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There are various courses in the Nigerian schools; all has different payment rate according to their pressing value in the country, it is very true that what pays more in Nigeria is talent and technicality but nevertheless in this post I’m going to outline the list of Highest Paid Courses In Nigeria 2022

Though no course is supposed to be termed a low paying course because what gives more payment is not the employment rather the business aspect of every profession.
Let’s look into some of these termed highest paying courses according to economic analysis.

They are as follows:

The medicine and surgery:

is a very lucrative course which involves the medical doctors who must has undergone training and convectional programs on health becoming medical consultants and surgeons
Because of their importance in the country it gives them the immunity to be highly employed.a well employed medical surgeon is supposed to earn a salary ranging from 200,000 – 600 thousand naira.

Computer science/Engineering.
Computer engineering has to do with the ability of graduates who has obtained all the necessary skill in managing the information technology (IT) of the state they are more valuable to the economic growth of the nation, working as I T security analyst, programmers, ethical hackers, engineers, information bloggers etc. having obtained qualified degrees gives them importance to earn a salary between the range of 120,000 – 400,000 naira as annual salary.

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Business Administration / management:
They are the business managers, who obtained qualified degrees in the business managerial sectors, ensuring the smooth running of excellent business Ideas. they are the brain box of economic growth of most civilized countries because they help in fast building of the state economy by exercising their business managerial expertise, due to this importance they are highly compensated and it gives them honor to earn salary ranging from 200,000 – 400 thousand naira monthly.

Financial accounting:
Financial accounting is another important Highest Paid Courses In Nigeria 2022, graduates who obtained qualified degrees can work in bank, and other big financial institutions, the also engage in investment banking with the government helping companies, and government to raise good funds by selling securities.

Because their high relationship with the government they earn a huge salary if well employed about 300,000 – 500 thousand naira monthly..

Petroleum engineering:
Petroleum engineering has been recorded one of the most lucrative courses in engineering in Nigeria,
Being an oil producing country they are employed by oil companies in Nigeria, despite the in competencies and lapses we see in the sectors.
Petroleum engineers earn an  salary ranging from 300,000 – 900 thousand naira monthly.

Electrical engineering:
This are engineers that work with the telecommunication industries such as globacom, 9mobile, Airtel, glo, because this industries are fast growing in Nigeria and this has made the electrical engineering are highly wanted this engineers has the solemn duty of designing and installing equipment used for transmitting wired phone broad band connections, cable connection, they are paid 200, 000- 950, thousand naira.

Lawyers are paid high because, despite the fact that many fresh lawyers complain of inadequate payment by the law firm.
Making a huge some of money in is based on level of connection you have and how often you deliver your cases because winning cases adds credit to lawyers they are being paid very well if employed well because they are wanted for settlement of conflicts and dispute.

Estate management:
The real estate in the big cities in Nigeria are cost to establish and those are high rated projects that are managed by the estate managers who has obtained degrees in managing estates that worth about 6 billion naira.

The optometrist is doctors who work in the hospitals, eye clinics, doctors who diagnosis eye problems and errors and as well as correcting them while the opthamologies who performs eye surgery cases they are high paid if well employed but it is quite excruciating that Nigeria has less regard for eye care professionals
Yet they are still well paid as an optometrist you earn a huge amount of salary above 150,000-300thousand naira.

The building engineers:
This people earn a very high amount of money because they carry out big construction project, they are employed by the government build for infrastructural developments, as well as working for construction companies such as the road construction companies in Nigeria such as, Niger delta development Construction Company (NDDC), bahago Construction Company, Julius beggar, etc.

They earn a lot of money from building and construction depending on your position in the company they can high ranging from 200,000 -400thousand naira, plus weekly allowance paid for handling big projects,
They can also be self employed by self contracting for building houses for rich individuals.

The work of educationist in the country has been manipulated because people who study other causes not relating to pure educational courses not even studying in educational-schools yet they are employed as teachers, lecturers while those who did course such as English, biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, now roam about looking for jobs this because the government has failed its citizens, it still one of the Highest Paid Courses In Nigeria 2022 they lecturers are paid high in the country because they are the main people who transfer knowledge

Among individuals, the salary of a lecturer ranges from 150, 000- 250, thousand naira.

Mechanical engineering:
this are graduates that are consigned the inventions of automobile machines that makes life easier it quite disconsolate that Nigeria as a country has less regard of the mechanics they are seen as ordinary automobile repairers because of the lack of development the inventory part of profession are not carried out in the country because of lack of development individuals who are very talented in Nigeria most times they don’t get the necessary sponsorship to be able to add commercial value to their inventions.

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Most of them are even forced to leave the country. Most people see mechanical engineers as not lucrative but not knowing that they have better chance of high payment more than any other course, in Nigeria .
For the fact that courses has been short listed above does not mean in that those causes  not listed are not lucrative.

Note that there are no courses less lucrative, Nigeria being a developing country less recognition to certain courses but we all know that the real way of make huge earnings is buy being self employed.

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