How To Score Above 300 In Jamb 2022 -9 Unbeatable Techniques

JAMB Mop-up Exam Date 2022
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How to score above 300 in jamb 2021-9 unbeatable techniques.

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Do you wish to know How To Score Above 300 In Jamb 2022, reaching a very high score above 300 involves many examination techniques? Applications of these techniques make you score 300 above.

These techniques are proved effective tried and tested as active jamb tricks.

These techniques are termed unbeatable because no matter the situation they have been proving effective

Below are the major techniques to score 300 and above in jamb.

*Set your mindset I can do it:

Keep your mind off your fears that you can’t do what you know is very possible to do, not let the fear of the unknown cover the confidence you built-in yourself because it limits your ability and declines your focus towards scoring high in a jamb this. it is very possible to score 300 and above if you follow the tips .giving to you and set them in your mind speaking positive and working out your success.

These tips I call jamb smash snacks because they are proving effective,

With consistency and hard work,

I’m intelligent I can score 300 and above in Jamb,

With consistent study and reading my books, I can score above 300 in Jamb

I’m intelligent and vibrant I can score 350 in a jamb,

With my proper preparation I know I will score above 300 in Jamb,

My target in Jamb is to score 350 and above,

I will be the person who will be award scholarships for scoring the highest in the whole federation this year.

Having all this in mind you meditate on them day after day you’ve set your goals and work to actualize them because they are like unforeseen realities you made make them come true.

Set a very high minimum score level/cut off mark:

Every department has its own cut-off mark, identify it and lobby scoring much higher above it do not set the exact as your get minimum target score.

The question still stands; will you leave your course of choice because it has a high cut-off mark?

Because you think you can’t reach it?

The deal is to set and work towards it,

Be determined and you will laugh at last.

Consistent reading:

For you to be ready to smash jamb so easily you need to start  each day with reading, not just reading but the right contents for your exam  but from the internet and your notebooks, textbooks, jotter,

Even reading through watching YouTube videos,

Read hard and read every day, Even your exam day.

Avoid possible distractions:

So many things are there to distract that if you are not focused and you are not sure about what you want. You will think reading is not all takes to pass you attend to them with the available time you have had in mind that there is still more time.

Procrastination will make you before realize yourself you are already seated in the exam hall without anything in your head. Join extracurricular activities should be at is minimum.

Study one subject every day:

For you to be able to understand all you study focus on one subject per day do not study any subjects in one day after you might have drawn your study time table read only one subject per day so you won’t compact your brain at a time.

It enables you to assimilate all you will study in one day instead of having a little knowledge of all mastering none.

It helps you regulate the subjects you have studied and the ones you haven’t read.

For example, I read chemistry, all about chemistry on Monday, both my textbooks, jotters, even practical manuals, notebooks.

Tomorrow I am going to study mathematics etc.

Focus more on your difficult subjects:

Break them bit by bit and study them carefully, master the topics you expect in UTME and assimilate their contents.

Never you do cramming instead of understanding the context you are reading, because what you cram you easily forget and it questions are technically twisted you won’t be able to answer not even one

Outline in your memory the necessary steps used to solve any particular problem so you will always retain and remember them when needed.

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Make out tangible points from topics in your past questions:

Understand and stipulate key points from your past questions according to what you’ve solved already concentrate and study them very well, it will give a very good insight on how to  answer

2021 UTME questions.

For example, the human organ required for vision is ………………………

(a)nose (b) ear (c) brain (d) tongue, the answer is B then it is your obligation to write in your jotter the eye is the sense organ for vision. Etc

Learn to understand questions sharply in the exam hall

So many candidates fail UTME because they waste much time on one question. After all, they have limited time to round up and end their exam.

They won’t be able to finish up as the time runs up. But your ability to understand questions easily makes to answer very fast and finish up in due time and even crosscheck your answers clicked to avoid mistakes that can limit your score.

Do not jump from subject to subjects:

The UTME question is now viewed as a game, so you ought to develop your own means of answering techniques especially whenever you have less time to submit. For some people they click at random whenever they don’t have time, some always click one option thought.

These trusted techniques to exam success.


How to score above 300 in jamb 2022:Jamb examination is very difficult to score high above 300 for those who don’t know the secrets and to those who are ware but fail to apply it, scoring 300 and above in jamb is very true with this few unbeatable techniques, tested and found effective.

If you really want to smash Jamb do not neglect the rather apply them follow this How to score above 300 in jamb 2021.


























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