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I Do On Zee World Monday 17th January 2022: ayan resents razia’s expanded demand about marriage and stuff. Razia counters saying that she cannot relinquish a child in law like ayan. Ayan says that he has given his statement to her. Razia says that his statement doesnt matter a lot to her, and compromises that assuming he doesnt keep his assertion, she can resume the case likewise, just liek she shut it. She says that when haseena comes for fixing the date of nikhat’s marriage today, he would need to show his tendency to get hitched, when she discusses humaira and his marriage. Saying as much, she leaves.

Evereyone is glad to fix nikhat’s and imran’s marriage. Shirin commenst on the day being exceptionally cheerful. Razia says that they can twofold date it up with humaira and ayan’s wedding as well. everybody is amazed to hear this. Rashid says that they shouldnt examine about things, that have effectively been chosen about. Razia asks not to have confidence on the kids, as their preferences continue to shift, and focuses to ayan, who pardons himself from the gathering. Haseena says that it appears as though ayan felt awful. Razia pulls it together saying that its in no way like that, as ayan is in reality extremely flighty leaning. She changes the theme ignorantly.

Imran converses with nikhat, saying that he needs everything to be cl;eared about his previous existence, as he needs that their new life be founded on trustworthiness. at the point when she inquires as to whether its about a young lady, he concurs saying that he noore has relations with her. At the point when she affirms about it, she says that she had without exception needed a spouse who wouldnt conceal anything from her, and he totally possesses all the necessary qualities.

I Do On Zee World Monday 17th January 2022; Haseena chooses twelfth as the date for the marriage, and chooses to affirm from the minister. Shirin asks humaira to get her handbag for the cleric’s number. As she gets her handbag, shirin is astounded to track down a red hued powder razia is stunned and yells out as blood. Shirin says that it was in this handbag, and takes out a red spread ball, alongside pins trapped in it .Everyone is stunned to see this. Razia asks ayan and humaira assuming they have done this trick. Ayan says for what reason would they do something like this to their own mom. Badi bi inquiries humaira that she had got the tote, humaira says that she did, yet she didnt place this there.

Razia says that individuals frequently dark wizardry like this. Shirin is terrified and refers to a model with regards to it being extremely perilous. Rashid tlls her that in no way like this has occurred. He asks her not to trust such stuff, and asks why woul somebody do that on them. razia says who might do this to them, and what else could it be, if not dark enchantment.

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Tanveer while eating apple, feels that she would show the whole world, that this one looked at tanveer, not having a place with a high rank, can likewise run the world. Hearing a thump on the entryway, she is strained that the individual would see her like that. asad comes in and tracks down her supplicating and leaves. Tanveer is glad to think that he is no more.

Zoya is as yet in look for any sign from the photo, and is making a decent living, by calling up, all over, to discover anything. she takes that masterpiece, and is recalled about asad embracing tanveer. (MITWA MOMENT) She is asking for what reason is he wasted time with asad’s very own life, as her main thought process is to track down her dad and that she would.

Tanveer comes to asad’s room, asad inquires as to whether she’s alright. she says that she’s fine and regardless of whether all’s lost, she would make another life for herself. she requests that his consent use his restroom, since there’s an issue in hers. Asad concurs. Later tanveer goes, zoya sees this and is envious that asad consistently squabbles when she requests something similar. She says that she would just utilize his restroom, just when hers also has an issue. asad says that wont occur since She disobediently tells asad that she would proceed to fix tanveer’s restroom at this moment. She is protesting that asad misjudges her consistently, however at that point recalls that she had really caused a wreck, when she had attempted to help them. She says that this time it would be unique. She breaks into her verse: Pup bhow, billi whimper yowl, and bi vroom,

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chutki mein thik kar degi zoya, tanveer ka restroom. She goes into tanveer’s room, and starts to fix the restroom. asad comes in behind her. However, of course, zoya builds the issue rather than fixing it. The tap starts to splash water seriously, and both asad and zoya get soaked in it.(MITWA MOMENT). Be that as it may, to asad’s dissatisfaction, she can’t stop the stream. At last she oversees it some way or another. Zoya requests that he check out the brilliant side, as she got to realize that his watch is waterprrof, however at that point when it doesnt work, says that it isnt and that how cool he examines a wet clothing. Asad requests that she shut up, as he shouldnt have advised her to do anything. zoya says that assuming that is the situation, for what reason did he request that she do it. zoya asks him for what valid reason had he called her in the family room, to converse with her. He tracked down her stud and afterward says that this is on the grounds that, he had gone totally mental and leaves. zoya says that he for sure is compeletly frantic. Zoya observes tanveer’s telephone ringing, and she proceeds to see who is it.

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I Do On Zee World Monday 17th January 2022: Asad comes in his room, all doused, while tanveer additionally emerges from washing. Tanveer asks asad for what good reason is he looking so strained, and purposefully in case the dupatta slip from one of her shoulders. Asad turns away, whiel tanveer grins. He says that zoya has made his distraught. She is going to put a hand on asad, when zoya comes in giving tanveer, her telephone. She says that it wasnt totally discernible, yet she could discover that it was the masterji from her production line, who needed to converse with her pressing, henceforth she gave the individual their landline number. tanveer is stunned to hear that, as she feels that assuming another person gets the telephone, her game would be up. the screen freezes on her strained face.

Precap: Razia while giving photographs, to the studio individual, to be outlined additionally gives the one, that zoya has a duplicate of. The individual perceives the photograph, and tells her that he has quite recently got one more duplicate of this photograph, today itself, by a lady to be outlined. Razia is stunned to hear this. All at once, razia gets somebody’s call, while zoya too is demonstrated to call somebody.


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