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Scene 1:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do On Zee World Friday 8th April 2022: Dilshad goes on to close the windows, seeing the weighty breezes moving through. Rashid in the interim eyes Asad’s photograph and attempts to call out to him. dilshad sees Dilshad he does this and gets strained. She comes to him and asks him not to be strained, as his child asad is back now, and soon he will see that he would pivot each tempest. in the meantime, asad tells individuals on the telephone, that now all business dealings would be finished by him and he would be the individual to answer to.

Dilshad tells Rashid that differences would go with time, however, asad is his senior child, and he would satisfy all obligations. Asad tells the individual on the telephone that all joint accounts ought to be frozen and no check would be passed without talking with him. Dilshad tells Rashid that he might have called him father, yet soon he would mean it as well. In the meantime, Asad distinguishes himself as Rashid Ahmad Khan’s child. Razia and mamu are strained to see this. mamu comes and asks how might he venture to sit on this seat, that even Rashid didn’t endeavor of all time. asad says that there are parcels that he ought to have done, yet he didn’t. Asad says that he is here to tackle things now, and perhaps he is free today however things would change soon, as the story hasn’t finished. He lets them know that this is the respite before the tempest. he requests that they watch out. Mamu says that he’s redirected numerous tempests.

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Zoya comes in saying that they have done what they did, and this present time is the opportunity to lament. She says that they ought to apologize still or they would need to do it powerfully later. Razia lashes back at her, saying that she perhaps playing the game, yet all wagers are hers, and she might consume her whole time on earth to disentangling this mystery. Razia comes to Zoya and Asad saying that they may go on yet they could always be unable to capture them or get that far to raveling the secret of the doll production line. Asad says that in one month, the tables would turn, and afterward will be disentangled the secret of the doll manufacturing plant, and they would be in a correctional facility, and that is a guarantewoDilshadn’te. They all are strained.

In their room, Razia asks mamu not to be strained for them, as they wont have the option to demonstrate anything in the court or the police headquarters. However, mamu is unconvinced and starts to go. Razia asks where’s he doing without completing the discussion. He says that he’s going to the mosque for asking, as he doesn’t feel what’s happening is correct. She says that he shouldn’t be strained and that he ought to pass on the obligation to amend things on her and all future great. He agrees and leaves. Razia in the interim herself is strained too for mama’s concerns, yet is resolved that this won’t bother her, as it isn’t simple to overcome her.

In their room, dilshads tells Asad and Zoya that Razia won’t acknowledge her wrongdoing or her defeat, as she can go as far as any level to forestall herself and reality. Asad says that she would need to spill reality. Dilshad requests that he be patient and ponder what’s to be finished. She says that she cannot allow it to happen to asad what happened to Rashid. Asad says that they don’t have any proof or verification. He says that there’s only one expectation that Razia herself admits. Dilshad says that it’s incomprehensible. Asad says that they have no other choice, they simply need to figure out how to finish this.

I Do On Zee World Friday 8th April 2022: Zoya hearing this, unexpectedly says that she has a thought. All glance at her confounded. She again gets up on the couch in fervor. He requests that she quiet down first. she says that she’s significant and has come up with something, from her mind and not her tab, and rejects that it’s futile to make sense of specialized things to him. He says that her common Zoya thoughts won’t work, saying that the thoughts are the ones that don’t work. She says that his judgemental nature is the explanation he couldn’t get hitched. Asad is entertained to see her outrage, as she vents out her disappointment. Dilshad bothered at last needs to mediate. She gets some information about the thought.

Zoya says that they would know when she executes it. Dilshad inquires as to whether she’s certain that her arrangement would work. Zoya again goes on a tirade of self acclaim, that she says if they could change over and then they would change razia as well. Asad is entertained.

Scene 2:
Area: Haseena’s home
All praise to haseena, Imran, and nazma for the uplifting news. Inazuma gets some information about the night and she tells her that she should occupy dress. Inazuma goes to call night, however, haseena says that this party is for herself and she shouldn’t leave. Haseena leaves herself. She is grinning evilly.

In the meantime, in her room, as night emerges from the restroom, she tracks down Farhan’s gift, with a note that says that this saree would look superb on her. Be that as it may, the night is amazed to see the dress and contemplates whether he believes she should wear this dress. She says that she won’t have the option to wear this dress. however, at that point recalls haseena’s admonition to wear it. She considers what to do, as though she doesn’t then there would be a gigantic issue, as Farhan likes it and she cannot reject him. She is in a condition of pain.

down the stairs, while haseena is bragging with others about her magnificence, Farhan approaches her and gets some information about the night. haseena lies that she loved it. Farhan inquires as to whether she’s colloquialism the truth. haseena says that night loves him a lot that she could never sell out his trust. While Farhan is guaranteed, haseena sees that night has arrived in an ultra-current dress, a bare-backed and strapless pullover, with a saree. all begin remarking on her, while she is embarrassed. Farhan is befuddled, while haseena professes to be strained by the circumstance. Farhan goes to her and asks what has she worn. All visitor’s eyes are on her. Nikhat attempts to talk, befuddled herself, yet Farhan powerfully takes her inside. Haseena grins while Imran and nazma are strained. she requests that the visitors be typical and partake in the evening. As Imran watches out for them, haseena pursues them.

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Scene 3:
Area: Ayan’s area
Razia requests that the worker keep her milk in her room. Zoya sees this and replaces the glass with her very own glass, containing milk. She stows away as Razia comes into her room and takes her medications alongside the milk, causing Zoya a deep sense of’s entertainment. Razia is confounded about the milk, yet completes it by and by. She hears Zoya conversing with asad on the phone,t cap she has tracked down the proof and would hand it to the police tomorrow, and this evening she will conceal it in the storeroom. Razia hears this and figures that she would need to look into this proof.

I Do On Zee World Friday 8th April 2022: As Razia goes in a flurry towards the storeroom, Zoya follows her and says that if Razia hadn’t done anything, she wouldn’t have gone to the storeroom like a criminal. she believes that now she would get the admission recorded on her tab, from razia. the screen freezes all over.

Precap: Razia in her sedated state admits to Zoya, as she composes the admission out from her, asking how did she manage Rashid. Razia exclaims saying that she ruined his life. Zoya is shocked. In the interim, night shocks everybody, including haseena, Imran, Farhan, and nazma by moving enticingly in that dress just, on a hip number, something that is altogether against the practices of the family.


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