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I Do On Zee World Saturday 15th January 2022: While dilshad and zoya are having food, tanveer helps telling dilshad that she doesnt mind helping around the kitchen. zoya offers to help, attempting to overwhelm tanveer. However, tanveer cordially denies. Zoya believes that tanveer has come here to give a feeling of inadequacy. Dilshad, aggravates her even more, by going on a commendation long distance race about tanveer. Zoya stifles on the way that dilshad says that when asad and tanveer grew up together, exceptionally close, individuals figured they would wed when they grow up. She believes that individuals are going crazy over tanveer. She slides out from dilshad, saying that is he failed to remember her configuration book, and runs from that point to try not to speak any longer about tanveer.

I Do On Zee World Saturday 15th January 2022: Tanveer converses with somebody on the telephone, asking is she knows without a doubt. at the point when she is affirmed by the guest, she takes out a pregnancy pack, saying that she knows without a doubt, that this is the best way to see whether she’s really pregnant. Tanveer is stunned to find that she’s pregnant, and cant appear to trust it. All at once, zoya strolls in on her in her room, and surprises her. Tanveer conceals the pregnanacy strip among her to be washed garments. Zoya says that she came to return tanveer’s book. Tanveer asks her not to have troubled. Zoya apologizes for the misconception at the emergency clinic. Tanveer says that its alright. While she’s occupied with conversing with zoya, she absentmindedly advises the washer woman to take garments for washing, where tanveer had stowed away the strip, and she is stunned when she discovers that the strip additionally has gone. the washer woman while taking the garments, drops the strip, on the table inadvertently obliviously.

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Tanveer, as she runs down, to recover the strip, goes over asad, is asked by him in the event that she needs him to get anything for her. at the point when he demands, she says that she could get her anything he desires. She requests that he ask zoya additionally assuming she wants anything. when asad asks her, Zoya says that she also loves kachori, yet that its alright, and that she would get it herself assuming she needs to.

When asad is going to leave, zoya asks tanveer, if asad at any point got hit on the head, because of which his insight is excessively low, indicating a blow at asad. Be that as it may, he doesnt trouble, and leaves in any case. when asad returns, he gets some information about tanveer from nazma, keeping a parcel on the table. When nazma lets him know that she has gone out, he goes to a call. At the point when he gst occupied in the call, Zoya gets ready jam and toast for asad, saying that since she had completed his’ toward the beginning of the day, subsequently she has made it for him.(MITWA MOMENT) Zoya, seeing asad grinning, gets into a yakking babooning once more, saying that she had made this for herself, however seeing that he cme back hungry from office, she chose to give it to her. Asad shows her the parcel that he had got for her, that contains kachori that he has for her. Taking the bundle, later much pondering, she breaks into her verse, School mein meri dearest companion thi, sudha kachori,
Standard aaj meri dearest companion hain, yeh bhopal ki kachori

Asad, smilingly cautions her that assuming she gets into her idyllic self once more, he woul;d take it from her. While they get down to eating, zoya gets a stain of the ketchup on the mouth, one next to the other supplementing on the kachori. Asad brings up her, yet she gets to some unacceptable side. Asad, himself gets to the stain, by taking a napkin and cleaning it for her, while she is staggered by this act.(MITWA MOMENT)

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I Do On Zee World Saturday 15th January 2022: Razia begins gagging on the samosas, and the chillies in it. Badi bi, even more, stings her eyes with the chillies that she had in her grasp, and seeing her condition, recollects how razia managed her. She says that razia likes to behave recklessly, and presently she would ahve to consume, as she told razia that she would give her discipline herself. As razia shouts out for water, as the chillies begin showing impact from the samosas, badi bi holds her from behind, and says that she would get water without a doubt, and tosses her into a similar pool, that razia had tossed her once into.

Badi bi calls up a panel, presenting herself, and saying that she needs to build her gift from 11000 to 51000. The executive of the committe is extremely glad to hear this. She advises him to send his men to gather the sonation and request that he meet somebody called razia in the house. from that point forward, she goes into razia’s protected and eliminates all the cash from that point.

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At the point when the advisory group shows up, razia is overwhelmed at the way that somebody from their home had called. Individuals inquire as to whether they should make the receipt. razia attempts to deflect it saying that they should come later. Yet, badi bi comes in expressing that beneficial things shouldnt be postponed. Razia, not seeing any oher choice, requests that they give a receipt of 11000. Yet, she is stunned when she realizes that the receipt is of 51000. Finding that razia has no way out, she surrenders to get the cash.

Protesting and furious at badi bi’s most recent tricks pulled on her, razia goes into the protected of her room, and is stunned to track down no cash there. she comes down to tell badi bi that she has no cash, and badi bi yells out to everybody, embarassing her before everybody. Individuals also insult razia saying that she burned through their time. badi bi, offers tauntingly, that the best way to conceal any hint of failure is to ask cash from rashid, at which razia is by all accounts stunned however doesnt truly have another choice.

When badi bi and razia approach him, rashid says that assuming its for a respectable objective, then, at that point, he would give. Razia says that when mamujaan returns, she would give it back to him. Rashid says that its not needed as the cash given to the poor are not intended to be returned. rashid asks badi bi to give the cash to razia. badi bi requests that she go along.

bI Do On Zee World Saturday 15th January 2022: She tells razia that today her hands are fanned out before her, and that rashid’s really the one taking care of them and razia is at their kindness, exactly at the place of a bum. Badi bi says to razia that the speed at which she is offering noble cause to individuals, soon the day would come when she would need to be forced to bear the foundation herself, since she would very before long bring razia to the street. As badi bi goes, razia gets tanveer’s call, saying that she has something critical to talkng about. Razia vents out her disappointment at tanveer, and says that tanveer shouldnt call her pointlessly and that she doesnt possess energy for her garbage and drops the telephone. Tanveer feels that since the work has been done, razia is disregarding her. The screen freezes on tanveer’s strained face.

Precap: Asad, is staring off into space about zoya, moving in his patio, and is entranced by that. Tanveer, on his entryway, seeing him, feels that she has tracked down the method for delivering retribution on razia siddique. she says that aasd would need to wed her, so she can annihilate razia, and show the world her status and influence, at the stake of asad’s riches and position.


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