Happy Hearts – April 2022 Teasers

Happy Hearts - April 2022 Teasers
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Starlife Happy Hearts – April 2022 Teasers

Minu and Kabir attempt the stop of Honey’s MRI assessment to get away from the approaching impact. Subsequently, Khushi notices Minu’s horrendous activities.

Episode 124
Khushi believes there’s an issue in Honey’s quick recuperation, while Rocky is in a flashback to the past. Then, at that point, Harleen makes an unforeseen solicitation to Khushi.
Harleen has an astounding interest from Khushi. While Rocky is helped with remembering the past.

Saturday 2 April 2022
Episode 125
Khushi meets Rocky prior to taking off. Then, at that point, she cautions Rocky that Honey is certifiably not a protected decision for the school.

Episode 126

Rough is amazed by an unusual occurrence at school, following Kabir is seen playing out a quick trick. Thereafter, a furious Harleen defies Rocky.

Sunday 3 April 2022
Episode 127

The police boss recovers Rocky and supports him persevere against the utilization of medications. From that point forward, Khushi’s questions are affirmed when she is told about Minu making arrangements.

Episode 128
A furious Rocky is faulted by Happy for removing his life. Thereafter, he’s a single savage as Khushi chooses to settle on an energetic choice.

Monday 4 April 2022
Episode 129
Rough faces the passionate Khushi about the effect of her activities on his life. The head of Kabir and Minu’s plot is uncovered to be the man behind the arrangement.

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Episode 130
Honey vanishes from school and Rocky gets a controlling directive against Khushi. Before very long, she figures out the stunning truth in regards to Kabir and Minu’s work.

Tuesday 5 April 2022
Episode 131
Specialist Jyoti becomes dubious of Kumar Sir’s activities as Khushi put her own life at serious risk. Then, at that point, Minu and Kabir alarm when they track down the detonator.

Episode 132
Khushi is battling to free herself as Kabir and Minu are wanting to detonate the bomb at an occasion for school. Then, at that point, Khushi and Rocky race to assist with saving Honey.

Wednesday 6 April 2022
Episode 133
Rough is chastened by Harleen for disregarding Honey. Then, at that point, Harleen collaborates with Biji to separate Rocky as well as Happy.

Episode 134
Rough becomes furious when he finds Harleen’s decision to uncover Khushi. Then, at that point, the police can capture Khushi sadly.

Thursday 7 April 2022
Episode 135
Rough is squashed when she finds out about the arrangement of Happy to move. In another area, an alcoholic Harleen is visiting Happy while Kumar thinks of a plot to kill him.

Episode 136
Following the mishap, Rocky requests help from Happy to really focus on Honey. As they think about their past, Harleen is in for the astonishment of her life.

Friday 8 April 2022
Episode 137
Kumar Sir requests the assistance of Happy in getting the psychological oppressors. a hidden Minu can trick Harleen. Then, at that point, specialist Jyoti associates Kumar Sir with being the offender.

Episode 138
Minu alongside Kumar Sir hold specialist Jyoti at the gunpoint. Meanwhile, Rocky takes a harmed Happy and Sandhya to his home while Harleen is doing the incredible.

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Saturday 9 April 2022
Episode 139
Rough finds a sign that prompts Jyoti who reveals a disrupting data with respect to Kumar Sir. While Honey is behind the scenes, Honey is disappointed with Biji’s decision.

Episode 140
Jyoti endeavors to arrive at Rocky with a phony radio, while Minu and Harleen are planning against Happy. In another scene, Kumar claims to grill the fear based oppressor.

Sunday 10 April 2022
Episode 141
Rough amazements Kumar by sending Jyoti a message, and Honey tracks down a bomb as a crate. Then, at that point, Happy and Rocky compensation Kabir an unforeseen visit in the jail.

Episode 142
Kumar Sir assaults Jyoti when she is attempting to escape toward Rocky’s home. Then, at that point, Happy tracks down an indispensable hint, while Rocky is blamed by Kumar Sir for homicide.

Monday 11 April 2022

Episode 143

Rocky suspects Kumar Sir of murdering Jyoti while Happy gets a vital clue in Honey’s drawings. Later, Happy learns about Kumar Sir’s evil plan.

episode 144

Happy tries to escort the minister to safety while Minu and Kabir render Harleen unconscious. Later, Rocky and Happy try to thwart Kumar’s masterplan.

Tuesday 12 April 2022

Episode 145

Rocky is shocked to learn about Kumar’s true identity while Honey is kidnapped. Later, Kumar tricks Rocky after taking an extreme step.

Episode 146

Khushi follows Harleen’s lead to track down Honey. Later, Harleen’s heroic move to save Khushi and Honey shocks Rocky.

Wednesday 13 April 2022

Episode 147

A guilt-ridden Biji plans to bring Happy and Rocky closer. Later, they are in for a shock as Honey puts forth a demand.

Episode 148
Series finale!

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