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I Do On Zee World Full Story


I Do is the heartfelt story of Zoya, an advanced lady from America, and Asad, a rich finance manager with conventional qualities, fall head over heels. Their sentiment traverses numerous ages through their kids and their resurrections.

I Do On Zee World Full Story:The principal period of the show zeroed in on the romantic tale of Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui, played by Karan Singh Grover, who was subsequently supplanted by Raqesh Bapat, and Surbhi Jyoti.

In May 2014, the subsequent season presented Asad and Zoya’s twin girls, Sanam and Seher, and rotated around their lives 20 years later the demise of their folks.

The third period of the show depicted Aahil and Sanam’s fragmented romantic tale later she loses her memory, is moved to Pakistan, and a faker has her spot.

The fourth period of the show, dispatched in August 2015 and consolidating extraordinary components, was set 25 years later Sanam’s self destruction. It zeroed in on the romantic tale Mahira, who was the aftereffect of Sanam’s last petition and her two spouses – Azaad Iqbal Khan who is uncovered to be a vampire and is the “counterfeit” Sanam’s child, and his tragically missing sibling, Armaan Iqbal Khan, who accepts his heart in a transfer.

Season 1
Zoya Farooqui, a carefree young lady raised in the USA, goes to Bhopal looking for her organic dad and stays with her cultivate sister’s auntie Dilshad. The child of the last option, Asad Ahmed Khan, is quiet, customary, universal and grumpy. They bit by bit experience passionate feelings for, however Asad’s cherished companion Tanveer Baig makes deterrents for them.

Dilshad’s significant other Rashid deserted her with their two kids to wed a much rich Shireen and has three kids, including her child Ayaan Ahmed Khan, who has a caring relationship with Asad. Shireen’s sibling Gafoor Siddiqui is, indeed, Zoya’s natural dad, who assumed her dead later his subsequent spouse, Razia, kills her mom in a fire, yet Zoya get away.

Humaira, Gafoor’s more youthful little girl, is disheartened when Ayaan leaves with his mom and sisters later Rashid joins with Dilshad. Haider enters the existences of Siddiqui’s to render retribution for his parent’s demise. In the midst of this retribution, he becomes hopelessly enamored with Humaira, and he likewise finds out about being Zoya’s lost cousin sibling, and Haider and Humaira later wed. Zoya and Humaira before long discover that they share a dad, and Zoya weds Asad. They bring forth twin little girls Sanam and Seher. Haider and Humaira move into Dubai, and it’s uncovered that Humaira is pregnant.

Tanveer before long follows Asad and Zoya out, mercilessly wounds them, and burns down their home, while Dilshad escapes with her granddaughters – Haya, Sanam, however loses Seher in the fire related accident.

Season 2

After 20 years, Dilshad lives with a quiet Haya and Sanam in Punjab. Sanam runs an eatery and crosses her way with the business investor Aahil Raza Ibrahim, a visually impaired Tanveer’s stepson. The two get going with disdain where Aahil consumes Sanam’s eatery in his inner self and Sanam comes to Bhopal looking for vocation. She incidentally, begins working at the Ibrahim Mansion as a cook and when Aahil comes to realize that, he makes an honest effort to inconvenience her.

Haya, then again, battles to wed Raahat, who she loves, and his sibling Faiz, who cherishes her. Faiz starts to despise Raahat for “taking” Haya and attempts to assault them, yet they kill him and join together.

Aahil and Sanam are isolated as Razia educates Tanveer regarding Sanam being Asad and Zoya’s girl. She captures Sanam and takes care of Seher. Before long, Dilshad looks into Tanveer and uncovers Sanam and Seher’s set of experiences to them. The sisters pledge to retaliate for their folks’ passing. Tanveer recaptures her sight and fools Aahil into wedding a lady she orchestrates as Sanam. In the mean time, Aahil, who is enamored with Sanam, thinks she passed on him at the special stepped area and attempts to settle the score with her as he continues to hurt her by his words. He later discovers his dad is alive. He excuses his mom and leaves her. Tanveer plots to kill Aahil however kills Rehan all things being equal.

Zoya’s spirit kills Tanveer. The sham Sanam, to isolate the rejoined darlings, Aahil and Sanam, attempts to offer Seher to a massage parlor, yet the genuine Sanam contacts her on schedule to protect her. In any case, during the break, Seher passes on. Sanam, uninformed about this, looks for her sister and ranges to Lahore.

Season 3
Sanam has lost her memory and lives with a Pakistani Major, Shaad Aftaab Khan, who to save her life, lied that she is his significant other, Jannat. “Jannat” confusingly recalls concentrates of her existence with Aahil.

Before long, Tanveer’s little girl enters their life camouflaged as Misbah, Shaad’s cousin, and kills the family acting like a fear based oppressor. Shaad and Jannat pursue Misbah and arrive at India, where Aahil sees as her and recommends they come to Bhopal for her treatment. Shaad acknowledges Jannat is Sanam and leaves her with Aahil. However, Sanam’s faker, actually living with Aahil, attempts to get her far from him. She pays a man to kill them and effectively kills Aahil, however Shaad returns and forfeits himself to save Sanam. Crushed by the demise of Aahil and Shaad, Sanam curses her fraud’s childhood and commits suicide.

