How To Prepare And Pass NECO In One Sitting 2021

Neco Exam Runz 2022
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                              HOW TO PREPARE AND PASS NECO 2021 IN ONE SITTING 13 EXCELLENT TIPS.

NECO 2021 examination is fast approaching and there is a need for every student who registered for it to prepare to pass and not to fail but the issue is how many of these students are ready to prepare very well because they say that if you fail to plan you’ve planned to fail in other words if fail to prepare for NECO you’ve prepared to fail, people say NECO is a bit though than WAEC but I strongly dispute that that’s not true never to panic but to be smart.

Below am giving you tips on how to prepare and pass your NECO examination just in one sitting.

 Build The Positive Mindset:

Many students encounter problems of not merit their exam not because they weren’t intelligent during their primary and secondary school days but rather the issue is because they sit for exams with fears with many doubts.

Can I pass NECO on my own?

Can I clear all my paper just in one sitting?

Can I   do this and that?

This has become a very big problem for most students, build the positive mindset that you can write your exams and pass alone, the confidence alone gives you the ability to strife and prepare tirelessly for your NECO exams.

And scaring to will be joy after because a man that leaves in fear is hard to see success even when success lays in front of him his greatest fear of the unknown withheld him.

Start To Prepare In Due Time:

NECO examination is fast approaching some most student still fills reluctant about it, they are waiting for the time they time is almost before they can start to prepare that is a very big error.

Start preparing in due time because you have a whole lot of work to cover on the syllables and the scheme  NECO itself is an examination mint just Nigerian student alone unlike WAEC that is for west African countries you never can tell where your questions are coming from.

Start studying early and you cover a lot and you will have a wide range of expectations.

Join NECO Extra-Curricular Classes:

That you are going for external tutors does not mean that they are going to teach you everything rather they will help you to cover a lot which you weren’t able to cover in school during active section because in the educational world exposure or wide reading culture is very important because what you will know is what you’ve encountered before.

Study past questions:

Do not neglect to study NECO past questions to create familiarity with questions and answers because sometimes questions are repeated bb, don’t neglect question exercises to practice and answer them with examples.

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Use recommended textbooks:

Frequently NECO and WAEC recommend textbooks to use widely accepted verified to have reached the exam standard example the intensive English and the essential textbooks are highly recommended make sure you read them.

Not that preparing with other good textbooks is bad but at least study them.

Preparing with many textbooks is very advisable because it gives you a vast knowledge you’re your exam.

Free you’re Mind Of Malpractice:

Most time students are deceived with the assurance that they are going to be helped during their exam day so they set their minds on those unseen promises and fail to prepare very well for the exam even if you are told to take off your mind from declaring that you are standing for your exams alone even if it comes fine, it doesn’t come any panic make yourself to believe in you.

Consistent Study:

Consistency is the key to success and it is the key to pass NECO exams.

Be consistent in your exam preparation

 Set A Target To Accomplish:

The grading in NECO helps to set a target to let your target become making A and B in your various subject and even if you don’t achieve it you are going to fall in between the good grades and you’ve cleared your paper.

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Never You Put Fewer Import ants On Any Subject:

Do not neglect any subject every subject is important and you must merit at least five subjects.

Don’t say this subject is not difficult so you won’t take it seriously hence you registered for it is important, the subject you neglected might be the one to bring you down.

Read In Between Lines:

This term is used to denote that while reading for your NECO try to read out points and study them carefully not reading verbally the whole textbook which you won’t retain in your brain.

Attend Exercise And Recreational activities:

ever you over-stress your brain in the name of you are preparing for exam observe exercises and recreational activities to ease your brain off stress. Avoid cramming of any kind because it stresses the brain.

Time Management:

Learn to manage your time very whenever you have examinations ahead cause those times are very critical,

Wide Reading Culture:

Read any good books as possible get facts from them; assimilate them it makes you be exposed to a whole lot of facts.

Conclusion: NECO means National Examination Council it was formed by the late Salami Abubakar in 1999 it was created to bridge the gap that that students who weren’t able to pass the Waec examination can attend university in Nigeria.  NECO is an examination within Nigeria therefore if you want success in your NECO exams to follow the guides giving to you above don’t skip any of them and the sky will be your starting point.

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