How To Make High G P A In The University

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Maintaining a high grade point in the university is very important, the G.P.A is a method measuring grade point in the higher institutions it means average grade point.The grade point for every student is expected to pass at least average, implies that every student must work hard to know How to make high G.P.A in the university,.

The grade point is calculated in various ways, in Polytechnics, University, and college of educations. Generally we have the four major average grade points,
*upper credit,
*lower credit,
These calculations varies in various level of higher institutions every level has its own method for example the highest grade point in the US university is A 2.0 your average grade point is calculated by multiplying the grades you have in various courses and divided by the number of courses  offered .
For instance a student had a grade point in his first semester examination he scored the following
Chemistry C which is 2..0
English B which is 3.0
Mathematics A which is 4.0
The student gp was calculated (2×3×4)=14 and was calculated he got 3.14 which is an upper credit.
But this different in polytechnic where we have the A, AB, B, BC, C,.
How to make high G.P.A in the university includes the following below:

*Punctuality to lectures:

Being punctual to lecture is very important to any student in the university because it enables the student to grab every topics being taught because missing classes make you lost in some areas because no lecture is ready to repeat what he or she might have taught before because you weren’t punctual then.

*Make sure your name is in the attendance list:
For some lecturers one of their criteria for marking is to know those who always attend classes those that attend classes always it attracts additional mark to them because it is assumed that you can’t attempt questions on topics you weren’t available when they were taught .

*Make sure you buy your textbooks:
Buying of textbooks is very important in some schools and if you fail to buy their textbooks you have already failed their courses.
Apart from that if you don’t get your textbook how then do you wish to prepare for you examination thi is why every student must understand the reasons is very important to buy textbooks to be able to read and prepare well before the actual examinations.

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*Make sure you do and submit assignments:
This is very important it has been the major arsenals why student come out with very low GPA in the university because most of them are to callous that they don’t do come to class, don’t attend lectures, some don’t even do ordinary assignment with the feelings that they are grownups that that do what they want and not to be compelled to do so.

* Prepare well for your examinations:
Some student fail to prepare well for their examination a student who want to make high G.P.A in the university, must learn to start examination preparations early ahead of time not to wait till the exams are already all over them before the start to read early preparations helps you master your courses very well because, the university exam is not just like any other external exams you are in on your own.

*Target your lecturers approach to answers:
It is important to note that every lecturer has his own perspective and views do not assume that you know more than them even while it is so try as much as possible to learn your lecturers approach to questions and answers, try to give them the way they expect you to present your answers do, not do otherwise, or assume you are enlightened than they are because it will draw down your marks and also reduce your C.G.A. in school.

*Set high target grade points:
Do you want make good grade point in university? It is very easier when you set a high grade point to reach, this implies that you set your goal and achieve your goals. For instance I want to score definite A,S in all my courses. I want to graduate with upper credit at the end of my studies; I must graduate with distinctions, saying no this to yourself helps you prepare well to achieve your goals, and before you realize it you’ve graduated with a very high grade

The university is not like the secondary school where your teachers are bound to teach almost everything, in higher institutions such as Federal Polytechnic Nekede a lecturer can just come to the class and give you his course outline and go away the next time you might see him or her is during the revision, it becomes your sole obligations to go on research and study the topics on the course outline and wait for your examinations.

*Be always ready for the worse and be informed:
In the same case some lecturer s are fund of giving in prompt text in institutions such as federal polytechnic s nekede as a result of this you need to be very much ready at all times.

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*Identify with the right people:
The higher institution is a place where peer pressure has much influence on student because the fill they Haven in gotten freedom to do whatever they like to do most people who were very serious from their secondary schools tend to meet very unserious set of people , if been impressionable are lured into unseriousnes. That is why it said show me you friend and I will show you who you are.

It is very important to be in good terms with your lecturers because it is an automatic ticket to get good result, good relationship is not sexual relationship rather respect and obey their instructions even while writing exams.

*Be financially backed up:
The most common factojjjñ⊄that affects students G P A in most west African countries such as Nigeria
A poverty stricken student cannot focus in school talk more of getting a high G P A, because he lacks focus because he is always hungry and hungry man can not listen to lecturers talking , he deviates in search of finance to help himself , one of the mistakes African parents make is sending their children to school without a good finance.

Reasons of making a high G P A in the university:
High chance of employment,
High profiled society ratings,
For uniqueness.


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