I Do June 2022 Teasers Zee world

I Do June 2022 Teasers Zee world
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I Do June 2022 Teasers Zee world: Sanam’s twin camouflage as Sanam and enters the manor whiles Razia holds Sanam hostage, Tanveer plans to kill Dilshad proceeds. Peruse: Geet Teasers  June 2022

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Episode 190

Tanveer experiences a soothsayer. Rahat and Haya arrive at the clinic to see Dilshad. Gazalla illuminates the legal counselor about Sanam and Aahil snoozing separate rooms. Aahil causes the legal advisor to accept that he cherishes Sanam. Afterward, Rahat stands up to Munisa.

Thursday 2  June 2022

Episode 191

Tanveer’s companions insult Sanam’s societal position, Sanam answers that her dad had been a fruitful financial specialist before he and her mom had kicked the bucket. The soothsayer cautions Tanveer that her passing is close. Further, Rahat acquaints Haya with his sibling, Faiz, and the two perceive one another.

Friday 3  June  2022

Episode 192

Rahat and Faiz both like Haya. Afterward, Tanveer welcomes an obscure woman to the ‘Dawaat-e-Eid’. Tanveer is stunned to realize that Sanam is Asad and Zoya’s little girl. Afterward, Tanveer consents to allow Razia to remain at the ‘Haveli’ and help her by concealing reality with regards to Sanam’s genuine character.

Saturday 4  June 2022

Episode 193

Aahil harms Sanam while moving. Afterward, Sanam tracks down a mysterious entryway. Sanam and Rehaan go into Zoya and Asad’s room, yet Tanveer prohibits them from going into the room once more. Afterward, when Shoaib returns, Munisa lets Rahat know that she possesses the house.

Sunday 5  June  2022

Episode 194

Sanam recognizes the memento yet doesn’t open it. Tanveer gets Zoya and Asad’s room fixed. In the interim, Rahat, Faiz, and Haya take off from Munisa’s home. Afterward, Tanveer neglects to kill Dilshad. Rehaan tells Sanam that Asad was a lavish financial specialist. Afterward, Razia can’t kill Dilshad as Dilshad is delivered? from the medical clinic.

Monday 6  June  2022

Episode 195

Sanam discovers that her folks didn’t bite the dust in a street accident.Sanam illuminates Aahil about her folks’ passing. Faiz enlightens Rahat regarding his affections for Haya, which leaves Rahat stunned. Further, Tanveer requests that Razia stay in the worker’s room. Tanveer stresses over any endurance in the occurrence that happened a very long time back.

Tuesday 7  June 2022

Episode 196

Around evening time, Seher cons a man out and about for cash. Faiz gets some information about her desires for the wedding. Afterward, Seher converses with Tanveer, who finds the previous’ voice like Sanam’s. Sanam finds out about Haya’s wedding, and Aahil consents to go to the wedding. Further, Sunehri arrives at Aahil’s home to con Aahil’s visitors. Afterward, Sunehri takes the jewelry from the storage.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Episode 197

Aahil spots Sunehri and expects her to be Sanam. Further, Rahat inquires as to whether she is content with her wedding. Tanveer informs everybody regarding the jewelry and blames Sanam for taking it. Aahil agrees with Sanam’s stance, and she expresses gratitude toward him. Afterward, Aahil is upset to see Sanam and Rehaan together.

Thursday 9 June  2022

Episode 198

Tanveer wants to kill Dilshad during the wedding. Haya is offered to Faiz and is paralyzed to see that Rahat isn’t the lucky man. Tanveer plants a gas vial in Dilshad’s space to kill her. Dilshad can’t escape due to actual ineptitudes. At the point when the vial detonates, and Aahil is lethally injured, Sanam carries him to a clinic. Afterward, safety officers pursue Seher to a similar emergency clinic.

Friday 10  June  2022

Episode 199

Seher gives blood to Dilshad in the medical clinic to stow away from the gatekeepers, who are pursuing her. Afterward, while Sanam implores God, Seher finds that she is her carbon copy. Afterward, Seher attempts to hoodwink a rich and childless couple at a bistro, yet Rehaan interferes with her.

