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Guddan update On Zee One Wednesday 30th March 2022

Guddan update On Zee One Monday 28th March 2022
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Guddan update On Zee One Wednesday 30th March 2022: Guddan says come, Alisha, cut the cake. Alisha takes the blade and wounds Guddan. Everybody is stunned.
Scarcely any hours sooner, Guddan and AJ were searching for Alisha. She was breaking pots. Guddan said stop it. What’s going on with you? This would hurt you. She said today is my birthday. Nobody can hurt me.

Guddan says wow today is your birthday. AJ said for what reason didn’t you tell us? What are you ding here? Guddan expressed out loud whatever is this? Alisha said kids who live away from their folks in prison, commend thusly. My dad doesn’t have any idea when is my birthday. There are no candles in prison so we blow these pots.

AJ said each birthday is another opportunity to begin once again. I’m grieved, I never praised your reality. I can’t fix the past however presently you’re not in prison. You are with your family here at this point. I need to make this day extremely exceptional for you. You will have a cake and candles that I would make for you.

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Alisha says propensities don’t change in a day. However, guddan says we can be essential for your propensity. We will praise your direction. We didn’t get an opportunity to celebrate with our girl. We will host a get-together in the evening. Alisha says I don’t have anything to wear at the party. She leaves. AJ says we will fill her heart with joy exceptionally extraordinary. Guddan said in heart, we can’t demolish her day by informing her regarding Antra’s passing today.

Revati told Perv, you brought extraordinary news. We will make this day vital for Alisha. Saru said we will give her the best gift. We should go Saru and educate her concerning Antra’s demise. Perv says stand by, AJ and Guddan are arranging an incredible party for Alisha. We will give the gift in the party. Rather than cutting the cake, Alisha will crush it all over. Revati says you’re in structure. Perv says perceive how we add tones to this party.

Scene 2
Guddan and AJ organized the entire party. They beautified the entire house. Perv fixes inflatables. Guddan is going to fall. AJ holds her. He says continue to slip like this so I needn’t bother with reasons to come near you. Guddan says daddy is being heartfelt? Everybody is looking. AJ says everybody, return to work. Guddan says you need to get to fill in too. You need to make the cake. AJ says I don’t have any idea what flavor she prefers. Guddan says just relax.

Guddan says compose on this dish, my best cake of all time. Presently compose on the other one, nobody can improve a cake for Alisha than me. How about we begin making the cake now. This brings certainty back. Presently Chef AJ will make the best cake. Guddan says I can deal with you well overall. I will help you as an associate gourmet specialist. AJ says assuming I have such an astonishing and excellent associate culinary expert, I can make anything. AJ and Guddan begin baking together.

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AJ enlivens the cake. Guddan says it looks so great. AJ says I need to make this day extremely exceptional for her. Very much like this cake. Guddan says it looks so great, I would be so invigorated assuming I were Alisha. She will adore it. Guddan says how about we compose the message. AJ says she is our little girl, how about we compose it together. They compose, for our little girl. Guddan says don’t be anxious. Alisha will cherish it. AJ says I believe that this day should be awesome.

Dadi says Guddan and AJ for what reason would you say you are two not prepared? AJ says I want to check a couple of plans out. Dadi says off limits prepare first. Guddan and AJ go higher up. A man comes in. House help says you can’t come in. Who are you? He says you ought to invite me with an honorary pathway. He breaks the container and says I am the chief. Everybody is befuddled about what his identity is? AJ handles his collar.

Guddan says who is he? AJ says I needn’t bother with anybody’s authorization to show you, your value. Dadi says loosen up Guddan. AJ gets out whatever would you say you are doing here? The man says you actually figure you can address me? AJ says this is my home. The man says this is mother’s home. Better keep your inner self in charge. Allow me to converse with mama and inquire as to whether I have here. AJ says leave. The man says you can’t set out to stop me. He pushes AJ. He tumbles down. The man says my value is generally more than you. This spot in my feet suits you.

Guddan says who are you? Quit behaving like an Indian film lowlife. AJ and the man chuckle. Guddan expresses out loud whatever is going on? Dadi chuckles as well. She says both of you are battling like you used to. He says I enter the same way.

Guddan update On Zee One Wednesday 30th March 2022: Dadi says as you used to in school days? He says I have been out of school for a really long time. In any case, this AJ, he actually resembles an understudy. AJ embraces him. AJ says Guddan, he is Vikrant. My beloved companion. He does this dramatization passage since school. Dadi says they were renowned as Aki and Vicky in school. Vikrant says this delightful young lady, who is she? AJ says she is my significant other Guddan AJ. Vikrant is stunned.

Precap: Guddan brings cake and lets Alisha know that they can begin once again. Alisha takes the blade and on second thought cutting the cake, she wounds Guddan.


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