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I do december teasers
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 I do December 2021 Teasers


Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 8.

Imraan’s mother came to exchange tuxedos offered by Rasyid’s relatives. A cheerful Zoya confronts ASAD on many objections about him and he lives. Haseena read the name ASAD Ahmed Khan on the bill when trying to get interchangeable tuxedos.

Thursday 2 December 2021

Episode 9.

Dilshad received a gift from Rashid.

Friday December 3 2021

Episode 10.

Zoya meets Rashid in a temple and offers to help him return with his love depart. Zoya hides short hair najma by placing a wig on it and Asad’s foot stamps when he tries to examine it. Everyone in college waits with enthusiasm to see Zoya.

Saturday 4 December 2021

Episode 11.

Haseena demanded that Rashid a gift of a luxury car. Rashid asked for an old song to be played on anonymous radio for Dilshad. Haseena rushed to Dilshad’s house, asked unknown people to see who her husband had.

Sunday 5 December 2021

Episode 12.

Razia asked Shireen to make Ayaan Wed Humeira. Asad Zoya’s approach was angry and asked him to repair the phone. He classified him into pieces in a suitable anger. Razia saw Rashid trying to call Dilshad.

Monday December 6 2021

Episode 13.

Zoya fell in the arms of Asad after both of them hoped the worst for each other under the falling star. Ayaan finally claimed to take monetary assistance from the Assad to buy a gift. Zoya called Rashid and asked him to come to the same market that he visited with Dilshad.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Episode 14.

Zoya shares with Dilshad that he remembered him for a long time – losing his mother to see it. Feroze senior police stopped Ayaan and learned that his new motorbike was registered with the name ASAD. Asad saw Najma and Zoya on TV at night on the cricket podium. He is angry.


Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 15.

Asad scolded Najma after he lied about going to the cricket match, and showed that Zoya left home. Asad fight against thugs to bring Zoya back home. When Ayaan went to buy an item for this Nikhat engagement ritual, the police stopped it for illegal driving.

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