Saturday 11  June 2022

Episode 200

Seher takes off from Rehaan some way or another and takes cover behind his vehicle. Sanam falls in Rehaan’s arms, and Aahil misconstrues him, which brings about a showdown between them. Aahil needs to send Rehaan away on a venture to keep him from meeting Sanam. In the interim, Salima figures out that Faiz had been acting.

Sunday 12 June 2022

Episode 201

Tanveer comes to Aahil’s room and says that the property papers are prepared for marking. Notwithstanding, Aahil can’t sign because of serious torment in his grasp. Afterward, Rehaan runs over Seher. Tanveer advises Sanam that she has chosen to send Dilshad to Shimla. Further, Sanam assists Aahil with changing the swathe. Afterward, Tanveer deprecates Sanam for winning the opposition.

Monday 13 June 2022

Episode 202

Dilshad leaves for Shimla. Tanveer gets shocked to discover that Aahil and Sanam won the similarity test. Afterward, Rehaan admonishes Sunehri for her theatrics. Tanveer chooses to watch out for Razia. Further, Sunehri requests that Rehaan employ her as his secretary. Afterward, Aahil and Sanam invest quality energy with one another.

Wednesday 14 June 2022

Episode 203

An executioner illuminates Tanveer that Dilshad escaped after the mishap. In the mean time, Sanam pledges to be familiar with Aahil’s past. Further, when Sunehri converses with Rehaan, he gets enchanted by her. Afterward, Phupi chooses to plot against Haya to expel her.

Thursday 15 June 2022

Episode 204

Sanam discovers that Razia’s cousin is experiencing loss of motion. Afterward, Rehaan sees a dead man lying out and about. Tanveer advises Aahil to get the legal documents from the attorney. Further, Razia lets Dilshad know that she will obliterate Tanveer. Afterward, Sunehri attempts to take cash.

Friday 16 June 2022

Episode 205

Salma makes a misconception among Haya and Faiz’s chief. Tanveer crashes into Dilshad and requests that Aahil figure out what its identity was. Sunehri improves Rehaan’s room on his birthday. Somewhere else, Tanveer reviews how she had shot Raza and caused Aahil to accept that he got it done. Afterward, Tanveer cautions Aahil that Sanam is attempting to investigate his past.

Saturday 17 June 2022

Episode 206

Rozy and Shishupal come to Rehaan’s home. Somewhere else, Aahil requests that Sanam quit getting into his past. Faiz divorces Haya, while Shishupal engraves Rehaan’s storage key. Afterward, Tanveer figures out that Aahil got the property papers two days prior and lashes out as he didn’t illuminate her.

Sunday 18 June 2022

Episode 207

Rahat returns home. Shishupal and Rozy plan to burglarize Rehaan’s home. Aahil and Sanam begin singing and moving, while Dilshad nods off. In the mean time, Sunehri sees that Rehaan has an extra key to the safe. Rehaan tells Sunehri that Tanveer never cherished him. In the mean time, Aahil educates Sanam concerning his past.

Monday 19 June 2022

Episode 208

Devi, a medium, requests that Razia bring her 100 blossoms. In the mean time, Sanam assists Aahil with adapting to his past. Tanveer reproves Gazalla and Razaq for neglecting to hamper Sanam and Aahil’s relationship. In the mean time, Faiz finds out about Phupi’s plot to turn him against Haya. Faiz demands Rahat to wed Haya. Rehaan lets Sunehri know that he adores her.

Tuesday 20 June 2022

Episode 209

Haya acknowledges Rahat’s engagement proposition. Tanveer desires Aahil and Sanam to sign the property papers. Tanveer maneuvers Aahil toward feeling that he can never be a decent spouse and that his relationship with Sanam won’t stand the test of time. Sanam will not sign the property papers without Aahil. She thinks Tanveer when her anecdote about Aahil killing his dad doesn’t coordinate with the story that Aahil had told her.

Wednesday 21st June 2022 

Episode 210

Sanam takes the property archives from Tanveer’s room. In the mean time, the police show up at Rehaan’s place to capture Sunehri while he proposes to her for marriage. Tanveer requests that Sanam sign the papers, yet she rejects by saying that her hand is injured. Faiz apologizes to Haya for getting her wrong.


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