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I Do On Zee World Monday 27th December 2021:The visitors ate situated in the shamiana and zoya is brought somewhere around the young ladies hidden under a dupatta so that asad cannot see her. In her cover, zoya organizes asad’s plate as he would prefer and gives her food, which puzzles him. Zoya’s duppata is trapped in asad’s sleeve and keeping in mind that she is frightened, he eliminates the dupatta from her sleeve.

Asad calls dilshad and tells her of the happenings and furthermore about zoya that she was here and he has sent her off to bhopal. All at once, zoya crosses asad’s side dropping his telephone, and discharges out her renowned talk line, ALLAH MIA and asad realizes the hidden young lady is later all zoya and is furious.

I Do On Zee World Monday 27th December 2021:While the capacity begins in the midst of moving and fun, asad’s consideration is gotten at zoya hung over her face by a cover. Yet, when he starts to move toward her, he is halted by the artists who start to draw in him in playing around with them. the artists include zoya too in moving while asad watches her out of resentment. Asad gets her by the sleeve and she takes a gander at him in shock. He takes her from that point and taking her to a detached area, inquires as to for what reason is she still here even later him advising her to leave. in any case, she says that she may be excluded however not unwanted since the young ladies themselves have welcomed her. He says that any place she goes, there’s an issue regardless of whether she need and requests that she leave the principal thing toward the beginning of the day and comes full circle the discussion and leaves while zoya is baffled at his conduct.

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Razia orchestrating humaira and ayan in a hug and pulling the sheets on them, imagines that this would seal their marriage yet no one ought to hav ea question that she’s purposely later this. Hearing a thump on the entryway, she ducks behind while rashid’s mom come in and finding ayan snoozing alone as humaira is dodged under the sheets by her mom, is glad and leaves.

The following morning, razia is going to go into ayan’s room however at that point choosing in any case so that no question is projected on her to be behind this, leaves the entryway open as she finds mamujaan moving toward Ayan’s room. Mamujaan crosses the room without focusing. To draw his consideration, razia tosses a bangle at Ayan’s entryway to grab his eye. Mamu at last sees the two of them resting together in ayan’s bed and is flaring with rage at seeing such indecency in his own home. Razia is glad to see her arrangement going to a triumph.

Area: At asad’s relative in mangalpur
while zoya prepares to leave, the young ladies are miserable that she is leaving them. Getting going in the arrangements, they ask zoya to say her farewell to the lady.

Inside, the lady subtly opposing the marriage, chooses to consume herself aflame while zoya is fastly moving toward her room. Zoya thumps on the entryway however doesnt get any reaction. She breaks inside and is stunned to observe the young lady like that. Zoya reproves her for doing such ineptitude. Mariam separates before her that she thinks that it is smarter to pass on other than get hitched to her man of the hour.

I Do On Zee World Monday 27th December 2021:Zoya says that she should converse with her folks assuming she didn’t wish to get hitched. Mariam says that she had attempted yet her folks need their distinction more than the affection for their girl. She separates saying that she very understands the person she’s getting hitched to, as he had assaulted her and presently her folks are driving her top get hitched to that beast. She says that her sibling might have saved yet he’s not here as it were. While zoya feels that individual ought to get rebuffed as opposed to being commended. mariam says that her family would consider her capable assuming this news is out in the town. Zoya says that she shouldn’t rebuff herself for something that she didn’t submit and in this way she shouldn’t bite the dust, rather that beast should kick the bucket. While mariam says that its past the point of no return and she would get whenever hitched now, at whatever point the man of the hour shows up, zoya says that no one could make mariam wed somebody who she doesnt need to and who has done as such amiss with her and she would by and by make sure that mariam’s desire is reestablished and she wouldn’t get hitched. Mariam says that she wont flee as proposed by zoya. Yet, zoya persuades that nobody would see as her except for until some other time when it would be past the point of no return. when mariam is as yet not persuaded, zoya says that she has two choices, possibly she offers that beast of an individual or flees and carries on with her life as she needs. all of a sudden, they hear mariam’s general women jumping in to find in the event that mariam is prepared. They enter to observe a young lady dressed as a lady and persuaded that she’s mariam, bring her down to start the marriage.

As the husband to be’s side shows up, the alleged lady of the hour is cut down, while asad watchfully watches her. Zoya calls up and asks asad to take a gander at the lady of the hour. Asad is confounded yet takes a gander at the lady at any rate and zoya lifts her shroud and asad is stunned to find zoya dressed as the lady. The screen freezes on asad’s stunned out of his brains face.

Precap: Zoya’s boldness made asad understand his affection and enthusiasm for her. zoya and asad’s arrangement to save the young lady is up and having held asad, they cover zoya in the ground while asad observes powerlessly.

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