How To Improve Child Education In Nigeria 2021

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How to improve child education in Nigeria 2021

What is child education?

Child education simply means the range of time in the very early beginning of a child when he or she is still.
This marks from the time of birth and the time he enters infant class (kindergarten)
The level of education he or she is introduced to is called child education.

The quality of child education in Nigeria is very low because it has been neglected by our parents and this has made the growing children suffer a lot when they grow up.
Child education is the basics of a Child’s life which must not be played with.
On the other hand, child education is the background of all forms of education in the life of a child right from the time he or she was born. To the time he or she enters the university.

Benefits of child education:

Child education is the brain bone whenever a child is giving birth into the world,
It is the backbone of other forms of education a child can get in his entire life.
It is the first learning process a child gets immediately after he or she is been born.
There are a lot of things most people are always not aware of when it comes to child education because the fill that child education is very easy and not too important but not knowing that it I more important than any other form of education a child an education.

The question is what is the composition of child education?
Note: child education is not obtained in the school alone; the home has a major role to play in the life of every human being during child education
Learning they say is a continuous process that can take place where hence there is communication.

In church, school, mosque, market, offices, company, institutions, etc even digital that is to say that learning is to say a child starts learning first at home from his mother before he or she enters kindergarten.
The mother plays a major role in child education.

In this blog post, I’m going to share How To Improve Child Education In Nigeria 2021 The improvement of child education is under four major factors.

*the role of the parents.
*The role of the school.
*The role of religion.
The role of the government.
The above factors work hand in hand to ensure quality child training in Nigeria:

The role of the parents to include:

The parents should make sure that their children learn good morals while they are growing
First, a child starts growing to buy having an understanding from what they see with their eyes,

It is the work of the parents to make sure that when a child is giving birth to they are being exposed to the right things to see
Because whatever a child sees at first is what he or she builds her mind with.
The mother should make sure that the child learns the right words and language because most time the wrong words and language are easily taking my children at very tender ages according to human psychology.

It is also the work of the parents to make sure those children are identified in a good environment.
Because at their tender ages they are still very tender and so impressionable whatever they learn is what they build themselves.
Whoever influenced them then the take as a role model.

It is also the work of the parents to guide their child starting the academic build-up for the are ones to inculcate into the urge to go to school teaching them how important educations is to live.

They are also responsible to teach their children to be God-fearing.
It is the work of the parents to give their children quality education instead of criticizing the government’s ability to provide a platform for quality education.

The role of school to improve child education:

When the child starts kindergarten in school it is now the role of the school teacher to build the child up academically.
They provide an adequate learning environment for kids
They teach the child how to read and write.
They teach the child how listens.
They teach the child how to calculate numbers.
It is the work of the school to inculcate boldness and academic excellence into the infant child by using the right method to teach them.

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The roles of the church to improve child education in Nigeria:

The church itself plays a role in the father inculcating good morals into the infant children.
The pastors, bishops, priests, etc teach them to love God.
They also teach them to be God-fearing and how and to learn how to read and understand the world of the almighty.

The role of the government to improve child education in Nigeria:

The government has the master role to play on How To Improve Child Education In Nigeria 2021where the government are very more concerned about child education, this is because they have all it takes to take child education to a greater level so that some of the problem the country is facing due to poor child education in the country.

It is the work of the government to make sure there are good job opportunities so the parent can be employed well paid and become able to send their kids to a good school

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Provide good and quality schools with good kindergarten, nursery, and primary schools so that the child can learn very comfortably.
They employ good teachers and this is because they tend to teach and take good care of children because is no every teacher is passionate enough to teach small kids.

Organizing child education programs to train teachers who can take care of kids very well so that child education can be improved in Nigeria.

Children are the leaders of tomorrow they are the future of the unborn generation.
In a family, the children are the future and hope of the family and if they are not giving good child education they will turn out to become hoodlums. in the society, if the wrong enter into them.





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