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I Do On Zee World Saturday 18th December 2021:Everybody is stunned to see ayan fall in the wake of swooning. However, he without a doubt does that to panic them as he gets up soon and breaks into a hit the dance floor with them. Everybody joins in joyfully. Ayan comes in asad’s room and when asad asks him for what good reason is he here, ayan shows him the firearm. Asad is astonished. Zoya, emerging from her room, tracks down an outline of someone in asad’s room and assumes that the conveyance asad was discussing has at long last shown up. she considers going into asad’s space for some reason and discover reality. Ayan says that he considered giving it to him when he saw the weapon. Asad inquires as to whether he’s okay and assuming that overseer at any point disturbed him once more. He says that he’s fine. Zoya still up in the air to gind out with regards to asad’s exercises. While ayan is bitching about haseena to asad, zoya’s thumping on the entryway frightens them and ayan carelessly, conceals himself in the yard. zoya enters and giving the espresso, says that she would discover reality with regards to asad today since she saw someone in asad’s room some time back. while she’s idiom this, she staggers on the weapon that falls on the floor and is stunned and persuaded too that he’s a covert operative. Asad tracking down no other choice, focuses a firearm at zoya and zoya is frightened to death seeing him in this structure. He says that assuming he at any point attempt to inform anybody anything regarding this or attempt to meddle any longer then he would kill her without a doubt. zoya is extremely frightened and escapes from that point promising to keep her mouth shut.

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I Do On Zee World Saturday 18th December 2021:Later she’s gone, asad locks the entryway. Ayan bounces in through the window and again in a being a tease way starts getting some information about zoya and remarking on how he missed seeing her these beyond two gatherings. He likewise provides reason to feel ambiguous about a the way that assuming she’s taking such a lot of interest in his exercises, then, at that point, she’s presumably inspired by her. Then, at that point, asad advises him to proceed to be prepared for nikhat’s commitment tomorrow. ayan gets enthusiastic and says that legitimately, he ought to be there for the marriage of the primary kin among them. Asad advises him to get intelligent and subsequent to embracing him sends ayan off. later he’s gone, asad taking a gander at the firearm, ponders internally of the justification for which feroz is later ayan.

Scene 3:
Area: Ayan’s home
Imrana nd nikhat take some time away from every other person and take part in some heartfelt talk. Imran says that today is the second most significant day of his life. When nikhat gets some information about the main, that he says is as of now saved for later when he gets drawn in with her. She grins modestly. Humaira comes in to prod them saying that external individuals are looking for imran not realizing they should look for nikhat to track down him Imran pardons himself promising to meet her tomorrow for their commitment. Nikhat bashfully gestures.

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Scene 4:
Area: Haseena’s home
Haseena also is fully expecting tomorrow and says to feroz, who’s in aggravation that his pina dn wounds wont go in torment since tomorrow is extremely extraordinary for them since she presently is familiar with the family’s connection with asad and that the following day would stamp her triumph over them.

Scene 5:
Area: Ayan’s home
Rashid’s mom who has returned gripes to shirin that so much happened behidn her, and no one tried to tell anything to her. shiirin gives the credit for that to razia saying that it wouldnt have been conceivable without her while razia humbly won’t assume acknowledgment for god’s will. Rashid requests that his mom be diminished since nikhat’s life is settled, however shirin adds that not jusst nikhat, tomorrow is an uncommon day for ayan as well however he doesnt know. razia movements her to stop. Consequently when rashid’s mom asks the information, she fakes to have failed to remember it. Be that as it may, on her demand, regardless of razia motioning her not to, shirin tells about ayan’s and humaira’s commitment to be declared tomorrow. His mom is promptly concerned and eyes razia realizing that she’s behind this.

Some other time when razia is hollering at the workers for working quicker, rashid’s mom defies her expression that she designs everythign very planning astute, similar to the case
with ayan and her girl’s commitment declaration. She blames her ofnot giving ayan soem time to choose what he wnts and tossing this bouncer at him tomorrow. razia attempts to taalk out saying that she wasnt alone in the descision, yet she says that she knows razia was behind shirin accepting the descision as razia had needed this for a long time. razia says that eevn shirin and rashid needed exactly the same thing and its her propensity to consistently question razia’s expectations. she asks her that regardless of whether she didnt ask ayan, his own folks didnt figure the need to ask ayan abou this as everybody in the family is familiar with their love for one another. Rashid’s mom says that the warmth is because of them growing up together however that doesnt mean ayan is prepared to wed her. Razia counters saying that she doesnt have a reply assuming she thinks she knows ayan better than his folks. She says that she does and furthermore cautions razia that she wont let this occur. Razia is grieved to hear this.

I Do On Zee World Saturday 18th December 2021:Asad, on the morning meal table, is shockingly delighted to find zoya warmly sitting tight for him to serve him breakfast. zoya then again, recollecting his danger and believing that he would indeed kill her in the event that she doesnt pay attention to him, attempts to be additional sweet and mindful of his desires. she serves him breakfast and makes espresso for him. on seeing the cup, Asad is helped to remember zoya’s torment on him, and she also advises her to clean an apparently perfect cup from the external appearance her the spots that as indicated by hima re grimy. zoya not wishing to irritate him, manages without arguing, so in contrast to her person. She stays nearby till he completes espresso and breakfast and says that she’s doing as such since nazma’s attended a university and dilshad’s gone to the market. He requests that she leave, then, at that point, calls her backa nd commends her for the steady employment and in a roundabout way compromises her also saying that assuming she proceeds with this way, her life would be a lot more straightforward is she knows what he meat. She concurs. He then, at that point, remarks that she didnt make the espresso with her heart, since its severe. She doesnt object to thi and quickly goes to make one more cup for him. The screen freezes on asad’s underhanded look face partaking in his, influential place over zoya.

Precap: Asad conversing with someone on the telephone, discovers that haseena and feroz share a similar last name and thus they are most certainly related. He likewise assumes that their new issues with feroz have additionally been expected to haseena and that now she for sure is familiar with asad’s connection with ayan. He is concerned that she would do a show at ayan’s place today. At ayan’s place, haseena cancels the commitment and hauls imaran from that point saying that soon feroz will show up while the khan family is stunned.

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