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I Do On Zee World Friday 2nd January 2022:while zoya occupies asad, ayan leaves with petroleum. Zoya requests snacks from the tea merchant, while asad sits tight for her in the vehicle. Zoya is ignorant that she has really taken BHAANG KE PAKODE.: and about, she begins open another absurd conversation, saying that bhopal is as yet far off, and the vehicle may stop halfway. asad doesnt surrender to her ineptitude by remarking. However, it in all actuality does stop later some time, and asad is confounded how might the topped off tank wrap up. zoya is cheerful, yet immediately when she discovers that asad is conveying spare oil, and gets down to fill it into his tank.

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In the interim, Zoya gets ayan’s call, and she lets him know that OPERATION LAL RUMMAL has flopped however OPERATION PYAASI AATMA wont, regardless of whether its in danger. As zoya praises ayna, with her verse in light of his, ayan believes that later quite a while, he has observed someone who can match upto his verse. As she sees asad returning, she drops the telephone, again tending to him as Robert, which befuddles asad, and zoya again says that he’s being desirous. Asad is disappointed with zoya’s immature conduct.

As they drive on, Zoya is attempting to frighten away asad, by providing Asad with a record of how a phantom of, an in woman a mishap a long ime, continues to meander in the evening, with a candle requesting lift in their vehicle.

Asad doesnt focus on this and censures her for her obliviousness and putting stock in such stories, when she’s so iiliterate. she begins saying that theys houldnt challenge the spirits as they then, at that point, come for vengeance. Asad is unperturbed. She shouts out with sickening dread, as she tracks down a comparative individual out and about and she begins criticizing asad for testing the spirits, and confronting their fury. Asad, but goes upto that woman, and slaps her tight, rather than getting terrified. Zoya is stunned to see this, yet she gets about accomplishing her own work, of penetrating his oil tank. Asad makes the phantom escape away, by his mental fortitude. He gets once again into his vehicle and observes that the two rear tires are penetrated. zoya again says that this should be the spirits’ working, who are delivering their retribution. Asad begins to go out searching for a repairman, however zoya claims to be terrified and says that they should take cover and not leave her like this. She at last tracks down a haven and as they startwa lking towards it, it additionally begins pouring, and asad gets zoya into the shelter.(MITWA MOMENT)

I Do On Zee World Friday 2nd January 2022:Razia tosses around turmeric powder so she can follow by the strides of the individual, concerning who’s plotting against her. It prompts badi bi’s room, who is resting, and she imagines that she was correct. She awakens her, who says that she doesnt realize what is she discussing. Razia blames her for being behind all the connivance and that she would show her something new.

Badi bi beginnings shouting and when the relatives come in, she tells shirin that razia is erroneously blaming her for killing, when the specialist even told her that she can’t walk. Shirn asks razia for what good reason is she thinking like that. Razia says that she’s doing dramatization, and that she would demonstrate it to the house. Badi bi lies on the bed. razia is stunned when she finds that the tumeric trail really prompts her shoes and not badi bi’s as she asserts. she is left astounded and humaira takes her from that point to rest, while shirin feels that razia too is currently experiencing the very issue that she blamed badi bi for having. Later everybody leaves, badi bi gets up on her feet and stands on the ground, causing us a deep sense of shock. The entire occurrence is brought to see, with respect to how badi bi had been brilliant not to venture into the turmeric glue at razia’s entryway, yet to show razia something new, she had worn her shoes, and left a path.

Badi bi still up in the air that she would trap razia into her own scheme, and that razia would be compelled to pour out reality with regards to her association in the connivance, and that would aquit rashid from the wrongdoing. she feels that what razia began, she would stop it.

Nikhat has a bleary eyed spell, and humaira solaces her expression that she realizes that she’s bombshell for rashid however she would need to deal with herself. She says that sickliness is exceptionally normal in young ladies and especially during pregnancy. Nikhat inquires as to for what reason is she telling her this. Humaira tells about the long distance race chase against pallor for young ladies. The two of still up in the air that they would spread this message among all young ladies around.

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Asad and zoya enter the haven, and luckily the lights work. Zoya begins eating the pakodas, and tells asad how yummy they are, via her verse… .Koi bade dil wala howdy yeh pakoda baandh sakta hai… .Pakode itne yummy hai, ki aadmi apni to kya, doosro ki bhi ungliyan chaat sakta hai.

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I Do On Zee World Friday 2nd January 2022:Asad also hesitantly begins havingg the pakodas. Pretty soon, zoya begins grinning for reasons unknown, that even she isnt ready to comprehend. Asad and zoya begin having the BHAANG KE PAKODE that she had purchased at the tea merchant, and begin chuckling incongruously, as the inebriating impact of the Bhaang begins. The screen freezes on asad’s stupidly grinning face.

Precap: Asad and zoya are sincerely partaking in the downpour, under a covering and moving the night away, under the impact of the Bhaang.


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