is my ally too. I will pin everything on her. Durga comes there. Perv says I believe have arrived.

Perv has called a few hooligans. He says here are the young ladies. They are the two virgins. The man says quite well. How much? Perv says 4. He says that is a great deal. Perv says it’s 4 crores as it were. He gestures. He says this is whenever I first am seeing an awful cop like you. Take 5 crores. Nandani says stand by a moment. They should be generally searching for these young ladies. You shouldn’t go together.

Perv says we can go in two parts. The man says once we pay, nobody contacts our own. Bring the young ladies out. Nandani says I feel like this is all unsafe. Perv says Durga would be faulted for it. I have her fingerprints and name all over the place.

AJ says I have called the police. Guddan says I am truly stressed. Guddan says I would accompany you too. Perv keeps Krishi in a vehicle. Shan and Asmita are searching for Krishi. They ask a couple of individuals have you see Krishi? Nandani says I saw a young lady, she took Krishi. Shan says would you say you are engaged with this? She says I actually got that shock. I will not rehash something similar. Asmita says I need my Krishi back. Shan says accompany me. Nandani requests that her thugs go. She says I trust Perv took Alisha as well.

Alisha is swooned in a bag trolly. He strolls past Guddan and AJ, they don’t take note. Guddan says I smell Alisha’s fragrance. AJ says how could Alisha come here? Guddan says she is near. Perv puts petroleum on the floor to diminish scent’s aroma. AJ says we can’t sit around here. We should go. They leave. Police stop vehicles to check. Nandani’s vehicle is in the line. She calls Perv. She says how might I go ahead? They’re actually taking a look at vehicles here.

Perv says let me have a go at following through with something. Perv calls AJ and says request that the police leave. AJ says we can’t put Alisha’s life in danger. We need to request that the police leave. AJ calls the controller and says would you be able to kindly quit actually looking at the vehicles? We tracked down Alisha and Krishi. Guddan says how might we track down them now? Overseer requests that police quit checking.

AJ lets Asmita and Shan know that he requested that the police leave. He says we can’t include them. The criminal called. Our children are in harm’s way. Guddan says we need to go there. Guddan says if it’s not too much trouble, attempt to comprehend. The criminal requested that moms come.

Asmita says OK Shan we need to go. AJ says however.. Guddan says we need to go. The host reports the second round is beginning. Guddan says we took more time for our little girls. Asmita cries and expresses out loud whatever occurred. Shan says you will partake, AJ says and win as well. AJ says in the event that we can’t go with you, we can defer this opposition. We won’t allow you to lose. Asmita and Guddan run.

Guddan update On Zee One Tuesday 5th April 2022: Nandani shares with Perv you asked AJ for 6 crores? Perv says this was to divert them. I just believe that the moms should endure. The moms would come here with cash yet I will test their parenthood. I will cause their girls to experience before them. Nandani leaves.
Asmita and Guddan come to the shed. They search for Alisha and Krishi. They see the girls tied. Asmita says Kri

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