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I Do On Zee World Friday 17th December 2021:Razia asks shirin if she any issues assuming that they declare ayan and humaira’s commitment at nikhat’s commitment service tomorrow. shirirn says that she doesnt have an issue. Humaira, hearing from a good ways, is excited to hear this and passes by nikhta and nuzrat who ask hr the justification for the blush all over and her outrageous bliss. She says that she’s only glad for nikhat and leaves while nikhat and nuzrat are astonished. Zoya pondering where asad went, as his telephone also isn’t reachable. She calls up at his office and finds from one of his workers that he hasnt come to the workplace that day. zoya presumes that he lied since he more likely than not had some significant mystery administration mission.

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Scene 3:
Area: In asad’s vehicle
Asad stops the vehicle at the edge of the road prompting ayan’s home. He asks ayan how is he now. Ayan answers says that he feels awful that the following day is nikhat’s commitment and his senior sibling is dropping him at the edge of the road. asad tells him not to fret over that. ayan says that he efelt great when he asad yelled that he was ayan’s senior sibling and that he also wants to do likewise. In any case, they understand that it should be really weird that feroz has brought an individual interest into their relationship and is later them. Ayan tells asad that feroz seized him when he returned from haseena’s home which implies that he knew where ayan was that morning. He asks ayan not to stress and sends him off. Whenever he’s gone, Asad chooses to make quick work of this and discover.

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Scene 4:

I Do On Zee World Friday 17th December 2021:Razia asks shirin if she any issues assuming
While every one of the young ladies have face packs and cucumber cuts on their eyes for face cleaning and unwinding, nuzrat first attempts to prod nikhat about sending her photot to imran in this from. At the point when she is scorned, she again attempts to prod yet this time, she guides it to humaira who cannot quit grinning. tehy both outfit and ask humaira. She gets their expectations up by inquiring as to whether they can stay quiet, when they answer indeed, she prods them saying that she can as well and decline to tell them. Nikhat in reprisal, tosses water drops all over and they all participate in a convivial cushion battle.

Scene 5:
Zoya catches asad tlking to someone on the telephone, getting some information about Inspector. Feroz Ansari as he had thumped a cop all things considered, and that he has to have a deep understanding of him. She ponder internally that he should fundamentally be a covert operative. while she’s reasoning, asad remains behind her and asks the justification for her snoopping. zoya pretends torment in her wrist and goes from that point.

Scene 6:
Imran with his cousins is collected at nikhat’s home for some funa nf satisfaction with nikhat and her cousins. Nuzrat intentionally gives imran a chit refering to a specific errand to be done while every other person gets a clear chit. He says that he wouldnt do it, since he has been ensnared alone. Everyone, seeing his hesitance to perform, teasingly tell nikhat to ask imran to perform since he wouldnt deny her. she at long last says OK and he breaks into a heartfelt tune for her, meanwhile taking modest heartfelt eyelocks with her. Ayan at the entryway, seeing this, feels that its better that he sneaks in from the secondary passage. Humaira anyway sees him disappearing.
In his room, ayan is applying drugs on his injuries when humaira strolls in and is stunned to see his condition. She promptly races to get the specialist, however ayan stops her by saying that no one in the house and particularly shirin should be aware of this as that would disturb the merry environmnt and he makes her guarantee for that. she goes along and afterward leaves subsequent to asking ayan to come out soon.

Scene 7:

Zoya begins a discussion with dilshad and nazma that everything occurs for an explanation and that there must be a justification behind asad’s weird, quiet, thoughtful person and mysterious way of living. They say that he has forever been similar to this since youth. when zoya tests further, dilshad goes into depicting him genuinely. Zoya seeing that she’s going astray from the point, gets some information about his character rather than highlights. Nazma tells her that he was enamored with being superheroes and proceeds to inform her concerning how they used to play in the ground together. Dilshad then, at that point, proceeds to say that he before long outgrew this game and afterward needed to be a government operative and was continually playing such spying games in the house. While she’s portraying, zoya’s innovative brain promptly proceeds to picture asad as a government operative and she ponders internally that his family probably won’t know, however certainly he has still kept on to his youth games.


Zoya, again in another episode, gets asad conversing with anothr individual with regards to a concrete conveyance on a specific site and accentuating the significance of the conveyance being this evening as it were. She thinsk that this evening should be truly significant for asad and she would discover the reason why. asad pivots to find zoya once more. detecting herself at serious risk, she again escapes from that point while asad is puzzled at her conduct.

Scene 8

I Do On Zee World Friday 17th December 2021:Razia asks shirin if she any issues assuming
Ayan tracks down a weapon in his garments while he attempts to keep them somwhere safe and recollects that asad while hitting feroz had incidentally dropped the firearm on the garments. He conceals it promptly under his garments, when nuzrat strolls in. she asks ayan to come outside since imran is requesting him. He leaves with nuzrat while stressed for the firearm.
outside, he is in obvious torment. While humaira is worried for him, he concocts a rationalization that he’s in aggravation that soon his sister would leave them. Then, at that point, he redirects the subject by requesting that they move forward the fun and begin moving and partake in the evening. while they are moving, ayan swoons and falls on the ground. Everyone is worried for him. The screen freezes all over.

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