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Scene 1:
Area: Ahil’s home
I DO On Zee World Monday 16th May 2022: Shazia is exceptionally blissful about the trick that she played on sanam, yet finds nazia remaining before her. Nazia asks her to avoid this, while shazia steps out.

Ahil gets a call from tanveer, who lets him know that itys his sibling’s marriage and she believes him should take part. He asks her to coime and afterward he will do what she needs, as his satisfaction is with her. tanveer asks him not to say that, as he isnt a typical individual, as his looks change predetermination, and assuming somebody expects something from him, he ought to satisfy it, and not refarin from it.

She requests that he guarantee, and he goes along that he would attempt to the fullest to be in azhar’s marriage. tanveer says that he would win and realize that he wont deny her. she in a roundabout way raises sanam’s theme. Ahil tells her that she would be gone before she gets back. he is going to become disappointed about sanam, when he hears a thump, and she believing its rehaan requests that he take care of him, and drops the telephone. He opens the entryway, and finds sanam, who had returned to return the coat. Ahil observes that its been flushed and washed. Sanam returns the coat to Ahil, while he asks whats this.

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I DO On Zee World Monday 16th May 2022:  Ahil condemns her for utilizing the clothes washer for drycleaning. she says that she didnt give water to the machine. Sanam says that she doesnt figure out these cutting edge contraptions and their working. Sanam says that she is greatly improved at what she is capable in. he discards the coat, and says that now he would test her. Ahil tells her that then he would give her work that she is adjusted to. Ahil tells her that for azhar’s marriage, he wants her to make Motichur ke laddoo. sanam says that it would be finished. He requests that she reconsider, as though she falls flat, it would break her last jug, and she would lose. Sanam says that the work that she knows, she never twofold considers it.

Ahil says that he wants 100 and he stops. sanam says thatit would be finished. Ahil finishes it saying that he wants 100kgs, in parcels of 1kg. Sanam is stunned, while ahil grins evilly. she asks how can it be the case. He inquires as to whether she’s terrified, and that assuming she needs, she can deny, as it wont have an effect assuming the jug breaks at the present time or toward the beginning of the day. sanam acknowledges the demand and leaves.

In the kitchen, sanam is as yet stunned at the unthinkable test. she finds latif and azhar’s folks come in, attempting to poke a fun at how she has taken the unimaginable test. sanam says that the sky is the limit. she gets to working, and is pleasntly shocked to find nazia helping her in it. While she is doing as such, ahil shouts at her and tells her not to help sanam, as she would need to do it single-handedly. He gets everybody out. nazia has no choice except for to leave. sanam doesnt acknowledge what to do and how.

While sanam is trudging out in the kitchen, rehaan is apalled to see her like this, really buckling down. He finds her taking pills too to battle the shortcoming and disintegration of the wellbeing that she is noticing. He has no choice except for to leave. He goes to ahil, while he heaves his dissatisfaction out at sanam, for taking on too much, and asks rehaan for what good reason is he so irritated. rehaan refers to that she is wiped out. ahil says that its her last undertaking, and after this the two of them are free. rehaan shows him a record, and ahil concentrates on it. in the mean time, sanam’s condition deteriorates as the night progreeses, and after a place of time, she observes that she has just gotten done with 40% of the task, however is as yet resolute to satisfy it, as its better compared to saying ‘sorry’ to him. She keeps on working, while not understanding, that she really completed the task, with fifteen minutes in excess. She is herself flabbergasted at the accomplishment.

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Scene 2:
Area: Munisa’s haveli
While dilshad tells haya that she wont tell sanam, and give her an amazement. haya guides her that she doesnt need to remain here, and tells her in signs with respect to what munisa said. dilshad says that perhaps she had a misnderstanding. She fervently denies, and dilshad requests that she unwind as she would converse with her. Munisa vehen=mently rejects that there’s nothing similar to that and that haya probably had a misconception, as she wouldnt have invited them on the off chance that she didnt need them here. dilshad requests to relinquish it, and faults haya for it, and makes haya and herself also apologizes for this. Munisa embraces haya, while she chooses to remain caution of this young lady. Dilshad and haya leave, while munisa eyes them rigidly, pondering that haya might have been given lesser visual perception in understanding lips.

afterward, while haya is working in the kitchen, shoaib comes and gets her terriblke uncomfortable as he plays around with her improperly, and requests that she recollect him, if at any point she wants anything, whenever and anyplace, and attempts to get genuinely proximal to her. she gets awkward and leaves. Shoaib is alarmed when munisa fights against eminent loss, yet doesnt acknowledge what he was upto. She leaves while he is feeling much better.

Scene 3:
Area: Ahil’s haveli
While sanam is working in the kitchen, azhar’s folks come and remove 2 bundles while she is disatracted somewhere else. They leave. Was she pivots, sjhe is stunned to observe 2 bundles proceeded to be distressed. She begins re-thinking and observes that somebody has taken it.

I DO On Zee World Monday 16th May 2022: In their room, azhar’s folks are pigging out away on desserts in stowing away, while latif asks sanam to go along, as ahil has called her to review on the laddooos. she thinks about what to do now. she gets to setting them up once more, to fill the two bundles as she observes that 5 minutes are still left. she wildly attempts to wrap up on schedule. latif comes in asking that her time is up, and doesnt let sanam gauge the two recently bundles made. sanam has no choice, however to see the workers remove it. the screen freezes on her strained face.

Precap: Ahil tells sanam that she lost, and presently she would do what he had requested that she do, and reminds her what she needs to do, and how she needs to apologize. sanam is troubled and apalled, as ahil watches her evilly. she consents and starts to get kneeling down while ahil observes successfully.


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