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I Do On Zee World Friday 1st April 2022: Haseena asks nazma assuming she saw anybody, and nazma confusedly asks who. Nazma inquires as to whether she saw night. Nazma is strained at her way of behaving. She tells hacienda that night is in her room, lying because of a migraine.

Haseena inquires as to whether she was alright when she went out with her, as she has been acting abnormally recently. Nazma says that she’s somewhat frightened. haseena says that the fact of the matter is out there, and will come out at some point or another. Inazuma is confounded. haseena leaves referring to earnest work, while nazma is strained.

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As nazma goes to her room, she observes a young lady sitting in the drawing-room, with her head covered by her hands. she proceeds to ask who’s she and who does she need to meet. Sameera evades away the startling name. She scaringly asks nazma for water, who ponders who this young lady is. she chooses to proceed to call somebody. Sameera is sitting terrified. All of a sudden haseena comes in and thinks that she is sitting like that. she immediately surges up to her and hauls her from that point.

Nazma gets Farhan to show the lady, yet doesn’t track down anybody there. Farhan is befuddled, as nazma determines what she saw. He says that it is more likely than not to be some visitor. Nazma says that she was exceptionally terrified as well. Farhan divers her consideration by requesting tea. as nazma leaves, for the kitchen, and Farhan to his room, haseena emerges from the room, where Sameera is locked, and locking it back once more, she puts the composition before the entryway.

Scene 2:
Area: Ayan’s home
While Zoya is looking for papers, humaira comes and asks what he doing. Zoya says that she’s simply tidying up. Humaira requests that she descend, as the supper is prepared. Even though she doesn’t care, it’s their custom to call everybody for food, regardless of whether they are adversaries. as she goes, Zoya comes to her and says that she isn’t her adversary, and anything that’s happening among her and her folks is different, and she shouldn’t think about them as her foe for that, as when she knows reality, she would know why Zoya is doing this. Tamara doesn’t accept her platitude that first, she took Ryan, and presently she’s wanting to take the house. she says that Zoya may think about her as her sister however she could never do that mix-up.

Sumatra leaves, while Zoya is harmed at this point believes that she would continuously think about her as her sister, even though she is perhaps extremely irate.
Afterward, humaira attempts to get extra jaunty with Haider, while excusing him off telling him that his trick of tossing toffees on Razia and mamu from the top is kiddish. be that as it may, Haider gets once more into prodding mode with her, requesting that she be kiddish sometime,s and drops her gatekeeper at least one time. In the interim, the worker accompanies the Prashad and places it close to their table, which is enveloped by those papers, that Zoya is looking for.

Haider is oblivious to this and takes those as well, dismissing every one of the papers inside the huge pack that they are intending to toss on Razia and mamu. Humaira is disturbed however doesn’t show it all over, while Haider attempts to play with her and praises her magnificence. They return to work and make last plans. After they are gone, the worker returns and is overwhelmed to find the plate missing.

I Do On Zee World Friday 1st April 2022: First floor, the party starts, and visitors start to show up. Zoya blends in with them as well. Zoya and humaira are in cold conflicts with one another. Dilshad finding Zoya strained requests that she be quiet. Haider comes in to visit with Zoya to get some information about the papers, and Zoya says that she didn’t find them anyplace. Haider gets to his work. A visitor shows up, and Razia recalls that he is the individual who had made a representation of Zoya’s old pic, that she has of her dad. That individual meets and tells mamu, in the horde of individuals assembled, to party, that some time back some individual had come looking for him. he is astonished and inquires as to why and who. That individual says that she was showing his pics, and saying that she was looking for her dad. He portrays the whole episode to her.

Mamu is stunned to hear this. in a flash asks him what was the young lady’s name. Zoya however is conversing with Dilshad, that asad isn’t getting to know reality with regards to his dad, and she is additionally nowhere near tracking down her genuine dad. however, Dilshad guarantees that both of the works will happen sometime in the not-so-distant future. In the interim, that individual determines what Zoya resembled and how she had come from the USA perhaps, to track down her foundations. That individual says that he doesn’t know the name, yet he would recognize the young lady assuming he sees her once. Absent Zoya’s presence and her connection with mamu, both mamu, and that individual are talking. Razia is strained that the individual could detect Zoya and recognize her as mama’s girl. However, his eyes at last fall on Zoya, blending with the visitors and he is astonished.

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I Do On Zee World Friday 1st April 2022: Mamu advises the individual to illuminate him assuming he figures out anything about that young lady. he goes along and leaves. Razia is strained. Razia believes that now mamu knows that his daughter isn’t just alive, but at the same time is looking for him. she considers how long can she keep Zoya away from him. The screen freezes on Razia’s strained face, as she eyes both, mamu and Zoya.

Precap: Mamu tells Zoya that she has been just a burden to them, and that is the point at which she doesn’t have a ton of insight into them or their past. he censures her to be reckless and self-seeker, insulting them that is all there is to it because of her sketchy childhood. Zoya fights back saying that very much like she doesn’t know anything about him or his past, he too doesn’t have a lot of familiarity with her or her past. Emma and Razia are stunned to hear her talk so savagely.


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