How To Create A Blog In Nigeria In Less Than 20 Minutes.

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How to create a blog in Nigeria in less than 20 minutes,

Creating a blog in less than 20 minutes is very easy it depends on how creative you are.

As a developer if you are very good and flexible and you ought to have the eligibility on How to create a blog in Nigeria in less than 20 minutes,

Creating a blog simply means developing a blog website.

A question I ask many people is why do you want to create a blog site?

What is your blog site for?

Originally have you had in mind to own a blog?

Are you a good content writer?

Why would you want to create a blog site?

in this post I m going to show you How To Create A Blog in Nigeria In Less Than 20 Minutes, People create blogs for many reasons, a blog is the easiest and legitimate way to make money online, to showcase your product, and if you a writer it will help you to locate the right customer.

There are so many reasons that people will not like to create a blog so many say it is very difficult to develop, some say it takes time to grow, some say it is very difficult to maintain.

Of course, anyone can create a blog because everyone has something to say or a business to advertise.

It is my almost pleasure to show you through this blog post How to create a blog in Nigeria in less than 20 minutes.

I‘m going to break down the steps involved on How to create a blog in Nigeria in less than 20 minutes,

Before you start a blog there are things that you must have in mind they are:

Pick a Niche:

Picking a niche entails that you as a blogger will decide on which area to concentrate your `information. We have niches like education, movie, music, news, etc.

Choosing a particular niche is done by going for trending purposes.

The question you ought to ask yourself as a blogger is why do I want to blog.

The simple truth is that your blog is in the area you have much passion for, you do not start a music blog while what you have passion for is movies.

This is one of the reasons why people start a blog and they get blown out before the blog can become successful because they lack the passion for that niche.

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Fast step to start a blog in less than 20 minutes

Pick a good platform quickly:

it is very important to know this while learning How To Create A Blog in Nigeria In Less Than 20 Minutes, There are about 77 million people using word press most of the big sites you visit to make use of word press sites like flash learners,,

Choose a word press platform as quickly as you can and start to develop your blog.

Word press is very easy to use and is very reliable; it has a lot of free plunging and theme which automatically updates itself frequently if a new version comes out.

It is much customized and this is one of the main reasons it is most used and the most important aspect of a blog website is the security system.

And the world press has a strong   security system it also allows you to back up your files before updating any plugin on them

There is a problem in detecting between the free blog and self-hosted.

Choose a domain name quickly:

Picking a domain name means that you have to buy the domain that you wish from the name chip, the name is what the site will bear.

There are a lot of domain names you can buy from name cheap according to the niche you intend to blog on if you want to blog on educational content you can choose names like current classroom,, etc.

A domain is about 9.9 dollars and when you buy the domain you are supposed to have it to register the domain,

Host your domain:

You will host your domain with an authorized web host, you kinda web host at the minimum price of 2.76 dollars you will the host your domain with the host .it is time set your blog on motion register your domain name or host using the popular name cheap, host gator.

And it is the ultimate priority to register your blog.

How to register your domain simple quick step:

Type in your browser www. or you use Name cheap. Com.

links will appear to click on the particular URL.

It will show you your next plan on the next page.

It is now time to enter your domain name in the space always indicate this entails entering the name of the domain you bought.

Pick a hosting plan if you intend to pick a plan. The years it will last is what you have considered ii you are to use a plan for five years you have to calculate 5.71 dollars times five.

Because the least plan is 5.71 dollars, which only will last for one year.

Next is to fill your bill form, your correct information your name, your visa card, etc.

After you have filled in the correct information provided on the bill form, you can now proceed.

Next Agree to terms and conditions.

You will be sent a notification congratulation you’ve successfully registered your website

Next is for you to log into your account and install word press. Com you might be sent an email click,

You will have to follow the instructions giving so that you can log into CP (control panel).

When you are logged in to your control panel installs word press and starts your blog.

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Once you logged in to your C P you will see a link that is telling you to get started with word press today click on it and install word press.

Fill in the credentials and then you will see that you will be told that you’ve successfully created a blog,

Then log in to your dashboard and explore to design your website, it includes installing new plugins, themes site customization.

Bravo you have finally created your site the next after you have designed it is to

Write a content post and update and develop a technique to outrank others in your niche.

First, you need good site authority.

At first, you ought to go for thorough key world research so you can write.

I hope this information’s will be help full to you as a developer, How To Create A Blog An Nigeria In Less Than 20 Minutes,


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