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Scene 1:
Area: Mental Facility
I Do On Zee World Monday 11th April 2022: tanveer starst shrinking away from the real issue, when gotten some information about mamu’s little girl. Mamu irritatedly asks her whats his girl’s name. she says that she can get his aggravation, however she doesnt recall her name. He says that he has everything except a girl, and requests that she complete his life, by letting him know the name. She begins singing, while he gets bothered. she go on with her tirade. the attendants come in and request that he leave, as they cannot let her be any longer. She requests that he get a few desserts, so she may likewise offer something to him, that is sweet to his ears. the nruses remove her, while he becomes miserable.

Scene 2:
Area: Razia’s and haseena’s home
Zoya reproves asad for taking such a long time to spruce up. Zoya says that she knows the arrangement that they need to get rashid out in the yard, in the evening, and razia will curiously follow to see what explanation Rashid gives. in any case, in the mean time, badi bi would stow away rashid and asad would sit in his place. And afterward razia, out of her dread would express something or the other and they need to record it. Dilshad coems to him and saysv that he’s resembling his father.

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She says that its off-base that the time passed by, doesnt return, as she can see his child in his dad’s dress, and it feels that the previous time has risen once more. She says that she is extremely blissful. They embrace, while rashid too observes emtionally alongside zoya. Asaed says that they have sufficiently experienced. what’s more, this last snare would end every one of their sufferings. Zoya says that she has asurprise for them too in the festival. Asad is irate that she couldnt stay discreet. He says that they would know it soon, when it works out.

Dilshad converses with nazma, saying ‘sorry’ that she couldnt go to the capacity. Nazma is strained asking what new advancements occurred in the house. dilshad asks her not to be strained. She gets some information about the capacity. nazma remembesr nikhat’s way of behaving. Before she can talk, she finds nikhat sitting tight for her to talk. She diverst and gets some information about rashid from dilshad.

She tells dilshad that everybody including nikhat is fine here. she drops the telephone. nikhat comes to ask what occurred. nazma doesnt answer, and on second thought tells haseenma that her tea is prepared. She intentionally overlooks nikhat. Yet, nikhat says that she would help her in the work all things considered. Yet, nazma requests that she let be. haseena grins evilly and offers herself to help. Haseena leaves, while nikhat is strained as nazma leaves as well.

razia defies mamu saying that rashid has started to talk, and presently he is getting so diverted. she asks him for what reason isnt he strained for them. mamu says that they cannot do anything more. razia gets some information about asaed’s advance notice. He says that its been sufficient, and in thnese 17 years, he has worn out to carry out additional wrongdoings. Mamu comes to razia and tells her that this moment is the opportunity to be ready for the results of their activity 17 years back.

Razia is shocked by his position. she leaves the room carelessly. Razia finds that dilshad, zoya and asad are taking rashid out in the wheelchair and miracles where he is being taken as of now in the evening. As she follows them, rashid is taken by badi bi in her room. Rashid begins hacking gravely, and badi bi leaves to get his drugs. In the yard, zoya leaves on the guise of getting a cloak in this virus. The two of them know that razia is inside hearing range.Asad covertly turns on the recorder.

Dilshad also leaves saying that she needs to get his prescriptions. in the mean time, mamu hears rashid’s hacking, and considers how could he be around, when razia said that he was taken to the grass. Rashid gets strained, as mamu shuts the entryway behind him and starts strolling towards him.

I Do On Zee World Monday 11th April 2022: Mamu descends on his kness, and amazements rashid by asking for pardoning. in the yard, as asad sits, professing to be rashid, razia subtly makes up for lost time from behind, and gets the Khurpi kept in the nursery, with an expectation to kill rashid. As he begins wheeling the seat, razia says from behind, how long can he escawpe and get by. She shouts to rashid, saying that he is troublemaker, that he made due till now, as she never felt that he would, yet he did and began talking as well, incredibly.

Scene 3:
Area: Outdoor Location
Haider says that they at last got an exit plan. Humaira sincerely says that occasionally, the excursion is superior to the objective, and it torments to see that it has finished. haider strolls ahead and humaira follows.

Scene 4:
Area: Razia’s home
Razia sasy that she’s stunned at his solidarity. Razia says that what might he tell the world, that she obliterated his life and his joy, he lost everything because of her, his better half dilshad, and his youngsters, asad and nazma, all that was dearest to him, and that she even attempted to end his life.

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I Do On Zee World Monday 11th April 2022: Asad records every last bit of it, while razia is absent that she’s falling in their snare. She says that actually, she wont let anybody tell anything, Asad Ahmed Khan. He is stunned that razia knows. mamu admits to rashid that they have stowed away their violations for a really long time, and they failed to remember that it would have had repurcussions on them later on. He says that he is responsible for their discipline. In the yard, asad gets up to apathetically confront razia. the screen freezes all over.

Precap: Razia says that he and zoya may attempt everything that they would be able, yet they could always be unable to persuasively get an admission out of her. asad is strained. In the room, Mamu says that the world will know, that the world will know about their wrongdoing, and he is ready to be rebuffed alongside razia. He leaves, while rashid is demonstrated to convey a recorder, with which he taped mamu’s admission. In the interim, in a room, haider and humaira change and spruce up, and sincerely face each other.


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