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I Do On Zee World Monday 3rd January 2022 :Asad, dressed liberally in a dark shirt, comes out to find zoya wearing a pink saree, chuckling wildly. Asad also participates with her. He says that its the issue of her awful company.(MITWA MOMENT) They are yakking meanwhile for reasons unknown, yet at the same time dont leave contending with one another. Asad says that zoya isnt mature, zoya says that she is experienced and really focuses on individuals and lets him know that he ought to too begin really focusing on individuals, and not term it as meddling into individuals’ life. They again into their steady bickerings, with no connection to any significant point at all. Zoya says that he even doesnt care for the sensation of her own mom, leave alone outsiders.

Asad says that how might she know since she had none. All things consideredd of becoming irate and harmed, she is chuckling ambiguously. she says that she can kill anybody with the dimple that happens when she grins. Asad is entranced by her smiling.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad and zoya sincerely begin partaking in the downpour, under an overhang and moving the night away, under the impact of the Bhaang. They get close during this, singing while at the same time partaking in one another’s heartfelt energies.

Asad and zoya get once more into their room. Asad gets a call, and dismisses with the individual, who called him to tell that the tire has been fixed. Yet, ayan locks the entryway from outside, so that asad isnt ready to get out. Inside, asad observes that the entryway is locked. zoya and asad again joke at that. Zoya proclaims this, chuckling, that ayan and she had arranged this from the start, so he cannot get to the court. Asad, is shocked briefly, however at that point breaks out into chuckling.

Badi bi is dozing, when shirin attempts to awaken her and tells that the specialist is coming to actually look at her up. Badi bi claims to rest, however talks in her rest, saying that razia has the key that would demonstrate rashid’s blamelessness.

shirin says that she doesnt realize what is the meds that the specialist is giving, when he comes, as its causing badi bi to talk in her rest. the specialist requests to know what she said, to have the option to comprehend her psychological issue.

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Shirin says that badi bi murmured, that during doll manufacturing plant episode, razia clicked pics. razia is stunned, and shirin too concurs concerning for what reason would somebody do that likewise adding that badi bi additionally informed that razia had hung her topsy turvy for killing her. At the point when the specialist attempts to show interest in this, razia censures him by saying that he also now feels that razia attempted to kill her. She blows a gasket at the apprehension about being uncovered. She attempts to say that badi bi is currently insulting her evn in her rest. while everybody is astounded, mamujaan has an emotionless look all over. Humaira removes her from the room. Later everybody leaves, badi bi awakens.

I Do On Zee World Monday 3rd January 2022:Razia calls up Billo Rani, saying that they need to move quickly, as things are going crazy, and the doll being recovered is her last choice. she is told by the worker that maujaan wishes to see her. she goes into his room, and faces a seat betrayed her, says that she knows why he called him, and that he resents her, however she says that she didnt have any choice, as rashid is in prison, and she is always frightened that examinations would surface their part in it as well, and assuming somebody gets the proof, then, at that point, everything would wrap up. She says that badi may be biting the dust, however she generally feels that she would be a reason to tremendous difficulty. she continues to the seat, saying that noone could at any point know her contribution in the scheme, and she as of now is currently getting the proof into her protected guardianship.

She says that everybody would have to realize that the individual who bites the dust in that fire, didnt kick the bucket in light of the fire, however had been killed before as it were. as she comes inf ront of the seat, she finds badi bi staying there, rather than mamujaan. while badi bi has a triumphant grin, an astounded razia can’t look at without flinching, at badi bi.

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I Do On Zee World Monday 3rd January 2022:zoya is again gabbing and says that she told him and he told her beginning and end today, yet doesnt know the explanation. He says that not all things have an explanation. Zoya says that he can ask her anything and she would ahev the solution to everything. Asad inquires as to whether she is so underhanded and uncouth, then, at that point, howcome he enjoys her so much, and thinks that she is so alluring, when he has never met a more inept young lady. That when he loathes her so much, why does she figure in his fantasies, and lights up his darkness.(MITWA MOMENT) Zoya says that the solution to this is straightforward, and that will be that he prefers her and furthermore adds that she also loves him. Asad and zoya register this reality, yet affected by bhaang, the two of them chuckle it off.(A COMPLETE MITWA SEQUENCE) Asad says that there’s gigantic contrast among the real world and dreams, and in genuine, zoya isnt reasonable to be anybody’s ideal spouse, and she cannot influence in any feelings as she’s totally off-base for his family. Zoya continues jabbing him saying that he’s so mean, while they keep giggling. She at last rests off on his shoulders and he also floats off to rest. The screen freezes on their appearances.

Precap: Zoya, with blood spread cheeks, is confounded at being around a loss, with many harmed individuals, yet is lively when she sees asad escaping the vehicle, and raises out her arms at him, while he also runs toward her. Be that as it may, she is stunned and harmed, when he crosses without giving any consideration to her, and proceeds to embrace another young lady.


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