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I do On Zee World Friday 29th June 2022: All are stunned as azhar’s dad falls oblivious on the table. Seher is stunned and assuage that her uncertainty was correct. All take care of him. tanveer shouts to call the specialist. Ahil agrees, and asks rehaan to take him to the room. All scatter, seher and tanveer stay behind. Seher tells tanveer that she had cautioned her to be careful with her moves, yet she didnt focus on seher’s alerts. Sehjer says that azhar’s dad is in this condition because of her. she says that she is playing such frail moves, and that she doesnt think she needs to him to kick the bucket directly before her loved ones. Seher leaves. Tanveer is disturbed.

As azhar’s dad recovers cognizance, and the specialist illuminates them that he had harming. Ahil and rehaan are stunned as they also ate exactly the same thing. the specialist says that main his beverage was harmed, or some toxic bug likely fell in his beverage. Ahil is stunned that sanam planned to drink that sweet. Seher professes to be concerned and mindful, and how he needed to take the toxin for her sake, and how had she knows, she couldn’t have ever taken care of it to him. Ahil requests that she quiet down and ponders who might have done this deadly endeavor. rehaan makes reference to razia’s name. latif too brings up her name as the charged. Ahil requests that she shut up and call razia. tanveer strained herself, asks ahil to give up, as perhaps razia committed an error. Ahil is reluctant to give up. All are strained. Latif gets in Razia.

Ahil inquires as to whether she made the treat. She goes along. He specifies that the beverage was harmed and azhar’s dad had a nearby shave. razia energetically talks os her blamelessness, yet not set in stone to send razia to the police headquarters. tanveer intercedes saying that the police will cause them disgrace. Ahil concurs and says that he has along these lines concluded that she would need to take off from this house. seher is strained. He says that razia is here due to tanveer, and subsequently out of regard, she would be kept in an advanced age home, however from hereon, she wont live in this house. she argues to everybody, including tanveer, yet ahil is resolute on his descision, hearing which razia is stunned, while tanveer is disturbed. Azhar’s folks are strained.

Afterward, Razia finds seher nonchalantly taking the treat, and vents out her indignation at her. seher too asks what ought to be finished, as she is aggravated playing ahil’s life. They go into a verbal arguement. Razia inquires as to for what reason did she need to take care of azhar’s dad, as she ought to have discarded it. She says that she didnt realize there was poison. She says that she didnt realize there would be risk sneaking over her life constantly. razia requests that she do anything, that would inspire her to remain in this house, and for that she simply has one evening. she leaves, while seher is strained considering what to do.

In her room, tanveer imagines that things have gone way wild, as the need might arise to be done must be done soon, as soon ahil and sanam’s agreement marriage will be finished, and afterward ahil or sanam would get that property, and if after the period, sanam figures out how to persuade ahil for another marriage, it would be an immense issue for her, and she would need to move quickly to deflect that issue.

By the pool side, ahil thinks back sanam’s undying confidence and love for him, that she had admitted to him, and afterward tanveer’s stinging and spiked remarks, about sanam’s agreement marriage. Ahil feels that it perhaps an agreement marriage, yet the wedding, and its commitments were genuine, and he wont break either the marriage or the commitments, and that he would tell sanam, that regardless of whether their marriage was an agreement, he could never relinquish Sanam, and forever be close by. Seher covertly approaches ahil, baffled that she needs to do this, due to razia, and trusts that her assignment here is over soon. She tends to him. Ahil is shocked to see sanam, and is overpowered that he had an opportunity to converse with her at last. She says that she came here to discuss razia, and he is baffled, and afterward tells that she wont be held back working. she says that razia committed an error, and it was inadvertent. He asks what might have happened had she eaten the desssert and that he cannot tolerate seeing anything happen to her. she says that she is totally fine, and consequently razia ought to be pardoned. She goes on a tirade, regarding how defenseless, poor, frantic and futile she will be, she shouldnt be managed so harshly. He won’t swell, however at that point she strokes his cheeks with both her hands, and it makes its difference, and ahil concurs. he attempts to get personal with her, while she frantically attempts to remove an opportunity to get from his hold. she says quickly that she ought to go and promptly tell this news to razia, as she would be exceptionally cheerful. Be that as it may, he holds her hand and advises her to invest some energy with her significant other first, as he is a higher priority than razia. She has no choice, and he takes her from that point.

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I do On Zee World Friday 29th June 2022: Sanam awakens in the old Barn, where she is locked, and as the entryway opens, and somebody enters, sanam is stunned to see that the individual is Razia. Razia is entertained at her predicament, and removes the hankey with which she choked her. Sanam asks her for what good reason did she get her grabbed. Razia requests that she think carefully, and think, as she would recollect then, at that point. Sanam says that she doesnt recollect truly doing anything wrong to her, why she will be she being rebuffed and for what issue. razia asks what condition is she in the present moment, and that seeing this face, noone can say that she is the future spouse of Bhopal’s Nawab. Sanam asks her for what reason’s she doing this and what might she get. sanam says that ahil would come and certainly salvage her. Razia roars and says evilly that ahil would scan just when he really focuses on her, and needs to look for her. Sanam inquires as to why wont he look for her, as she is his better half, and starts shouting contemplating whether she has done something to ahil. Raziz says that she wont show her every one of the cards, however can say that in all actuality noone at the family is irritated for her, and subsequently she shouldnt sit around idly trusting that individuals will come searching for her. She tells sanam that she shoudl lie here actually, till the time she doesnt seek her retribution, as her life is in her grasp. Sanam is stunned. the screen freezes all over.

Precap: Razia and seher are talking while at the same time strolling, when seher remarks that this is a peculiar house and she doesnt need to remain here. razia says that she isntg here to remark however to take care of her responsibilities. Seher says that she is disinteretested to have a day to day existence here as well. She tracks down a paper in razia’s grasp, and tears it to piecses. She takes the paper and tosses it in the canister. Azhar’s folks see this from a good ways.


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