I DO On Zee World Friday 13th May 2022

I DO On Zee World Friday 13th May 2022
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Scene 1:
Area: Ahil’s haveli
I DO On Zee World Friday 13th May 2022 : While Shazia is talking and making sense of with respect to how she wasn’t ready to come tonight, on the telephone, she hears a thump on the entryway. She drops the telephone. nazia comes in with food, while Shazia vents out her resentment at her for professing to be straightforward. Shaia asks her not to believe that she won’t go down the remorseful episode.

nazia tells her that she didn’t mean to kill her however she didnt even attempt to save her. Shazia is stunned to hear this. Nazia says that she juist believes her should eat. however, she coercively tosses nazia out. she arrives into ahil’s arms, who is in a fury at Shazia’s way of behaving. He asks her whats amiss with her, and for what reason is she furious at her constantly. Before he can get done, shazia hammers the entryway all over. ahil keeps up with his quiet in some way, and attempts to prevent her from crying and control center her.

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Subsequent to having worked in the kitchen, sanam is going to leave, when she crashes into rehaan. rehaamn inquires as to whether she is heading off to some place. she says that its extremely fundamental for her to mind dilshad, after the activity to screen her recuperation and her medication dose as well. He tracks down her hacking and sniffling terrible. Rehaan is shocked that its past the point of no return, and observes that she has fever, and requests that she rest. rehaan says that in the event that she doesnt mind, he would take a quick trip and see her assuming she’s alright and give her the pastry as well. She is astonished and grateful as well.

Scene 2:
Area: Munisa’s home
Dilshad is asking why sanam didnt come. She hears a doorbell and finds rehaan remaining there, and remembers him, when she recollects sanam referencing him. she in a split second welcomes him and gets him inside. rehaan gives her treats and requests that she deal with herself and take as much time as necessary. dilshad says that she’s OK and praises him on his agreeableness.

I DO On Zee World Friday 13th May 2022 : Rehaan says that great individuals find others additionally great, as sanam. he pardons himself refering to that time slipping away. He leaves. dilshad pivots, pondering that sanam is extremely lucky that she is working in a particularly decent individual’s place.

Scene 3:
Area: Ahil’s home
The following morning, the cautions ringing awakens sanam with a beginning, and she gets the telephone, and ahil says that he can call her at whenever. Sanam asks what is it that he need and he professes not to take note. sanam at long last asks what is it that he need, adding a Sir, and he consents. ahil begins giving a particular and not insignificant rundown of what he needs for breakfast, and gives her only 30 minutes to set it up. sanam is stunned, yet he forcefully closes the telephone. she vents out her disappointment at him and his craving. She gets to working immediately.

afterward, when ahil descends and doesnt observe his morning meal on the table, he is going to shout out of resentment, when he finds sanam coming in with the plate of food. he plunks down while she serves everything out. He begins eating while she pauses. He sees the sewai, and asks who advised her to make this. she answers that she got wish. He starts to eating it, and having had the primary spoonful, he had something very similar by tanveer’s hands, and the memory of how she had inspired him to guarantee that she wont at any point be supplanted by any other individual. He puts down the spoon and surges from that point.

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sanam is astonished to think that he is that way. He asks her for what reason she made this. She asks whats amiss with it. Sanam says that she just felt like it. Ahil asks how might she even consider making it and serving it to him, and that she shouldnt at any point make it once more. She says that she doesnt know whats her misstep. ahil says that he cannot make sense of nor might she at any point comprehend. He gets profound, while getting it together, he provides her the request to set up a lunch for his unfamiliar clients. He leaves, while she is overwhelmed. He pivots and observes her maxim that she made such great treat yet he doesnt like anything by any means, and that she would eat it later. he relax and leaves.

Sanam starts to working in the kitchen, after she tracks down the duplicate of the formula. She goes to take a few things from the refrigerator, and in the in the interim, azhar’s folks take away everything from the plate, when sanam is diverted. sanam is stunned to observe stuff vanishing. Outside, azhar’s folks are extremely glad to track down food. sanam is neglectful and doesnt truly recall how to manage the owen. while she is attempting to sort it out, shazia comes in for water. Shazia finds sanam, wrestling with disarray in the kitchen, while she is confounded whether they ought to utilize steelware or plastic compartments. Sahzia intentionbally advises her to utilize steel compartments, believing that now she would show her a thing or two. sanam consents, and gets to putting steelware in the owen.

In the interim, in his room, Ahil converses with tanveer, that time recuperates the actual injuries, yet the y never disappear, and when they return once more, it torments a ton, telling her how he missed her today due to the sewai. He is sorry for calling inopportune and requests that she deal with herself, and drops the telephone. He gets a call from rehaan from that point onward, and realizes that the agents are coming and lets him know that the food is prepared for them. He contemplates going to keep an eye on the food.

In the kitchen, sanam is occupied with her arrangements, believing that she wants simply one more 15 minutes. latif comes in, embellished and asks sanam to change her saree, and she goes along. after she leaves, sanam sees sparkles in the owen. She is stunned. Detecting something wrong, sanam opens the stove entryway, and a spout of fire fans out, she withdraws in shock, and falls in ahil’s arms. he closes the owen down and quenches the fire. Sanam is in shock still. he pivots to sanam and says that he cannot completely accept that what she was simply doing. Ahil tells sanam quickly concerning why and how might she be so thoughtless, as she would have torched this spot totally, by her reckless way of behaving, and they would all have passed on. While he is irate, he sees that her hands are burned to the ground.

I DO On Zee World Friday 13th May 2022 :He gets close to home and asks how this occurred. she says that she can deal with herself and starts looking for turmeric. ahil takes her tenaciously and places here hand under cool running water. Ahil remaks that she cannot deal with herself, and is ahead to satisfy the test. sanam is in a lot of hurt, while ahil watches out for her. He tosses the salve to her, to apply on the hands. sanam can’t and is squirming. ahil sees it, and comes to her and takes it from her hands. He puts treatment on her singed hands, while she watches him as he does as such. He watches her as she inhales a moan of alleviation. the screen freezes on their appearances.

Precap: Tanveer, in her cell ponders who this young lady, sanam is. She feels that she would need to figure out the whole history about this young lady. Ahil takes care of his clients and to make them agreeable, he take special care of their sense of taste serving them unfamiliar cooking. However, he is stunned as he finds sanam coming in with her own understanding of the cooking and serving it alongside the pudina chutney. he is progressively strained and furious at sanam, while his clients taste Sanam’s “amazingly popular” Pudina chutney.


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