Season 4
After 25 years,Mahira takes birth simultaneously when Sanam passes on. Mahira is the solution to Sanam’s last supplication. She comes to Bhopal to remain with her stepsisters. She experiences Fake Sanam (presently Khan Begum) who is currently hopeless without her powers. She additionally experiences her more seasoned child Azaad, and they fall head over heels. In any case, Azaad is uncovered to be a vampire. Mahira is at first connected with to Amaad (Khan Begum’s yougest child) as Azaad rejects all her protected from himself. Be that as it may, Khan Begum later has her wed Azaad on steadiness of Razia, who accepts just the posterity of genuine darlings can assist them with recuperating Khan Begum’s underhanded powers. Be that as it may, soon, Afreen enters in their lives, killing Amaad and causes a ruin, torturing and isolating the love birds. Afreen in her endeavor to kill Khan Begum kills Azaad and his heart is relocated into his more seasoned sibling Armaan, who is the primary brought into the world of KB. She additionally discovers that her initially conceived and Mahira’s posterity can really bring back her malevolent powers.

However, they are at first in constant conflict as Armaan fakes his adoration for Mahira to deliver the retribution of her slaps, they are hitched as he extorts her. Both Mahira and Armaan attempt to inconvenience and outmaneuver each other later the marriage however before long succumbs to one another later she saves him from psychological oppressors. Amaad returns their lives and maneuvers Armaan toward separating from Mahira. Khan Begum at long last understands her errors and is presently feeble. She forfeits herself to resuscitate Armaan. Eventually, Mahira and Armaan gets hitched again and names their girl, Zoya,

Brief Information and Details on I Do Zee World Series
Type: Romance
First Episode: 24, Nov 2021
Absolute number of episodes: 856
Absolute quantities of Season: Four
Channel: Zee World Tv Africa
Network: Zee Tv
Unique name: Qubool Hai
Last Episode: Nil
Lead Actors: Zoya, Asad, Razia
Fundamental Cast/Characters/RealName/Pictures On I Do Zee World
Surbhi Jyoti as Zoya Farooqui/Ahmed Khan – Gafoor’s girl; Humaira’s stepsister; Haider’s cousin; Asad’s significant other; Sanam and Seher’s mom
Harshaali Malhotra as Child Zoya Farooqui.
Karan Singh Grover/Raqesh Bapat as Asad Ahmed Khan – Dilshad and Rashid’s child; Najma’s sibling; Ayaan, Nikhat and Nuzhat’s relative; Zoya’s significant other; Sanam and Seher’s dad
Rishabh Sinha/Vikrant Massey as Ayaan Ahmed Khan – Rashid and Shireen’s child; Nikhat and Nuzhat’s sibling; Asad and Najma’s relative; Humaira’s ex
Ketaki Kadam as Humaira Siddiqui/Sheik – Gafoor and Razia’s girl; Zoya’s stepsister; Ayaan’s ex-life partner; Haider’s significant other
Mohit Sehgal as Haider Sheik – Zoya’s cousin; Humaira’s better half
Nisha Nagpal/Amrapali Gupta as Tanveer Baig/Begum Sahiba – Asad’s cherished companion and sweetheart; Zoya and Sanam’s foe; Rehan and Shashi’s mom, Aahil’s stepmother
Suzi Khan as Child Tanveer Baig
Shashi Kapoor also known as Misbah Sayyed – A Terrorist; Tanveer’s little girl
Alka Kaushal as Razia Ahmed Siddiqui also known as Sardar-e-Ifrit/Sir Juda – Gafoor’s subsequent spouse; Humaira’s mother[
Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Dilshad Ahmed Khan – Rashid’s first spouse; Asad and Najma’s mom
Karanvir Bohra as Aahil Raza Ibrahim – Nawab’s child; Tanveer’s progression child; Shazia and Nazia’s sibling; Sanam’s better half.
Shehzad Shaikh as Rehan Qureshi – Tanveer’s child; Seher’s life partner
Surbhi Chandna as Haya Qureshi/Ansari – Najma and Imran’s little girl; Raahat’s better half
Deepak Wadhwa as Raahat Ansari – Haya’s significant other
Additi Gupta as Khan Begum – Sanam’s sham; Naseer, Ahil and Ahsaan’s better half; Azaad, Kainaat, Armaan, and Amaad’s mom; Ahil’s killer

Varun Toorkey as Shaad Aftaab Khan – Sanam’s companion and deliverer in Pakistan
Avinash Sachdev as Armaan Raza Sheik – Khan Begum’s ill-conceived child; Azaad, Kainaat and Amaad’s stepbrother; Mahira’s subsequent spouse; Jr. Zoya’s dad

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