How To Start And Manage A Marketable Poultry Farm Nigeria

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How to start and manage a marketable poultry farm in Nigeria

 A lot of people has so much love to own flourishing and marketable farm but they end up not being able to establish one because of the right information on how to establish a marketable poultry farm with fertile birds because of some challenges they face due to the economic standard of the country .in this article I’m going to share with you some of the basic tips that if be observed are magical ways to how start and a manage a marketable poultry farm.

It has become a very big problem to the economic growth In Nigeria a lot of question has been asked because of the issue of how to start and a manage a marketable poultry farm.

such as:

Why is it that most poultry farmers in Nigeria produce birds just in small quantities just to have meat?

What is limiting the commercial improvement of bird rearing in Africa?

What is makes managing a marketable poultry farm very difficult in Nigeria?

What are the main causes of these difficulties?

What is the prospect of poultry farming in Nigeria?

How can poultry farming be improved in the country?

What are the values of poultry commodities in the economy?

The most successful owner of a poultry farm in Nigeria is General Olusegun Obasanjo, he has made a lot of progress in poultry and his firm has a lot of effect on the economic growth of the country.

His farm is being estimated that produces about 5000 creates of eggs every month and he has about 10,000 birds on his farm because he is the model for every farmer in Nigeria.

Reading this post till the end is very important because it gives you oversight and answers to these basic questions. Below are some of the basic tips on how to start and manage a marketable poultry farm in Nigeria.

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*locating a good site for your structure:

 one of the mistakes which most poultry farmers make all the time is that they are not enlightened to know how to a good site to build their structure, locating a good site for structuring should be the one that the environment is conducive, harm fharm-free bed attackers such as snakes, eagles, etc because this thesis feast on birds and it affects the grooming of young new birds.

Some people also make the mistakes of building their structure in a flooding environment, a good site for building a poultry structure should be free of these natural bad weather conditions because it makes a farmer  lose a lot of income spending more and producing less even the snakes kill chicks and swallow eggs’

So because of these the farmer will have very low productivity and poultry management will be reduced and will become very tedious to and the quality ty of the marketable product will be reduced because the more quantity you produce the more income it yields.

*Gather a valuable amount of capital:

 Every business requires good capital excelling in poultry farming without having valuable capital will only land a farmer into becoming a small and law blowout farmer who only produces birds to provide meat and eggs for him and family alone not for commercial important s.

Factors to be considered while gathering capital for your poultry farm includes the following.

The size of poultry farm you wish to own,

The cost of farm site,

The cost of farm structure,

The number of birds to start with,

The quantity of feed to buy and how to get them,

All the above should be considered in order be able to start and manage a marketable poultry farm.

*The type of birds /breed-and they’re of economic importance:

A farmer who wishes to make progress should know the type of bird to rear and them, market value of the bird  because so birds have more market value than each other for example the English fowl(broiler) is sold high in the market more than the native fowl, and the English fowl is higher than them all

This is because a broiler produces more meat than the native, there are other bigger types of birds that are more such as turkey, etc.

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Because of this their some factors to be considered while selecting the type of bird to grow.

The price of the bird,

The economic importance.

The life span of the bird.

Death tendency.

Weather effect on the bird.

Rate producing eggs.

It is very important to consider the above factors to enable choose well and quality birds for your poultry of farm to avoid low productivity and low-income rate.

*Market price of birds at a given time:

It is very obvious that that the market values of birds increases more during the festive period in Nigeria  like Christmas, Easter, etc  And also that some type of birds are sold at a higher rate more than each other

The price of the native fowl is sold is different from the price at which the English fowl are sold.

Therefore a farmer must grow birds that have good market value and this is because the. This also involves the consideration of the price of eggs, the demand for eggs.

*The life span of birds/breed:

It is advised that a farmer train birds that have at least a life span of one year because some fowl dies easily because they are very fragile and too whether conscious for example the broiler tends to die while they are still very tender while the crossbreed of the native and the Agric fowl are very strong they don’t much easier like that.

Because the death rate of birds in a poultry farm becomes high the productivity of chicks will become very low and this affects the farmer to manage a marketable poultry farm.

Building a conducive structure:

*Building good conducive structures help the birds to grow faster and bigger. a structure should be adequately sized has the available amount of space to accommodate the number of birds that are to be grown.

Overcrowding a huge number of birds on a particularly small space is not encouraging because it is even the arsenal that quickens the spread of diseases among birds.

The structureture should be nicely built properly ventilated, be it a sized house or a cage.

Mode of feeding:

Mode of feeding is very necessary to enable manage the birds this involves knowing the type of nutrient to give the birds according to their ages and expected importance this implies what they do .because some birds are mainly trained for meat while others lay eggs, the one that lay eggs are given the general feed when they are an adult capable of laying eggs and finisher are giving to the adult birds that are mainly for meat.

Observing these factors is to avoid malnutrition of birds which leads to low productivity.


Birds are as well treated just like any other animal so this involves the ability for the farmer to detect when his birds are sick and how to treat them.

It is very important for prospective purposes, to observe this title to be able how to start and manage a marketable poultry farm.














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