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I Do On Zee World Friday 14th January 2022: while eating, Tanveer makes jam and bread for asad, to deal with his wellbeing. As asad requests that she sit next to him, zoya envious of it, advises her that she needed to go out, and consequently sends tanveer off for getting her sacks. later she goes, asad, while perusing the paper, is uninformed that zoya has taken his morning meal. At the point when he discovers her eating, she breaks into her verse, Cheeze share karne se dushman bhi boycott jaate hai dost
Sirf application hello nahi, even I love, yeh jam wala toast.

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He is as common sickened by her illogical humor. Subsequent to completing his morning meal, she inquires as to whether he would like anything more. At the point when he says no, she inquires as to whether he just likes dishes made by tanveer. asad conceals his face in the paper to not let zoya see him grinning at her. when tanveer returns, asad asks tanveer to show her leg to the specialist. Zoya says to tanveer that they should leave carelessly, to keep away from him conversing with tanveer for long.

On the television, he sees a meeting being accounted for where Feroz says that the body of evidence against rashid was totally bogus, and that this case was finished by rashid’s first spouse dilshad’s child, asad ahmad khan, only for the intention of malaligning, because of some family fight. He is profoundly strained.

Ayan, also believes that asad would feel that ayan was behind all of this, in spite of nikhat telling him in any case. ayan says that whats happening as of late will persuade asad to think that ayan was later that. He says that he would get out the misconception. In any case, razia, comes in saying that he wouldnt proceed to do anything like that, since asad is later the entirety of their foe, and feroz hasnt lied with regards to that.

I Do On Zee World Friday 14th January 2022: Rashid comes in and says that he would go. razia inquires as to for what reason is he so annoyed. She inquires as to whether he feels regret or culpability that asad couldnt get the noose around his neck. Rashid says that he would proceed to tell asad the whole truth, as he doesnt need ayan to be brought up in the shadow of a wrongdoing, that he didnt even carry out. He says that she cannot separate two siblings. He sends ayan off to meet asad. as ayan leaves, rashid checks out razia successfully.

As ayan is going to leave, razia lets him know that rashid might be recently disturbing, however he knows not to decline what she is requesting him. Ayan actually goes on, yet is halted by razia’s hand on his. He says that the condition was only for marriage, and that he would do, however other than that, he never was anybody’s slave, nor will he at any point be. He says decidedly that he will meet his sibling, asad.

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Tanveer continues to get razia’s call, and she asks zoya to keep straight, for the arrangement Insaan wahi kal katega, jo usne boya hai,
tanveer toh udhar telephone mein occupied hain, mera naam toh zoya hai.

The medical attendant requests that she get tanveer soon, as she would give the arrangement to another person then, at that point. Zoya continues to attempt tanveer’s telephone, however she doesnt get past. she ponders where she went so startlingly. She feels that asad wouldnt excuse her for this.

Asad continues dropping the calls that have begun pouring in, later feroz’s meeting. He discards the telephone in disdain. Asad, who is in a fury hearing this, is stunned when he finds ayan in his home. Asad recollects ayan’s brutal words to him. Ayan attempts to explain that whatever he saw on the television was obviously false. Neither asad nor dilshad react. He asks dilshad to accept him, saying that he neither thinks nor did he say anything like that, and that he simply needed to save rashid. he tells dilshad that

Asad begins pacing towards his room, and when ayan follows, he hammers the entryway all over. ayan is harmed at this and leaves. dilshad connects with him.

While asad is exceptionally upset pondering feroz’s meeting, he gets a call from zoya. Zoya tells asad on the call, that tanveer has vanished, which shocks him as well. Zoya tells asad on the call, that tanveer has vanished, which shocks him without question, when he realizes that tanveer went to go to a call, and afterward didnt return.
When in the evening zoya returns, imagining that asad would be exceptionally irate at her for losing tanveer. At the point when he finds asad furious, she breaks into explanation, however she is srprised when she finds tanveer in the house as it were. She asks tanveer where had she gone, and why. She, thus sys that she needs to ask exactly the same thing from zoya, as in the wake of taking care of her call, she returned to find that zoya wasnt there. Asad, obviously, is exceptionally agitated with zoya, who he appears to find to blame constantly. zoya says that she was searching for her, and returned there as it were.

I Do On Zee World Friday 14th January 2022: Asad says that anything can happn to her, and she cannot play out a basic errand, and put him into pressure for her. He says that tanveer came straight home, which was great. Tanveer asks asad to give up for the misconception, as both are home safe. She is sorry to zoya. Asad says that for someone’s fault, another person is asking absolution. He tells tanveer, that next time onwards, he would take her any place she wants to go. As he leaves, the screen freezes on zoya’s harmed face.

Precap: As razia shouts out for water, as the chillies begin showing impact from the samosas, badi bi holds her from behind, and says that she would get water most certainly, and tosses her into the sme pool, that razia had tossed her once into. then again, tanveer is stunned to find that she’s pregnant, and cant appear to trust it. All of a sudden, zoya strolls in on her in her room, and surprises her.


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